Company Details Gram Commercial manufacture refrigerators and freezers for professional use and aim to be the market leader in quality, functional design and consideration of the environment for commercial kitchens, canteens, restaurants and fast food outlets

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All parts for this model are now obsolete
Trafo For Fan - Gram IIRR 210 Fridge
Modular Capacitor - Gram IIRR 210 Fridge
Velcro Strip for Condensor Filter - Gram F1807CSHA Freezer
Large Basket - Gram F400RU Freezer
Small Basket - Gram F400RU Freezer
Lower Bracket - Gram KPS20CH Blast Chiller
Hinge Bush - Gram KPS20CH Blast Chiller
Top Bracket - Gram KPS20CH Blast Chiller
Fan Blade - Gram KG425 Fridge
Fan Blade 172mm - Gram - Fridge - K1807
Holder - Gram - Fridge - K12700PRHSE
Bracket - Gram - Fridge - K12700PRHSE
Holder - Gram - Fridge - K12700PRHSE
Top Bracket - Gram KP520CH- Blast Chiller
Capacitor - Gram - Fridge - KB1407AHAV
Start Capacitor - Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
Run capacitor - Gram K410LGC6W
Start Capacitor - Gram KB2408AHAV Chiller
Braked Castor - Gram - F410
Starter Device - Gram - Fridge - F210RG3N
Compressor (without electrics) - Gram - Fridge - F210RG3N
Compressor - Gram - Fridge - K210LG3W
Compressor - Gram - Fridge - K410LGC6W
Danfoss compressor - Gram K200RU K400RU Chiller
Compressor TLY6,5.KK.3 - Gram K410LGC6W
Compressor - Gram F410LGC6W
Compressor - Gram K1807 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Compressor - Gram - Fridge - KB1407AHAV
Compressor Gram K400LUHC6W Fridge
Condensor - Gram Fridge KB1407 ADV
Condensor Coil- Gram F400- Freezer
Condensor Coil - Gram F1270OPRHSE Freezer
Condenser - Gram BF930HAV Fridge
Condenser - Gram - Fridge - F660OPRHHA
Condensor Coil - Gram F410LGC6W Chiller
Fan Speed Controller - Gram - Fridge - KPS40CH-ONE5
Electronic Controller, Display - Gram
Controller - Gram F1305RG
Electronic Controller - Gram
PCB Controller - Gram F410RGC6N Freezer
Controller - Gram M1407CSHA
Label for Controller - Gram GA930
PCB Controller - Gram K410RGC6N Fridge
Controller - Front Display - Gram KB1807ADV
Connector Hose - Gram GA930
Starting Device - Gram K410LGC6W
Temperature Display - Gram FS330CGB Fridge
S/S Door - Gram F400 Freezer
Lock & Key - Gram K400LUE6W K200RU Fridge
Lid Hinge - Gram CF310S Freezer
Bottom Door Hinge Plate & Pin - Gram K400
Top Right/Bottom Left Door Hinge - Gram
Bottom Right/Top Left Door Hinge - Gram
Lock & x2 Keys - Gram MIDI K425 +F660CXHC5 Fridge
Door Lock & Key Set for Gram K200RU Fridge
Top Hinge Pin - Gram K200RUH3N Fridge
Top Hinge - Gram K400LU F200 KG200 K200 K200RV K200RU Fridge
Bottom Hinge - Gram K400LU KG200 K200RV Fridge
SUPERSEDED Bottom R/H door hinge plate c
Door Hinge - Gram CF45S Freezer
Top Panel - Gram K200RU Display Fridge
Top Hinge Door Bush - Gram KB1807A Fridge
Door Stainless Steel - Gram KG400RU
Sliding Lid Set ( Top & Bottom ) - Gram IG208 Chest Freezer
Element Fixing Clip Left Hand - Gram F400RU F400LU Freezer
