Company Details Fri-Jado founded in 1937 is an international operating specialist in the development and production of equipment for preparing, storing and presenting food with innovative concepts for preparing and merchandising hot and cold food products

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Fri-Jado Parts
Right Hand Element for Fri-Jado HD3
Door Seal - Frijado Twin Euro Twin230
PCB for Fri-Jado Bake Off Oven BS10-I
PCB Fan board for Fri-Jado Bake Off Oven
Shelf Element - Fri-Jado MD100 Hot Counter
Evaporator Tray Element - Fri-Jado 9289002
Water Level Sensor - Frijado HD5
Element Fri-Jado NR100047572
Nylon Castor - Fri-Jado Fridge 9289004
Key Pad & Back Plate Fri-Jado STG8 Rotisserie
Wheel- Fri-Jado Bakestar 10 Intelligence Oven
Power card - Fri Jado STG5+STG5 Grill
Gear Motor - Fri Jado Eurogrill TG-50 Rotisserie Oven
Thermostat - Fri-Jado CL60
SUPERSEDED Fan Assembly - Fri-Jado CL60
Digital Thermostat - Fri-Jado CL60
Temperature Probe (PTC)- Fri-Jado CL60
Night Roller Blind - Fri-Jado CL60
Terminal Block - Fri Jado - Hot Cupboard
Timer Control Knob - Fri-Jado TG110-M Oven
Side Fan (next to element) - Fri-Jado MD35
Middle Fan (Black) - Fri-Jado MD35 Multi-Deck
Fan Motor with Impellor - Fri-Jado - Fridge - BB5-P
Seal Kit - Fri-Jado - Fridge - BB5-P
Gear Motor - Fri-Jado - Grill - STG5-P
Roof Fan - Fri-Jado STG8
Timer - Fri-Jado TG110-M Rotisserie Oven
Spit/Stainless Steel Rod - Fri-Jado TG110M Rotisserie
Gasket (Element) - Fri-Jado TDR5+5M
Element (230v, 5.4kw) - Fri-Jado TDR5+5M
Controller - Danfoss Display Controller - Fri-Jado MC75CSS Fridge
Air Guide Plate Support - Fri-Jado MC75CSS Fridge
Temperature Sensor - Fri-Jado - Fridge - HD-3
Heat Lamp Holder - Fri-Jado HD4
100w Heat Lamp - Fri-Jado HD4
Protection Profile - Fri-Jado Etten-Leur Display Chiller
Cover Plate - Fri-Jado ETTEN-LEUR Display Chiller
Side Element - Fri-Jado - MD100
Shelf- Fri-Jado BB5-P- Oven
Set of Hinges for 1 Door - Fri-Jado FHS6 - Hot Display
Infra Red Lamp - Fri-Jado TDR8+8P
Front Curved Glass - Fri-Jado - Servery Unit - CC-COLDFS
PCB - Fri-Jado BS8i
Temperature Sensor - Fri-Jardo - BS10I
Door Lock - Fri-Jado BS10- Oven
Door Seal- Fri-Jado BS5-I - Oven
Fan - Fri-Jardo - BB3P
PCB - Fri-Jardo - BB3P
On / Off Switch - Fri-Jado - Oven - STG8
Gas Mixture Blower - Fri-Jado STG7
Danfoss ERC211 230v Controller - Fri-Jado - Fridge - MD60
Side Rack (for shelves) - Fri-Jado BB5