Company Details Franke was formed in 1911 in Switzerland and is now the world's largest manufacturer of kitchen sinks, now manufacturing stainless steel fixtures and appliances for the catering industry and their products can be found in many fast food chains

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Franke Parts
Large Fryer Basket (340mm x 220mm x 155mm) -
Small Fryer Basket (345mm x 110mm x 155mm) -
Basket 260 x 220 x 100 - Franke - Fryer - TF6
Fryer Basket - Franke TF6 - Oven
Brewer Unit - Franke FLARE Coffee Machine
Grounds Container - Franke Coffee Machine
Water Tank ( Black Lid) - Franke Flair F2MHDCE2 Coffee Machine
Membrane Controller - Franke - Coffee Machine - 658
Controller - Franke Cold food table
Connector- Each- Franke FQF2MHDCE2- Coffee Machine
Contactor Franke Fri Fri FF41 Fryer
700ml Bottle of Decalcifiying Franke Coffee
Tub 100 Cleaning Tablets Franke Coffee
5Litre Bottle Detergent Franke Coffee Machine
Tub 25 Cleaning Tablets Franke Coffee Machine
1Litre Bottle Detergent Franke Coffee Machine
Hinge - Franke Spectra S Coffee Machine
Tray With Sensors - Franke Flair F2MHDCE2 Coffee Machine
R/H Heating Element - Franke Salamander Grill
1.4kw Element - Franke
1.4kwt 240v Heating Element - Franke
Element 2kw - Franke - Oven - FC1/1LM/R
LH Element - Franke FR1/1EW Grill
Oven Element - Franke FC1/1 Cooker
LH Element 2kwt 230v- Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
RH Element 2kwt 230v- Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
L/H Heating Element - Franke Salamander Grill
Straight element - Franke UL1/1.LE 2-12 Oven
Round element - Franke UL1/1.LE 2.12 Oven
1.5 kwt Element - Frankie FCI/1LM-R Oven
Franke FR1/1E2 R/H Grill Element
L/H Grill Element - Franke FR1/1E2
Condenser Filter - Franke F3D3P Chip Dispenser
Controller and Probe - Franke FFV-520 - Fridge
Frame for Cold Well - Fanke - Cold Well Table
Cross Brase - Fanke - Cold Well Table
Crumb Screen 350mm x 152mm - Franke -
Door Seal - Franke KFC-106-251 Fridge
Door Seal - Franke Chicken Burger Station **KFC**
Door Seal - Franke F3D3SP Frozen Dispenser
Gasket- Franke K18.100.079 - Chiller
Franke FC1/1 LEV Oven Glass Gasket
Door Gasket - Franke FC1/1 LEV Oven
Chamber Seal - Franke Steamer FC1/1SM-R
Door Seal (per meter) - Franke - Steam Oven -
Oven Door Seal - Franke LC1-1 LP-R
Door Seal - Franke F3D3P Freezer
Drawer Seal - Franke / Salvis - Cooling Unit - GK6
Door Seal - Franke - Fridge - FKE-11-80-S2
Door Seal 432mm x 492mm - Franke - Fridge - KFC106250
Grey Gasket - Franke FKE80S2
Wire Grill - Franke FR1/1EW2 Grill
Door Handle - Franke - Oven - FC1/1SE
PVC Insulating Cap - Franke - Oven - FC1/1SE
Housing Cappuccinatore - Franke Evolution Coffee Machine
Control Knob - Franke FR-1/1-E2 Panini Machine
Knob - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Franke FC1/1 LEV Oven Bulb 15w
Amber Neon - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Compartment Lid Franke Pura Coffee Machine
Used Ground Shield - Franke Flair Coffee Machine
Roller for Drawer - Franke - FFV-810S
Fan motor assy - Franke UL1/1LE 2-12 Oven
Container Shield - Franke Coffee Machine
Touch Display - Franke Pura C2M1PHCEW Coffee Machine
Temperature Probe Franke F3D3P Chip Dispenser
Relay 230v - Franke Fri-Fri FFS42 Fryer
Relay Franke Fri Fri FF41 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Franke
Safety Thermostat - Franke
Sensor - Franke FKE80S2
Splash Guard Franke SD280 Waste Disposal Unit
Safety Switch - Franke FriFri E20 Fryer
Switch - Franke FR-1/1-E2 Panini Machine
Switch Franke FR1/1E Grill - 49.25215.530
Switch - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Switch Franke FF42 Fryer
Switch - Franke Salamander Grill
Rocker Switch - Franke 729.120.770 Chip Dump
15 Minute Timer - Franke FR1/1E2 Grill
Control Thermostat - Franke Fri-Fri FFS42 Fryer
Thermostat - Franke Fri-Fri FRITA6 Fryer
Safety Thermostat Franke E6 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Control thermostat - Franke Fri-Fri FFS42
Thermostat - Franke - Coffee Machine - F2MHDCE2
Over Temp Thermostat Franke FC1-1LEV Steamer
Valve Body - Franke - Coffee Machine
Water Tank Valve - Franke - Coffee Machine
Outlet - Franke FLAIR F2MHDCE2 Coffee Machine
Danfoss Valve TUB - Franke - Display