Plastic top-hat hinge insert - Gram KB1870A
Door - Gram Plus F1270RSHC
White Door Complete - Gram K400LU Fridge
Strengthened Hinge Bottom Right Gram Compact
Return Spring Hinge - Gram MIDI M425CH K425RSH4NU
Latch - Gram F660OPCH Fridge
Lock & Key Set - Gram F660OPCH Fridge
Upper Hinge - Gram - Fridge - K410LGC
Door c/w Seal - Gram K200RUH3N Fridge
RH Hinge - Gram CF510S Chest Freezer
Lock & Key - Gram K410 KG410RG Fridge
Top RH Door Hinge - Gram KB1807SEA Fridge
Bottom Hinge - Gram - Fridge - K410LG
Top RH / Lower LH Door Hinge - Gram
Top LH / Lower RH Door Hinge - Gram
Lock & Key - Gram K1270 Fridge
Bottom L/H Hinge- Gram Plus K1270RSGC8N
Bottom Washer- Gram Plus K1270RSGC8N- Chiller
Plastic Hinge Pivot - Gram KB1870A Fridge
Door Lock - Gram IG208 Fridge
Front panel close keeper - Gram MIDI K425 M50
Front Panel Catch - Gram MIDI K425 Fridge
Key 25030 - Gram F1270PLUS
Stainless Door - Gram - Fridge - K410
Door - Gram PLUSM600CMHT Chiller
Door (with hinges) - Gram - Fridge
Drain - Gram - Fridge
Drawer Front Piece 1/3GN - Gram
Drawer Front Piece 1/3GN - Gram
Set of 3 Complete Drawers (No Lock) - Gram
Drawer Set Complete 1/3GN - Gram
Drip Tray - Gram K425NMRH Fridge
Re-Evaporation Tray - Gram K400 Chiller
Drip Water Tray - Gram - Fridge - Snowflake K1605RG
Drip Tray White - Gram K210LG3W Fridge
Vaporiser Tray - Gram F660 OPCH K660OPRHHA Freezer
Condensate tray - Gram K400LU fridge
Ribbon Cable - Gram KB1407SEASH
Ribbon Cable - Gram Plus 600 CXH 045 Freezer
Band Cable - Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
Power Lead - Gram K1407CSH Fridge
Band Cable - Gram GA930
Electrical Box Complete - Gram
Cable - Gram
Wire for Switch - Gram
Vaporiser Assy - Gram PLUSK1270RSHC Fridge
Lower L/H Evaporator Holder - Gram F400RU Fridge
Drain Line Heater - Gram F600RSHC4N
Heat Exchanger - Gram Freezer
Drip Tray Heater - Gram
Vapouriser Element - Gram
Defrost Heater - Gram K600OPCH Fridge
Heat Exchanger - Gram
Heater Element - Gram
Re-Evaporation Heating Element - Gram - Fridge - K660OPRHHA
Drip Tray Heater / Element - Gram F410LG6W Freezer
Re-Evaporation Heater - Gram F610RGC4N Fridge
Evaporator Heating Element - Gram K625SEHAV K425NMRHHA Chiller
Vaporizer Heater Gram PLUSK1270RSHC Fridge
Right bank heater element - Gram Freezer
Defrost Element - Gram F410LGC6W F210RG3M Freezer
Condensate Drip Tray Heater - Gram K1400OPCH
Evaporator Rail - Gram Fridge/Freezer
Evaporator - Gram K600OPRHSE
Evaporator Plate - Gram Fridge K400
Evaporator Gram KPS30CH Fridge
Complete Evaporator - Gram K425NMRHHA Fridge
Evaporator Fan - Gram KPS30CH Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evap.Clips Left Hand - Gram F200RU
Evaporator H/Exchanger + Pipework GRAM KB1808
White Evaporator - Gram K400 Upright Fridge
Top L/H Evap Holder Bracket - Gram F400LU
Evaporator - Gram - Fridge - KB1807SL2
SUPERSEDED Rail for Evaporator - Gram F400LU
Gram F400 Freezer Holder For Evaporator Rail
