Company Details Houno, based in Denmark, is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of combi and bake-off ovens. Houno, formed in 1977 are famous for their visual cooking equipment allowing you to see the products being baked

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Houno Parts
SUPERSEDED Houno Door Seal
Top Circuit Breaker - Houno Uno
Spring Handle - Houno KPE1.10 Steam Oven
Retainer Ring - Houno Steam Oven
Rubber Door Seal - Houno Oven
Repair Kit for Springs in Handle - Houno
Door Catch - Houno CV106 Oven
Door Seal - Houno CV106 BM1.06 Oven
6mm Nylon Tube - Houno - KPE1.10
Superceeded R/H Handle complete - Houno K1.10 CP1.06
Door Seal 560mm x 495mm - Houno CPE1.06 Oven
820mm x 495mm Door Seal - Houno B1.10 Oven
Water Filter - Houno CPE110 -Combi Steam Oven
PCB - Houno 1.08 Oven
Encoder - Houno
Spring and retainer - Houno KPE1.10 Oven
Heating Element - Houno KPE1.10 Combi Oven
Spring & Catch - Houno K1.10 Oven
Hanning V3A145-040P0045 Fan Motor - Houno CPE1.06 Oven
Shower Hose - Houno CGAS1/10 Oven
Suction Hose for Rinse Aid - Houno Dishwasher
Steam Hose - Houno C1.06 Combi-Oven
Electronic Control ST-1B Houno Oven
Food probe - Houno KPE1.20 Steam Oven
Gasket Houno CPE1.06 Oven
Halogen Lamp Glass - Houno CPE1.06 Oven
Gas Spring Houno CPE1.06 Oven
Door Seal 650x925 Houno Oven
Oven Lamp - Houno - Oven - CPE1.16
Door Seal - Houno - Oven - CPE1.16
Drain Pump - Houno Steam Oven
Door Handle Assembly - Houno B5 Oven
Catch - Houno - Oven - BKI
Solenoid Valve - Houno - Steamer - CMC
Halogen Lamp Housing - Houno Steamer
Fan Motor; Reversing 3ph 380-415v 50hz - Houno Steamer
Fuse 2.0a - Houno Steamer
Fuse 3.15a - Houno Steamer
Transformer - Houno Steamer
Heating Element 480v - Houno Steamer
Sensor for Steam Generator - Houno Steamer
60 Minute Timer - Houno Bakematic BM43 Oven
Female Connector 37POL - Houno CVC1.10 Microwave
Combi-Clean Computer - Houno CVC1.10 Oven
Door Seal - Houno CM1.12 Oven
SUPERSEDED Spring & Spring Retainer - Houno Combi Oven
Door Seal - Houno - Oven
Hose for Steam Generator - Houno Dishwasher
Gasket for Heating Element - Houno Dishwasher
Double Solenoid - Houno
SUPERSEDED Main PCB Houno C1.06-13 Oven
Wash Nozzle - Houno Dishwasher
Heating element 245V-3300W short, double - Houno - CM/ST1.06
Tube for Water Connection for Steam Generator - Houno Dishwasher
Manifold 2 Valve - Houno CP1.06 Oven
Computer CPU - Houno - Oven
Computer Board - Houno - Oven
Display - Houno - Oven
Stop Plate for Filter Housing - Houno
Fat Filter - Houno
Hose L=120 - Houno Dishwasher
Contactor - Houno
Safety Thermostat - Houno
Safety Thermostat - Houno
Screw - CH M3 (Pack of 6)
Core Probe - Houno - Oven
Puller for Fan Wheel - Houno - Steamer - CPE1.10
Reversing Fan Wheel - Houno - Steamer - CPE1.10
IO PCB - Houno KPE1.10 Oven
Nozzle - Houno KPE1.10 Oven
Hose - Houno
Fan Motor - Houno
Fuse Carrier - Houno
Drain w/ 1 branch - Houno
Spring for Handle - Houno / Lainox HME061T
Exterior Glass (Black) - Houno CDE1.06 Oven
Exterior Glass (Blue) - Houno CDE1.06 Oven
i/O PCB - Houno K1.12 Oven
Halogen Lamp 12v - Houno BPE1.20 Oven
Computer Input/Output Board - Houno Oven
Computer Type IV CPL - Houno - Oven
Temperature Probe for Oven - Houno
Bush - Houno
Washer for Hinge - Houno
Cover - Houno
Tube for Drip Tray - Houno
Spring for Drip Tray - Houno
Pin for Rack Support Top L=34 - Houno
Pin for Rack Support Lower L=25 - Houno
Cover Plate (upper) - Houno
Pin for Rack Support Long L=37 - Houno
Flap for Reinforcement - Houno
Pin for Rack Support Top L=31 - Houno
Hose Clamp for Drip Pan - Houno
Screw Cap - Houno
Suction Tube - Houno
Suction Hose - Houno
Suction Hose - Houno
Bracket for Suspension - Houno
Elbow for fat - Houno
Bolt M8 x 45 - Houno
Bracket for Fat - Houno
Grating for Drain - Houno
Tube - Houno
Holder for CombiClean Canisters - Houno
Glass Interior- Hounos Steam Oven
2-way Solenoid Valve - Houno K1.10 Oven
Door Sensor (Pass Through) - Houno CPE1.10 Oven
Door Sensor (controller side) - Houno CPE1.10 Oven
Hose L-280 - Houno Oven
Gasket for Motor - Houno Oven
Door Gasket - Houno CombiSlim CSII1.10 Oven
Door Catch - Houno K1.10 Oven
Element - Houno - Oven - KP1.06M
Hand Shower - Houno
Glass Interior Customer Side- Houno
Heating Element Steam Generator - Houno Dishwasher
1-Way Solenoid - Houno Dishwasher
2-Way Solenoid - Houno Dishwasher
3-Way Solenoid - Houno Dishwasher
Pressure Switch - Houno Dishwasher
Door Gasket - Houno Oven
SUPERSEDED Houno Door Seal
Frequency Changer - Houno - Oven
Transformer - Houno - Oven
Solid State Relay - Houno - Oven
SUPERSEDED Computer - Houno - Oven
Heating Element Steam Generator 480v - Houno Oven
Computer SE Touch Edition - Houno Oven
Computer I/O board for Electric - Houno Oven
Top Circuit Breaker - Houno Uno
Display For The Visual Display - Houno - Oven
Oven Control Knob - Houno - Oven
Heating element with sensor 235V-5KW - Houno - CM/ST1.06
Contactor - Houno Oven
Steam Generator - Houno Oven
CPU Combislim - Houno - Oven
Door Gasket - Houno Oven
Communication Cable - Houno Oven
Gasket for Control - Houno Oven
Gasket for Control Panel - Houno Oven
Ribbon Display Cable - Houno Oven
Abutment Plate w. Operation Panel - Houno Oven