Company Details Girbau UK is the UK division of Girbau SA, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial laundry equipment. They have been established for over 55 years. Girbau manufacture robust laundry equipment, their range includes washers, dryers and ironers.

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Girbau Parts
Locking Bitron/Door Switch Solenoid - Girbau Laundry Machine
Pressure Switch - Girbau Washing Machine
Timer Program - Girbau Washing Machine
Electro Valve - Girbau Washing Machine
Bearing Set - Girbau
180 Degree ElectroValve - Girbau LS320 Washing Machine
Sliding Blocker - Girbau LS320 Washing Machine
Two Track ElectroValve - Girbau LS320 Washing Machine
Pressure Transmitter Girbau MS-623-LC-E Washing Machine
Valve Girbau MS-623-LC-E Washing Machine
Door Gasket Girbau MS-623-LC-E Washing Machine
Water Inlet Valve - Girbau - Tumble Dryer - LS312
Bearing - Girbau
Bearing- Girbau
Bearing - Girbau
Seal Ring - Girbau
Flat Gasket - Girbau
6000w 230v Heater - Girbau
Spare Parts Kit - Girbau
Coil - Girbau
Timer - Viking LS312 Washing Machine
Bearing End Piece - Girbau
Pressure Transmitter Sheath - Girbau
6500w 230v Heater - Girbau
Seal Ring - Girbau
Toric Gasket 193x205x6 - Girbau
Toric Gasket 68x76x4 - Girbau
Toric Gasket 6x12x3 - Girbau
V-Ring Plate - Girbau
V-Ring Protection - Girbau
Seal Holder Cover - Girbau
NTC Resistance - Girbau
Power Source - Girbau
Triple Electrovalve - Girbau
Pressure Transmitter Hose - Girbau
Drain (Open) - Girbau
Motor Set - Girbau
Three Track Electrovalve - Girbau
Processor Board - Girbau
V-Ring - Girbau
Seal 85x110x12 - Girbau
Sensor Sheath - Girbau
Valve - Girbau
Seal Lodging - Girbau
Gasket Toric - Girbau
Pressure Transmitter Intake Body - Girbau
Seal Gasket Cover - Girbau
Outer Drum Drain Elbows - Girbau
Drain Valve - Girbau
Locking Protection - Girbau
Gasket - Girbau
V-Ring - Girbau
Soap Dispenser Bracket - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Socket - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Right Side Panel - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Lower Front Cover - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Left Front Cover - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Left Side Panel - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Hose Fixing Profile - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Soap Dispenser Bracket - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Soap Dispenser Lid Frame - Girbau MS-623LCE - washing machine
Locking Vice - Girbau - Washing Machine - MS-610LC-E
Thermostat - Girbau
Outer Drum Collector - Girbau MS623
Shock Absorber - Girbau HS-6008 Dishwasher
Motor Set - Girbau HS-6008 Dishwasher
Complete Cover - Girbau - Steam Iron
Cover - Girbau - Steam Iron
Door Gasket - Girbau HS4023
Bearing - Girbau HS4022
Valve Body - Girbau HS4040
Drain - Girbau HS4040
Drain - Girbau
Drain Body - Girbau
Friction Shock Absorber - Girbau HS4040
Door Gasket - Girbau HS4012
Knob (Door Handle) - Girbau HS4012
Thermo Actuator- Girbau HS4012
Knob (Door Handle) - Girbau HS4022
Drain (Open w/o Power) - Girbau HS4040
Microprocessor Board - Girbau HS4012
Contactor - Girbau HS4040
Converter - Girbau HS4040
Fan - Girbau HS4040
Trapezoidal Belt - Girbau HS4041
Fuse - Girbau HS4040
Plug Top 450x451 13a 250v - Girbau
Valve Body - Girbau HS4012
Glass Fuse - Girbau
Transformer - Girbau - HS4040
Bearing - Girbau - Tumble Dryer - GUO25
Door Seal - Girbau LS355SM-E LS355PM-E Washing Machine
Element - Girbau - Washing Machine - 456008
Drain Pump 90w 230v 50Hz - Girbau - Washing Machine - HS6008
Door Seal - Giabau HS-6008 LP-E Washing Machine
PCB - Girbau PB5132 G Pizza Oven
Motor - Girbau Tumble Dryer
Processor Board - Girbau Washing Machine
Heater 230v 3700w - Girbau
Set Inverter - Girbau
Glass Door Seal - Girbau HS6055 Washing Machine
Discharge Solenoid Valve - Girbau HS6055 Washing Machine
Electronic 4 Track Valve - Girbau
Electronic 3 Track Valve - Girbau - LS-312
Steam Sparge Line Distributor- Girbau