Company Details Giorik catering equipment is made to the highest specification for the commercial catering trade and is fitted in professional kitchens, cafes, schools and restaurants as Giorik products are robust and hard wearing

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Giorik Parts
Basket - Giorik Pasta Basket for 3CPG
Fryer Basket - Giorik Fryer
Fryer Basket (half size) - Giorik - Fryer -
Fryer Basket (full size) - Giorik - Fryer -
Thrust for Bearing - Giorik BE94FM Bratt Pan
Thrust for Bearing - Giorik BE94FM Bratt Pan
Melting Thermoregulator- Giorik 215FE-C Fryer
NG-LPG Injector -Giorik EGG10DS Fryer
Drain Plug - Giorik 3CPG Pasta Boiler
Ignition Electrode - Giorik - Pasta Cooker - 22CPG
Heating Element - Giorik
12kwt Heating Element - Giorik 215FE Fryer
Element Glass Sheet - Giorik - Salamander Grill - ST30
Element - Giorik SRH2011 SH510P Grill
Heating Element - Giorik Grill
Obsolete Heating Element - Giorik
Grill Element 265mm x 165mm - Giorik SH510R
Element Giorik EN10VEMX Combi Oven
Interference Filter - Giorik 215FE-C Fryer
Door Seal - Giorik Oven
Door Seal Giorik EN10VEMX Combi Oven
Handle- Giorik CPG3N Pasta Boiler Tap Handle
Oven Door Handle - Giorik ME52 Combi Oven
Red Overflow Pipe - Giorik 22CPG 3CPG 3PCE Pasta Cooker
Black Knob - Giorik MME102 Oven
Mode Selector Control Knob - Giorik Oven
Control Knob - Giorik
Grey Control Knob - Giorik 215FE-C Fryer
Operating Switch (7 Position) - Giorik Oven
Light Bulb Housing - Giorik Oven
Green Indicator Light - 230V Giorik
Motor - Giorik EGG10D Convection Oven
LGB MFA80H25-VA - Motor (5 Cable) - Giorik - EGG10D
Chamber Element Flat Seal Giorik EN10VEMX Combi Oven
Control Panel - Giorik SRH2011 Salamander
Tempered Glass Giorik SH510R Grill
Control Panel - Giorik SH510R Grill Foil Control Panel 715mm x 67mm
Oven Temp PCB - Giorik DE06ES Oven Temp PCB
Pilot Burner Nozzle - Giorik - Pasta Cooker - 22CPG
Pivot for Handle - Giorik BE94FM Bratt Pan
Water Level Probe - Giorik Oven
Switch - Giorik 215FE-C Fryer
Door Switch Giorik EPE07
Filler Tap Giorik 3CPG - Pasta Boiler
Thermocouple - Giorik Fryer - FG213L
Thermocouple - Giorik - 3CPG - Pasta Cooker
Single Phase Thermostat- Giorik 215FE- Fryer
Single Phase 780c Thermostat - Giorik - Grill - ST30
Thermostat- Giorik 220FE- Fryer
Single Phase Thermostat- Giorik 220FE- Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Giorik Oven
High Limit Thermostat - Giorik FRE61 Fryer
Safety thermostat 230°C - Giorik FG213L Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Giorik 20FE 215FE Fryer
Thermostatic Gas Valve - Giorik FG217L Fryer