Company Details Genfrost has production facilities in China, with their HQ’s in both the UK and Hong Kong.

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Genfrost Parts
Evaporator Drip Tray Heat Mat Genfrost
SUPERSEDED Evaporator - Genfrost GEN700H Fridge
Black Plastic Cap - Genfrost G903SS Fridge
S/S Door Axis c/w Nut & Washer - Genfrost G903SS Fridge
Door Seal - Genfrost GEN2100H Fridge
Door Seal - Genfrost G903SS Fridge
Heater in the drip tray - Genfrost - Fridge - GEN600L
Evaporator Coil - Genfrost - Fridge - GEN3100H
Complete R/H Door Hinge Assy - Genfrost GEN2100H Fridge
Evaporator - Genfrost GEN700L Freezer
Door Seal - Genfrost GEN600H Fridge/Freezer
Evaporator - Genfrost GEN600H Fridge
Top LH Door Hinge - Genfrost GEN4100 Chiller
Evaporator Middle Defrost Element - Genfrost - GEN450L
Evaporator Fan Motor - Genfrost - GEN450L
Evaporator Tray Heater - Genfrost - GEN450L
Door Seal - Genfrost - Fridge - GPZ2600
Evaporator Bottom Defrost Element - Genfrost - GEN450L
Pair of Controller Probes - Genfrost - GEN450L
Evaporator Fan Motor - Genfrost GEN3100L Fridge
Plastic Hinge Insert - Genfrost GS903 Salad Counter
Evaporator - Genfrost GPR3700 Freezer
Complete Bank of 3 Drawers - Genfrost GPR3700 Prep Chiller
Drawer Handle - Genfrost GEN4100H
Door Gasket - Genfrost GEN700 GEN1400
Top RH Door Hinge - Genfrost GEN4100 Chiller
Tensioned Door Hinge - Genfrost GEN1400 Chiller
Evaporator - Genfrost - Fridge - GEN4160H
Pan Heater - Genfrost - Fridge - GEN12001
Door Seal - Genfrost - Fridge - GEN4160H
Tangtential Fan Motor- Genfrost GEN3100H- Fridge
DP200A Axial Fan Motor- Genfrost GEN3100H- Fridge
Evaporator Fan - Genfrost - Fridge - GEN600L
Lid Gasket - Genfrost CF1500S- Chest Freezer
Genfrost Equipment Types
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