Evaporator Complete - Gram K1807CSH F1407CSHADL/DRC Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Gram KPS20CH Blast Chiller
Evaporator c/w lines - Gram - K625NMLH -
Evaporator Coil - Gram MIDI-K425LSH4NU MIDIK425RSH4NU Fridge
Evaporator - Gram K600 K660 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Gram Freezer
Capillary/Heat Exchange - Gram F410RGC6N Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Gram F410RGC6N Chiller
Evaporator Coil W/ Lines - Gram KB1407 Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Gram PlusK600RSHC4N Chiller
Grey Evaporator Plate - Gram K400RU Fridge
Top R/H Evap Holder Bracket - Gram F400LU
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Coil (only) Gram KB1808D
Re-Evaporation Tray - Gram Plus F1400CXHC F660CXH55
Evaporator Complete - Gram K500RSH5N
Gram F400 Freezer Rail For Evaporator
Gram KB1808D - Evaporator Assy
Evaporator Assembly - Gram Freezer
Evap Clip Right Hand - Gram F200 RU
Evaporator Plate - Gram Fridge
Evaporator - Gram - Fridge - K410LGC6W
Evaporator - Gram K210RG3N Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Gram K660OTRHHA Chiller
Leg - Gram - F210LG3W
Compact Feet - Gram F200RU Fridge
Set of Front and Rear Feet- Gram K210RG3N- Chiller
Leg, Stainless H=135-200 - Gram F400RU Freezer
Adjustment Screw Foot - Gram K210LG3W F210RG3N K210RG3N
Complete Leg - Gram F200RU Fridge
Filter - Gram Midi K425 Fridge
Filter Drier - Gram K200LUH3W K200RUH3N Fridge
Filter Drier - Gram PLUSF600RSHC4N
Condensor Coil Filter - Gram K425NMRHHA F660R K660R
Filter Drier - Gram - Fridge - RF930CHU10203640
Condenser Filter - Gram - K610RG64N
Condensor Filter - Gram F1807CSHA Undercounter Freezer
Front Panel Filter 175mm x 360mm - Gram F1807CSHA Chiller
Nylon Slide - Gram K400 Fridge
Slide c/w Collar - Gram K400 Fridge
Touchpad- Gram K610 - Fridge
Drain Heater- Gram F605RG - Fridge
Heat Exchanger (Capillary assembly) - Gram
Lower R/H Evaporator Holder - Gram F400 F400RU Fridge
Base protector - Gram K400 fridge
Wiring Set - Gram Fridge models
Key Number 2233 - Gram F400RU
Fuse 40mA - Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
SUPERSEDED Door Seal Gram K181UJB Fridge
Door Gasket (410x280) - Gram KB2207SEA
Door Gasket (410x180) - Gram KB2207SEA
Door Seal - Gram Euro F500 RSH C5 Freezer
Door Seal - Gram K410LG6W K410RGC6N Freezer
Door Seal - Gram K610RGC4N Fridge
Door Seal - Gram F1400OPCH F660OPCH Fridge
Lid Seal - Gram Chest Freezer
Door Seal (693mm x 1540mm) - Gram KPS 60 HA
Door Seal (1590x580m) - Gram KG400RUW Wine cooler
Door Gasket - Gram K1807CSG K1407 K1807 K1807CSHA KB1407SL2
Door Seal (1370mm x 605mm) - Gram K600OPRHSE Fridge
Drawer Front (with seal) - Gram K1407CSHA
Door Gasket - Gram KG200LUH3W KG200RUH3W KG200RUG3W Glass Door
Gram FS1520 Fridge Door Seal
Door Gasket - Gram PLUS K1270RSHC PLUSM600C +K600RSH Fridge
Door Seal 550x675mm- Gram K210LG F210 F210LG3W F210RG3N Chiller
Door Seal - Gram +1400CXHC +F660C Freezer
