Company Details Halcyon have a long standing reputation for durability in cooling equipment and the refrigeration field, as well as and including their fridges, freezers, ice makers, bottle coolers, water softeners, dishwashers and glasswashers

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Halcyon Parts
Detergent Tube - Maidaid Halcyon 25
Wash Tank Element & Seal - Halcyon C500
Rinse Tank Element - Halcyon C500 Dishwasher
400 x 400 x 180mm metal glass washer basket
Compressor - Halcyon ICE35A Ice Machine
Wash Thermostat Halcyon SQ885 Dishwasher
Condensor Motor Halcyon 25A Eco UK
Element for Wash Tank - 3kw 230v - Halcyon
Water Pump - Halcyon 80A(ECOUK) Ice Machine
Internal Detergent Squeeze Tube 4x6mm
Condenser Fan Motor - Pressure Switch - Halcyon
Thermostat Halcyon HB900 Bottle Cooler
Temperature Probe Set Halcyon D50 Dishwasher
Probe Housing Halcyon D50 Dishwasher
Rinse Tank Element - Halcyon C500 Dishwasher
Evaporator fan motor - Halcyon HB900B Fridge
Evaporator 30g - Halcyon ECO60A-UK Ice
Evaporator - Halcyon ICE35A Ice Machine
Contact Boiler Thermostat Halcyon 25 Glasswasher
SUPERSEDED hermostat for Bin - Halcyon - Ice Machine
230v 190w Water Pump - Halcyon ICE80 Ice Machine
Water Pump - Halcyon ECO60A & 45A Ice Machine
White Pipe - Halcyon 45A Icemachine
Timer Control - Halcyon ICE25 Ice Machine
Evaporator Ice Thickness Stat - Halcyon ICE25 ICE45 Ice Machine
Evaporator - Halcyon - Ice Machine - ICE80
Wash Pump - Halcyon - Dishwasher - AMIKA50XL
Inlet Water Valve - Halcyon ICE60 Ice Machine
Hannings Water Pump Kit - Halcyon - Ice Machine - ICE60
Relay - Halcyon - Dishwasher - 100
Wash Tank Element - Halcyon - Dishwasher - 100
Water Curtain - Halcyon 45A Ice Machine
Safety Pressostat - Halcyon ICE80 Ice Machine
Pressostat - Halcyon ICE80 Ice Machine
Fan Motor - Halcyon ICE45A Ice Machine
Drain Connector for Bin - Halcyon 35A Ice Machine
Drain Plug - Halcyon 35A Ice Machine
Condenser - Halcyon ICE35 Ice Machine
Water Curtain - Halycon ICE60 Ice Machine
Plastic Clip 1/4"" - Halcyon ICE60 Ice Machine
Door Seal - Halcyon HBC600 Fridge
Door Seal - Halcyon HBCH900 Fridge
Complete Wash Arm Assy - Halcyon SQ80 Dishwasher