Company Details Frost Tech has been established in the UK as a leading brand since 2000 and sell a comprehensive range of commercial refrigeration products direct to the end user providing the lowest prices for quality commercial refrigeration products

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Frost-Tech Parts
Microswitch - Frost Tech Multideck
Float Drip Tray - Frost Tech Multideck SD75/150SH
Main On/Off Switch - Frost-Tech WD85/190
Compressor- Aspera Compressor - Frost Tech - Chiller
Vaporiser Tray Heater - Frost-tech SD60 SD75/150SH Fridge
Glass front & sides - Frost-tech SP75/100
Tempered Side Glass - Frost-Tech SD75/100
Controller - Frost-Tech - Fridge - WD60/120
Drip Tray Assembly Frost-Tech D75/150 Fridge
On/Off Rocker Switch - Frost-Tech SP75/125
Glass Front & Sides - Frost-Tech SO95/150 Display Chiller
Door Spring - Frost-Tech SD75/100 Fridge
Condensor Coil - Frost-Tech SD75/125SH Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Frost-Tech D60/95 Multideck
Adjustable Feet (set of 4) - Frost-Tech - Fridge - SD60/150
Evaporator/Defrost Heater - Frost-Tech D55/125 Fridge
Light Tube - Frost-Tech - Fridge - WD85/100
Screws / Bolts for Curved Glass - Frost Tech - SOP75/100
Condensor Coil - Frost Tech SDL60/100 Fridge
Door L/H R/H Glass - Frostech - Fridge - SP75/100
Castor Set - Frost-Tech Fridge - SD60/150
Lower Shelf Brackets (Pair) - Frost-Tech - Fridge - SP75/100
Compressor -Embraco NJ9226GK Compressor - Frost-Tech SD75/100SH
Middle Shelf Brackets (Pair) - Frost-Tech - Fridge - SP75/100
Mechanical Thermostat - Frost-Tech SCC165-S Chiller
Lock & Keys - Frost-Tech SD75/120 SD75/125 SD75/130 SD75/100 Fridge
LAE Controller AD2-5C14W-1FT - Frost-Tech SLDF75/130 Chiller
Manual Shutter - Frost-Tech - Fridge - SD75/130SH
Top Shelf Brackets (Pair) - Frost-Tech - Fridge - SP75/100
Drip Tray - Frost Tech - Fridge - S-D55/125
Evaporator - Frost Tech WD60/125