SUPERSEDED Rubber Door Seal - Gram KPS20CH-OPE5 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door seal - Gram F600 Freezer
Door Gasket - Gram BAKER GA930CBH
Push In Door Seal -Gram Fridge 576mm x 1586mm
Door Seal - Gram KG181U Fridge
Lid Seal - Gram CF510S Chest Freezer
1/3 size Drawer Gasket - Gram KB1807A DL Fridge
Door Gasket - Gram KB1807A FB1407 Fridge
Door Seal - Gram K625L F625R Chiller
Door Gasket Midi F425 CXH 45 K425 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Gram KG400 RU New Style Door Glass Seal
SUPERSEDED F400LU/K400LU Door Gasket Gram
Door Seal Push In - Gram KG400 KG400HGB Glass
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Gram K400LU Fridge
Door Seal - Gram KB1807 Fridge/freezer
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Gram Fridge Plus-M1270 600R
Door Seal (580mm x 405mm) - Gram KB1407SEA KB1807SEA
Door Seal - Gram - Fridge - KG410RG6CW
Door Gasket - Gram
Door Seal - Gram - Freezer - K1808CSGADLDRCZ-U
Door Gasket - Gram ECOPLUS470CCGC1
Door Seal - Gram - Fridge - K2005RGA/DL/DR
Door Seal - Gram KG210RG3W Fridge
Door Seal - Gram Twin 600C 202
Door Gasket - Gram F600OPRHSE
Door Seal - Gram KPS40CH Fridge
Door Seal 660mm x 420mm - Gram KPS20SH-OPES
Door Gasket - Gram KB2408AHAV Chiller
1/2 Size Drawer Gasket - Gram K1407 Fridge
Lid Gasket/Seal - Gram K1807 Counter Chiller
SUPERSEDED Fridge Door Gasket Block Type - Gram K181U
Gasket - Gram Fridge K610RG C4M
SUPERSEDED Door Seals - Gram Fridge KB1407SHA
Door Seal - Gram P600R Upright Chiller
Door Gasket (Arrow Head) - Gram FS150-06
Door Seal - Gram Fridge K425 Freezer F425
Door Seal - Gram K625NMRH F625SEHAV Fridge
Door seal - Gram KPS30HAV Fridge / freezer
Drawer Gasket KB1807A Fridge 1/2 size
3rd-Size Drawer Gasket - Gram K1807 K1407 Fridge
Door Gasket (575mm x 730mm) - Gram Fridge/Freezer
Door Gasket Twin M 660 CXH Fridge
Door Seal - Gram K/KG181U F5146 Freezer
Thermostatic Valve - Gram Snowflake SKF40-OPE5 Blast Chiller
Sensor Electrode - Gram GA930
Electrodes - Gram GA930
Door Handle - Gram KPS60CF Blast Chiller
Door Handle - Gram KP500CXH
Handle - Gram EL45 Freezer
Handle - Gram EL61 EL53 Freezer
Complete Door Handle-Gram KPS60 Blast Chiller
Defrost Heater - Gram K1807CSHA Fridge
Defrost Heater - Gram - Fridge - F605
Hose - Gram - Fridge - K12700PRHSE
Shade for Fluorescent Tube - Gram KG181UG13 Fridge
Light Diffuser - Gram KG200RUH3W KG200RUG3W Fridge
Lamp Holder - Gram K425 Fridge
LED Light Strip - Gram KG210RG3W Fridge
Light Trafo - Gram KG210RG3W Fridge
Choke - Gram KG200RUH3W Fridge
Starter - Gram KG181UG13 Fridge
Socket for Fluorescent Tube - Gram KG181UG13 Fridge
LED Light Strip - Gram - KG410RGC6W
Light Assy - Gram KG200RUH3W Chiller
Light Bulb - Gram K600ORPHSE
Light Assembly Gram KG400LU Fridge
Lamp Cover - Gram Fridge KG400R
Lid - Gram EL45 Chest Freezer
Gram Freezer CF310S New Lid, Serial 06/08
Lid Gram Freezer
Lid - Gram EL53 Freezer
Stainless Steel Lid - Gram CF61 Fridge
Lid Hinge - Gram - Freezer - CF610
Lid - Gram - Fridge - K1407CSH
