Company Details Established in 1979 ILSA began by manufacturing semi-finished products designed by others then diverted into what it is known for now - refrigerated tables, cabinets and display cases designed for premises from ice cream shops to large canteens

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ILSA Parts
Drawer Seal - Ilsa TRMG2036 Fridge
Hinge - Ilsa TRCG2001 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal 400mm x 620mm - Ilsa TRMG1060
Door Seal - ILSA 700LSTM Fridge
Bottom Plate for Right Lower Hinge -Beaufort GN4PTN
Capillary - ILSA TRMG1035 Chiller
Drawer Seal - Ilsa TRMG2097 Fridge
Door Seal - Ilsa TRMG2097 TRCG3001 Fridge
Door Seal - ILSA freezer
Door seal - Ilsa TRCP3002 Fridge/freezer
Evaporator - Ilsa 54222120 Fridge/Freezer
Drawer Seal - Ilsa, TRMG1033
Door seal - Ilsa TRMG1014
Ilsa PRMG1114 Evap Fan Motor
Door Gasket - Ilsa 5T1/1 Blast Chiller
Door Seal for Ilsa TRPZ1010 Fridge 480x630
Internal Evap Drip Tray - Ilsa TRMG-2PS/A
Shelf Support (Pair) - Ilsa Fridge TRMG4P
Shelf - Ilsa Fridge TRMG4P
Evaporator Assembly Ilsa Fridge TRMP2006
Evaporator Coil - Ilsa 700 Elite
Food probe - Ilsa ABVVERT10TARIA Blast
Evaporator- Ilsa TRCG1002FM TRMG1035FM Fridge
Bottom Left Hinge - Ilsa TRP21010 Prep Unit
Evaporator ILSA TRMG2097 Fridge
Door Seal Ilsa TRPZ1006 Fridge
Door Seal Ilsa TRMG1014 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Coil solenoid valve - Ilsa TRMG2036 fridge
PTC 2 Wire Probe 1500mm
Tray heater - Ilsa AEFL004 Single door prep
Door Seal Ilsa ARZ0006 Fridge
Door Seal Ilsa TRMG1013 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Ilsa ABV0005 Blast Chiller
Door Seal Ilsa A5050001 Fridge
Door Gasket - Ilsa 700ELITE
Shelf ILSA AE070001 Fridge
Door Seal - Ilsa ABV3053 Blast Chiller
Door Seal 1500 x 660 - Ilsa 1200ETN Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Ilsa TRMG1014 Fridge
Top Door Bracket Ilsa AH07001 Fridge
Capillary - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP1009
Drawer Seal 400x295mm Ilsa TRMG2034 Fridge
Upper Left Hinge - Ilsa - Fridge - AH141001
Upper Right Hinge - Ilsa - Fridge - AH141001
Lower left/right Hinge - Ilsa - AH141001
Door Ilsa AE070001 Fridge
Door Screw Ilsa AE070001 Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor Ilsa ABV2004 Fridge
Door Handle Ilsa AE070001 Fridge
Door Pin Ilsa AE070001 Fridge
Drawer Seal - Ilsa TRMG29S/A Undercounter Fridge
L/H Lid Hinge - Ilsa TRCG3001 Fridge
R/H Lid Hinge - Ilsa TRCG3001 Fridge
Spring - ILSA - AH141001
Plastic Bracket - Ilsa - Fridge - AH070001
Pair of Shelf Brackets - Ilsa TRCG2002 Fridge
Temperature Probe - Ilsa VR420020
Door Seal - ILSA AS050005 Fridge
Evaporator Ilsa TRMP1009 Fridge
Evaporator - ILSA TRMG1035 Chiller
Door Gasket - Ilsa TRCG2002 GMPGN3P TRCG3001 TMMG2009
Door Gasket - Ilsa Fridge FM5
Left Hand Bottom Plate ILSA TRMG1035
SUPERSEDED Door Seal 407mmx635mm ILSA TRMG1036
Green Switch - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Blue Switch - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Membrane Surround - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Controller - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Door Seal - 1539 X 659 - Ilsa AE140001 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal 1500 x 660 - Ilsa - Fridge - AH071001
Door Seal - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMG2034
Lower Hinge - Ilsa AH140001 Fridge
Door Gasket - Ilsa TRPZ1006
PCB - Ilsa - Blast Chiller - ABV2004
Evaporator Coil - Ilsa ABB700S/A Blast Chiller
Hinge - Ilsa TRCG2001 Chiller
Door Seal - Ilsa - AHPA1002
Door Gasket - Ilsa TRCG1001FM
Complete Door Lock & Keys - Ilsa AH141001
Door Seal - Ilsa AH071001 Fridge
Lower Hinge - Ilsa - Fridge - AH140001
Lower Hinge Assembly - Ilsa - Fridge - AH140001
Panel PCB - Ilsa ABOG1002 Blast Chiller
Fascia - Ilsa ABOG1002 Blast Chiller
Shelf - Ilsa TRCG1002FM TMMG3017 Fridge
Door Gasket 630x405mm - Ilsa TRMG1035
Evaporator - Ilsa - Fridge - TRMP2012
Spike Probe - Ilsa 34813010FM5 Fridge
RH Top Hinge - Ilsa TRMG2035
Evaporator - Ilsa 600ZTN
Snap in Gasket - ILSA AS050005- Fridge
Door Seal - Ilsa AH140001 Fridge
Evaporator (490x295x70mm) - Ilsa TRMG1173
Digital Thermometer -50+300°C/-58+572°F
Snap In Gasket- Ilsa TRCP3000- Chiller
Evap Fan Motor - Ilsa - Fridge - TRPG1045
Lower Left Hand Door Hinge- Ilsa TRMG1035
Drip Tray- Ilsa TRCG3002- Fridge
Trasformatore220/12V3VA LF 01404 - Freezer
Compressore - LF 18032 - Freezer
Silicone Probe Ntc 1500 mm - LF 20286 - Freezer
Rele Di Potenza Finder 62.82 230V LF 01404 - Freezer
MotoV.230V 50/60HZ 5W M4Q045-BD01-A- LF 28672 - Freezer
Evaporatore 8 Ranghi Sx - LF 5027792 - Freezer
Evaporatore 8 Ranghi Dx - LF 30348 - Freezer
Controller Display Evco CT1SA0020300 - LF 30357- Freezer
Door Seal - Ilsa
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Coil - Ilsa TRMG1035 - Fridge
1/3 Drawer Gasket - ILSA - 402x185mm
Right-Hand Spring - Ilsa
Left-Hand Spring - Ilsa
Evaporator - Ilsa - Fridge - 1400 ELITE TN
Condenser Fan Motor - Ilsa - Fridge - AHPA1004
left hand Lower Door Hinge- Ilsa TRCP3001- Chiller
Left Hand Upper Hinge- Ilsa TRCP3001 - Chiller
Shelf - Ilsa AH140001 AH071001
Door Gasket - Ilsa - AHPA0001
Door Gasket 415x709mm - Ilsa Blast Chiller