Company Details Frymaster Corporation is the market leader in commercial fryers -- the choice of the world's largest, foodservice chains. It began in 1935 when Company founder, P.F. Ratcliff, built the very first Frymaster fryer around the advanced principles of the open frypot and the master jet burner. Since then, Frymaster has led the industry in product innovation such as the highly efficient infrared burner and fully controlled, programmable cooking

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Frymaster Parts
LPG Pilot Orifice - Frymaster 35 Fryer
Safety Thermostat Kit - Frymaster 35 Series Fryer
Transformer 12 VAC - Frymaster H17 SC
SUPERSEDED Interface Board - Frymaster H17 SC
NG Pilot and Thermocouple Assembly - Frymaster - Fryer - 35
LPG Pilot and Thermocouple Assembly - Frymaster - Fryer - 35
Front Panel Computer Display - Frymaster H55
Interface PCB Board - Frymaster H17 Deep Fat Fryer
Box of 100 filter Papers - Frymaster FM245ESD H50 Fryer
Washer Retainer Nut- Frymaster
Control Valve - Frymaster J2XSP/SeriesAA Fryer
Thermopile - Frymaster MJ35VST Gas Fryer
Pilot (NG) - Frymaster MJ35VST Fryer
Probe- Frymaster Level Probe # 1 only left#
Door Magnet- Garland Frymaster 35
Thermopile - Frymaster MJ35 Pre Ce Fryer
Transformer - Frymaster Gas Fryer MJH50
Spark Piezo electrode (c/w lead) - Frymaster
Contactor - Frymaster H14 Fryer - Contactor
Obsolete Thermostat/Thermoswitch - Frymaster EF Fryer
Probe - Frymaster Temperature Probe
Pin Pusher Drawer -Frymaster
SUPERSEDED Frymaster Fryer FH22FC Filter Papers
Air Switch Frymaster Fatfryer - H50
Thermostat knob - Frymaster MJ35VST Fryer
Target rear - Frymaster MJ35VST Fryer
Drain Valve Handle with Lock- Frymaster
Thermopile - Frymaster MJ35ST Fryer
Override/overheat Thermostat Single Pole
Thermopile - Frymaster Masterjet MJ15ST Thermopile
Nat Gas Burner Orifice (pk of 10) -
Nat Gas Pilot Orifice - Frymaster 35 Fryer
Thermostat Dial - Frymaster 35 Fryer
Unbraked Castor - Frymaster Fryer
Braked Castor - Frymaster Fryer
Deflector assy - Frymaster 35 Gas Fryer
Frypot covers - Frymaster 35 Gas Fryer
Door magnet - Frymaster 35 Gas Fryer
Gas Valve (NG) - Frymaster MJH250SC
Fryer Basket - Frymaster - J1C
Fryer Basket - Frymaster - 337x159x152
Fryer Basket - Frymaster - 308x160x135
Fryer Basket - Frymaster - 337x146x146
Fryer Basket - Frymaster - 330x311x137
Control Thermostat - Frymaster MJ35ST SR42 Fryer
Single Deflector Frymaster
Basket Lift Motor Frymaster FPH250BL5C Fryer
Operating Thermostat - Frymaster - FPP345ESC
Ignition Lead Frymaster H55 Series Fryer
Flame Sensor Lead Frymaster H55 Series Fryer
NG Gas Valve - Frymaster - Fryer - Master CF
High Limit Thermostat - Frymaster MJ45 MJ35ST
LPG Honeywell Gas Valve - Frymaster Fryer
Filter paper - Box of 100 - Frymaster Fryer
Control Panel- Frymaster H55
Element Kit - Frymaster 230V, 3-Phase
Operating Thermostat Frymaster MJCFCS Fryer
Pilot Burner LPG Frymaster MJCFCS Fryer
Bushing Frymaster FM235SD Fryer
Plug Frymaster FM235SD Fryer
Gas Valve - Frymaster PMJ135SD Fryer
Heating Element - Frymaster Fryer
Fuse 60amp 300vac - Frymaster
Circuit Connect 9 Pin Male - Frymaster - Fryer
Circuit Connect 9 Pin - Frymaster - Fryer
Temperature Probe Replacement Kit - Frymaster RE14 Fryer
Pilot - Frymaster MJ35ST Fryer
Bracket - Frymaster MJ35ST Fryer
Pilot Assembly - Frymaster - Fryer - 45
Insulation Kit - Frymaster
NG to LPG Conversion Kit - Frymaster MJ45ESD Fryer
Regulator - Frymaster 35 Fryer
Pilot Assembly- Garland Frymaster
PCB- Frymaster PCB
Single Contoller 12v - Frymaster SS8504SS
Temp Probe- Frymaster H14BLSC Fryer Temp Probe
SUPERSEDED High limit thermostat - Frymaster MJ35VST
Dean Frymaster Fryer SR42 High Limit Thermost
Gas Valve - Frymaster FM235SD Fryer
Gas Valve (NG) - Frymaster 47
Contactor - Frymaster H14 - Contactor 40amp. 3 Pole.