Lock and Key- Gram KG 410LG - Fridge
Single Key - Gram PLUSK1270RSHC8N Chiller
Door Lock - Gram IIRR 210 Fridge
Lock - Gram - Fridge / Freezer - K181U
Door Key - Gram K410 Fridge
Water Trap - Gram - PLUSF1270RSH
Cover - Gram - Fridge
Controller Wiring - Gram - F200RHY2N
Control Button Label - Gram K200RU Display
R/H Element Fixing Clip - Gram Fridge 400LU
L/H Element Fixing Clip - Gram 400LU Fridge
L/H Hinge For Freezer Flap - Gram 400LU
Power Lead - Gram - K210RGJN
Label - Gram
Tabletop Upper Part - Gram - Fridge - K410
Stainless Top Plate - Gram - Fridge - K410
Plastic Cap - Gram - Fridge - K610RG
Heater Bracket - Gram - Fridge - K610RG
Water Trap - Gram - Fridge - K12700PRHSE
Bush - Gram - Fridge - K12700PRHSE
Cover Plate for Re-Evaporation Tray - Gram +F1400RSHC Fridge
Holder for Wire Shelf - Gram - F400RUHC6N
All parts for the HF500C (And all other HF models) are OBSOLETE
SUPERSEDED - Right Hand Clip/Bracket - Gram F400LU
SUPERSEDED Fridge Condensor Fan Motor Gram K1400
Evap/Cond Fan Motor - Gram KG400HGB
Condensor Fan Motor - Gram KG400LU KG200 K400RU fridge
Tangental Evaporator Fan Motor Assembly - Old
Condenser Fan Motor Assembly - Gram Midi F625R +1400CXHC Freezer
220-240V Condenser Fan Motor - Gram - F410RGC6N
Evaporator Fan Motor Complete - Gram PLUSF1270 Chiller
Fan Controller - Gram
Fan Motor - Gram - Fridge - KPS20CH-0PE5
SUPERSEDED Condensor / Evaporator fan motor - Gram K1807
Plaset 20182 Evap/Cond Fan Motor - Gram Midi-Lini K625-R
Pair of Evaporator fan Motors - Gram K400RU
Fan Guard - Gram K1807CSH Fridge
Tangential Evaparator Fan Motor / Blade Single Scroll
Evaporator fan motor - Gram KB1807HAV
Twin Fan Unit Kit - Gram K400RU K200 KG400LU KG200RUG3W Fridge
Condensor Fan Motor - Gram KPS20CH
SUPERSEDED Internal Fan Motor - Gram KG400H Fridge
Tangential Condenser Fan Motor - Gram K181U Fridge
Condensor Fan - Gram KPS30CH Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Gram Fridge KB1407A
SUPERSEDED Fan Motor Assy - Gram +F600RSHC4N Freezer
Twin Fan upgrade kit - Gram K400RU fridge
Evaparator Fan Motor - Gram Fridge K400LU
Evap / Cond Fan Motor - Gram F625NMLHH
Evaporator Fan Motor - Gram F410 KG410LG Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evap/Cond Fan Motor - Gram Midi-Lini K625-R
Condenser/ Evaporator Fan Motor - Gram K1807 Fridge
Fan Blade - Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
Evaporator Fan Motor - GRAM - K1807CS
Fan motor assy - Gram +F1270RSHC Fridge
Condensor Fan Motor Assembly - Gram K600 RSHC4n Chiller
Condensor Fan Motor - Gram K1407 Chiller
Washer Gram Compact F400 Fridge
Bottom Hinge Washer - Gram K410LG Fridge
Front Fascia Panel - Gram - Fridge - K410
Panel (inc. 2 male clips) - Gram MIDI F625RSH4NU
Bottom Panel - Gram - Fridge - KPS20CH-0PE5
Table Top Upper Part - Gram K210LG3W Fridge
Touchpad - Gram KPS30CH
Compressor Compartment Back Plate Gram
Worktop Gram K1407CSH Fridge
Fan Panel & Holder - Gram K400H Freezer
Front Panel - Gram K210LG3W Fridge
