Company Details Grundy manufacture a robust range of hot trollies, hot cupboards and hot plates for use in a commercial kitchen

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Grundy Parts
Swivel Castor - (Unbraked)Grundy Mini Serve
Swivel Castor (Braked) - Grundy Mini Serve Ho
LAE Digital Controller model SDU12T0RDC
Conversion Kit - Grundy GMG Hot Trolley
Contactor - Grundy Pan File - Hot Cupboard
Control Panel - Grundy Hot Trolley
Controllor (Slave) - Grundy Hot Trolley
Door for Grundy Hot Trolley GMG
Grundy G-MAID RC Front Door
Bottom Door Runner - Grundy Hot Trolley
Door - Grundy Minimaid Hot Trolley
Grundy Pan file 1063 Hot Trolley Hinge
Front Door Grundy Hot Cupboard S-M
Grundy G-MAID RC Rear Door
Grundy Hot Trolley MSRRV Door Catch
Front Door - Grundy Hot Trolley GM17313
Top Door Runner - Grundy Hot Trolley GM17313
Cable - Grundy GM Hot Trolley
Element 0.8kw - Grundy GMG Hotcupboard
Grundy Mini - Maid Hot Trolley Element
Foil element (1kw) -Grundy Eclipse Bain Marie
Element - (600W Foil) - Grundy W 1554 T3
Heating Element - Grundy GM Hot-Cupboard
Top & Middle shelf element - Grundy GMG S4
Bottom element - Grundy GMC Hot Trolley
Infra red Heating Element - Grundy GMG
Foil Element - Grundy Panfile 1034P3 WHOSTESS
Element 1 Kwt U Shape - GM 21202 27"" Long 7""
Hot Plate Element - Grundy - Hot Cupboard -
5 AMP Fuse - Grundy Hotplate GMG
Fuse Holder Grundy GMG hotplate
5 AMP Fuse - Grundy GMG Hotplate
Door Seal Grundy Hot Cupboard 1063
Door handle - Grundy - Hot Cupboard -
Handle With Stricker Plate - Grundy Panfile
Control Knob - Grundy Eclipse 91301X05
Infra-red overhead lamp - Grundy DU1400
Grundy Hot Cupboard Quartz
Overhead Infrared Elements for Grundy GMC H/t
Grundy GMG5030 Rear left Hand Bracket
Fan Motor Grundy 1028N11 Pan File
Front R/H Mounting Plate Grundy Mini Serve
Grundy 91003 Hot Cupboard Probes
Simmerstat - Grundy Eclipse 91301X05
Switch Mounting Plate - Grundy Hot Trolley
Switch Mounting Plate - Grundy Hot Trolley
Illuminated Panel Switch - Green - Grundy -
QLC 4 Position Electronic Switch - Grundy -
Illuminated Panel Switch - Red - Grundy -
Panel Of Switches Grundy GMAID Hot Trolley
Panel Of Switches Grundy GMAID Hot Trolley
Green Rocker Switch - Grundy GMG2323C3
Red Rocker Switch Grundy Eclipse91301X05
Switch Plastic Cover Grundy Eclipse91301X05
SUPERSEDED 3 Postion Switch
Grundy Hostess Trolley LAE Controller
LAE MTR11 > LTR5 12v Controller
Digital Controller & probe Grundy GMG Hot
Control Thermostat Grundy GMA1B
Cut-out Thermostat - Preset 100 degrees
Grundy M20040 Hot Cupboard - Thermostat And
Oven Thermostat - Grundy Oven M86350-YO1
X5 Digital Thermostat Control - Grundy Oliver
Grundy GM Trolley Thermostat
Thermostat Grundy Gmaid 32586 Hot Cupboard
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