Pilot (LPG) - Frymaster MJ35VST Fryer
Gasket - Frymaster Retainer Plenum Gasket MJH50
NG-LPG conversion kit - Frymaster CF fryer
Mounting Bracket- Frymaster MJ35 Rear
High limit thermostat - Frymaster/Masterjet MJ35VST
Filteration Pump & Gasket - Frymaster/Masterjet MJCFESD
Drain Valve- Frymaster MJ47 Fryer
LPG Burner Orifice (pk of 10) - Frymaster 35
6-Pin Female Panel Mounting - Frymaster H17 Fryer
Temperature probe kit - Frymaster H17 H14 Fryer
SIEBE Timer 240v 50/60hz 18 Min - Frymaster
LPG Gas Valve - Garland Frymaster 35 Fryer
Ignition Module- Honeywell S8702D1002 Ignition Module - Frymaster
Interface Board - Frymaster
Heating Element - Frymaster
Swivel Castor without Brake - Frymaster
Filter Pump - Frymaster CF Fryer
Burner - Frymaster Gas Grill MJH50
Computer CM3.5 H50 FV Frymaster Fryer
Gear Motor 240V Frymaster Fryer
Tilt Switch- Mercury Tilt Switch - Frymaster H17
8inch Castor with Brake - Frymaster
Wire Harness - Frymaster
Element - Frymaster RE14 Fryer
Ignition Cable - Frymaster - Fryer
CNTR, DIG FV GAS CE - Frymaster - Fryer
Ignition Module - Frymaster - Fryer
NG Gas Valve - Frymaster PMJ135SD Fryer
Probe - Frymaster 18UE Fryer
Thermopile - Frymaster - PM3135SC
Basket Hanger Screw- Frymaster PMJ235SC- Fyer
Basket Hanger Spacer- Frymaster PMJ235SC- Fryer
Wire Form Basket Hanger- Frymaster PMJ235SC- Fryer
Temperature Probe - Frymaster
Valve- Frymaster Dual Vat Drain Valve With Lock Pin, Right
Drain Valve - Frymaster PMJ135ESC Fryer
Filter Powder (Pack of 100) - Frymaster PF50
Filter Paper (Pack of 100) - Frymaster PF50
6-Pin Left Element - Frymaster
9-Pin Right Element - Frymaster
6-Pin Male - Frymaster
Transformer 240/12v 20VA - Frymaster
Transformer 208-240v/24v 50VA - Frymaster
Terminal, Female Split Pin (Pkg of 25) - Frymaster
Terminal, Male Split Pin (Pkg of 25) - Frymaster
Element 440v 8.5kw - Frymaster
Controller Assy - Frymaster
Motor Assembly - Frymaster
Relay - Frymaster
Relay - Frymaster
Transformer - Frymaster
Contactor - Frymaster
Transformer - Frymaster
Heater Strip 240v 25w 1.8 - Frymaster
Fuse - Frymaster
Relay - Frymaster
Microswitch - Frymaster
SUPERSEDED Transformer - Frymaster
Power Transformer - Frymaster
Fuse - Frymaster
Solenoid Valve - Frymaster
Capacitor - Frymaster
Relay - Frymaster
Rocker Switch - Frymaster
Ring Truarc- Frymaster
Oil Discharge Pipe - Frymaster
Round Drain O-Ring - Frymaster
Relay Kit - Frymaster
Element - Frymaster
Element - Frymaster
Element - Frymaster
Element - Frymaster
Probe Kit - Frymaster
Interface Board - Frymaster
Timer - Frymaster
Hi-Limit Kit - Frymaster
Capacitor - Frymaster 47-2
Braked Castor - Frymaster - FPEL217CA
Large Metal Plate - Frymaster CTCO01 - Oven
Thermocouple for High Limit Fixing Kit - Frymaster
LPG Gas Valve - Frymaster MJ45ESD
Heater 120v 100w - Frymaster
Thermocouple - Frymaster FM235SD Fryer
Filter Pan - Frymaster - Fryer - FPGL230CA
Castor - Frymaster - Fryer - FPGL230CA
Thermocouple - Frymaster MJ135VSC Fryer
Probe Guard - Frymaster - Fryer
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