Front label / Sticker - Gram KPS20CH Fridge
Panel - Gram - Fridge - Midi K425
Panel - Gram K200RU undercounter fridge
Facia Panel - Gram K200 RU
Fascia panel (with label) - Gram K200LU
Front panel for compressor - Gram KB140
Grey Fascia Panel - Gram K200RU K400RU K200RUH3N Fridge
Display PCB - Gram F625R Fridge
Main Control PCB - Gram F625R
Display PCB - Gram TWIN M660 F1270RSHC Fridge
Main PCB - Gram Midi K 625 K610RGC4N Fridge
SUPERSEDED PCB Control Module - Gram Fridge models
PCB Main Controller - Gram Plus F600 F660CXHX5S
PCB & Fascia Complete - Gram K400LUHC6W Fridge
PCB Thermostat - Gram K400RUHC6N K200RUH3N Fridge
Display PCB/Controller - Gram F210RG3M F410RGC6N Freezer
PCB - Gram KPS20CH Fridge
Danfoss PCB - Gram K400LU K200RU K200RUH3N Fridge
Main Control PCB - Gram K1807CSHSL K1807CSHA Fridge
Control PCB - Gram K210RG3N Fridge
PCB - Gram KPS30CH
SUPERSEDED Display PCB - Gram Plus K600RSHC4N Chiller
Electronics Kit Gram FB1407A Fridge
White PCB - Gram - K400LU/K200RU
Electronic Controller Display - Gram GA930
Electronic Controller Power - Gram GA930
Controller PCB - Gram GA930
SUPERSEDED Display - Gram Plus 600 CXH 045 Freezer
Main PCB - Gram K1270 Fridge
Display PCB - Gram
Touchpad & Ribbon - Gram K4107 Fridge
Main PCB - Gram - Fridge
PCB Controller - Gram Chiller
Electrical Control Power - Gram
Electrical Control Power - Gram
Band Cable - Gram Chiller
Low Temperature Protection PCB - Gram
Display PCB - Gram K1407CSHADL/DRC Fridge
Heat Exchanger (capillary) - Gram - Fridge - RF930CHU10203640
Capillary - Gram - Fridge - K410LGC6W
Drain Pipe - Gram - PLUSF1270RSH
Capillary - Gram - Fridge - MIDI F625RSH4NU
SUPERSEDED - Probe Sensor - Gram - Chiller - KPS20SH-OPE5
Room Sensor- Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
Evaporator Sensor - Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
Air/Temperature Probe - Gram KG210RG3W K410RGC6N Fridge
Condensor/Cabinet/Air Sensor - Gram Plus F600RSH K500 M500 F660CXHX5S
Condenser Probe - Gram KB1407ADV F500 K500
Evaporator/Defrost Probe - Gram + F1400 RSHC F660CXHC5S Freezer
Evaporator Probe - Gram - KB1807 SEA
Probe - Gram K400RUHC6N K200RUH3N Fridge
Air & Condenser Probe - Gram - Blast Chiller - IR51M (KPS20CH)
Evap Probe - Gram - Blast Chiller - IR51M (KPS20CH)
Temperature Probe - Gram K1407CSHA DL/DR
Condenser Probe - Gram F4225NMLHHA Fridge
Drain Pump - Gram GA930
PTC Starting Device - Gram K400LU KG400RU Fridge
Starter 4-22w - Gram KG200RU KG200RUH3W Fridge
Start Relay - Gram K625SEHAV Chiller
Start Relay - Gram Freezer
Fascia Panel Pin - Gram K200RU / K400LU
SUPERSEDED Fixing Pin - Gram F400LU freezer
Clip - Gram - Fridge - K12700PRHSE
M4x70 Screw - Gram - F210LG3W
Screw for Hinge - Gram - F400RUHC6N
Fixing Pin for holder - Gram F400 Fridge
Front Panel Plug Gram MIDIM625 Fridge
Holder for wire shelf grey - Gram - Freezer -
Top L/H Evaporator holder - Gram F400 F400RU
Screw For Hinge Gram Compact F400 Fridge
Nut for Hinge Pin - Gram Fridge
Screw for Panel - Gram K400LU
Clip nut - Gram Fridge K1400 K1807
Rivet - Gram F400 F200 Fridge
Holding Pin - Gram F200RU Counter Freezer
Freezer Flap (Tilt Guard) - Gram F400LU
Defrost Sensor - Gram Plus F600R Freezer
Temperature Sensor - Gram GA930
Sensor / Probe - Gram F400RUHC6N Freezer
Door Switch Sensor - Gram
Small Shelf - Gram K200LU K400LU K400RU Fridge
Shelf - Gram K625MRH Fridge
Half Size - Drawer Front - Gram K1807CSHA
Grey Shelf (537mm x 450mm) - Gram K200RU
2 x Shelf Runners - Gram K600 Fridge
Drawer Runner (Set) - Gram K1807CSHA
Large Shelf - Gram - Fridge - K410RGC6N
Shelf Support Rail (Pair) - Gram Twin F660RSG5N Chiller
Grey Shelf Support - Gram K605RGC
Shelf- Gram RTE/120SDA-GM - Chiller
Wall Rail - Gram ECO PLUS K70CCGC1
Holder For Wire Shelf Gram F400LU Freezer
Top R/H Evaporator Holder - Gram F400RU
Large Shelf Gram Compact410 Fridge
Shelf Supports (Pair) Gram F610 Fridge
Small Shelf - Gram Compact 410 Fridge
Supports Shelf (Pair) - Gram
Pair of Shelf Supports - Gram K1807SCHA
Stainless Steel Shelf - Gram MIDIK425R Fridge
Top RH Shelf Clips - Gram F400RUHC6N Freezer
Top LH Shelf Clip - Gram F400RUHC6N Freezer
Gram Small Shelf - K181U Fridge
Large Shelf - Gram K190
Small Shelf - Gram K190
R/Hand Small Runner - Gram S400LU Freezer
L/Hand Small Runner - Gram S400LU Freezer
Shelf - Gram KB1407SL2 KB1407CSH Fridge
Shelf Runners - Gram KB-1407SL2 Fridge
L/Hand Large Runner - Gram S400LU Freezer
R/Hand Large Runner - Gram S400LU Freezer
Shelf - Gram F265 NMLHH Freezer
Small shelf - Gram K400RU Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Support (upper left)- Gram F400LU
Element Fixing Clip Right Hand - Gram F400RU F400LU Freezer
Grey Shelf - Gram F600 F660OPCH Fridge.
Stainless Steel Shelf - Gram K600 +M660CXHTC Fridge
Shelf Runners (pair of) - Gram MIDI K4251 F660OTRHHA
Large White Shelf - Gram K200LU KG400 K400
Half Size - Drawer Insert - Gram K1807CSHA
Shelf - Gram MIDI K4251 F425C Fridge
SUPERSEDED Gram 400LU Fridge Evaporator Rail
Small Basket - Gram F400LU Freezer
Large Baskets for Drawers - Gram F400LU F400RU
Water Inlet Solenoid Valve - Gram GA930
White Door Switch - Gram F660 Orpha / K400RU Fridge
Reed Contact / Door Switch - Gram
Float Switch - Gram - Fridge - K610RG
Door Switch - Gram IIRR 210 Fridge
Door Switch - Gram SNOWFLAKEF605RGC
Float Switch Gram K610 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Float Switch - Gram PLUSK1270RSHC Fridge
Door Switch - Gram PLUS K1400RSHC10 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Digital Display Unit - Gram K190JB K190
SUPERSEDED Mechanical Thermostat - Gram K181U Fridge
LCD Control Panel - Gram F200 RU
Fridge Thermometer - Gram FS330CGB
Control Module - Gram F400LU F200RU Freezer
Temperature Probe - Gram K400LU K200RU Fridge/ Freezer
Thermostat - Gram K400 K181U Fridge
Thermostatic Control - Gram CF610S
Mechanical Thermostat - Gram KB1407 HAV
Thermostat Board - Gram Chiller K190
Thermostat Controller PCB - Gram K190JB
Air Relief Valve - Gram K610RG Fridge