IMI Cornelius

Company Details IMI Cornelius is one of the world’s leading supplier of beverage dispense and cooling equipment and for more than 75 years has created an extensive range of innovative products and services for the drinks industry

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IMI Cornelius Parts
Tecumsheh 12CC - IMI Cornelius 241359089
Electrolux compressor 11CC - IMI Cornelius
Compressor AE4430Y-FZ - Cornelius 371GC10200LH
Electronic Thermostat & Probes - Cornelius 241359004
Dixell V4 Controller - Cornelius GPLT450LRH Chiller
Controller Kit (Low Temperature) - Cornelius 24L365509
Controller Kit & Air Probe - Cornelius
Controller Kit - Cornelius DC1000SS/GLS
Controller - Cornelius - Fridge - S140HI
IMI Cornelius Digital Pegasus Display Unit -
Door Hinge & Bush R/H BOTTOM - IMI
Door Hinge & Bush R/H TOP - IMI
Door Catch - Cornelius 85583000G Milk Dispenser
Condenser tray - IMI Cornelius 1D2H 2D2SP
Cornelius Drinks Cooler -Evaporator fan motor
Door seal (push fit) - IMI Cornelius
Door Gasket - IMI Cornelius W5H Fridge
Door Gasket - Cornelius Royal 170D Bottle
Door Seal - Cornelius Prince 120S
Door seal (Dark Grey) - IMI Cornelius Zenith 600T Bottle
Light Grey Push Fit Door Seal - Cornelius Zenith 900
Push Fit Door Seal - IMI Cornulius 241351019 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Rubber Fridge Door Seal 829 x 583mm -
SUPERSEDED - Silverwing 2DH2 Fridge Door Seal
Door Gasket - IMI Cornelius 9485 98/07
Door seal - IMI Cornelius Fridge & Freezer
Door Seal - Cornelius GPLT450LRH Chiller
Compressor - Cornelius - Fridge - 85583400G
Retainer Door Seal - Cornelius - Fridge - 85519000G
Door Seal - IMI Cornelius S140LOSCL Chiller
Door Seal - IMI Cornelius ERGON 600BRN Fridge
Dark Grey Door Seal - IMI Cornelius 241359006
Door Handle - IMI Cornelius Zenith900 24-1-340046 Chiller
SUPERSEDED - Handle Assembly - Jetspray J15 Refrigerated
Starter - Cornelius 241347007 Fridge
Light Tube - Cornelius 241347007 Fridge
Motor - IMI Cornelius CUE180 Fridge
Pump Assy No.2 - IMI Cornelius MAXI 110
Evaporator Fan Motor Cornelius Bottle Cooler
Evaporator Fan Motor - Fagor/IMI 24L340046 Fridge
IMI Cornelius Condenser Fan Motot Scroll Type
Condenser fan blade for IMI MCU+90
Evaporator Fan Motor - Cornelius Zenith 900
Left Side Evaporator Fan
Air Probe - Cornelius, Silverwing 203H Fridge
Compressor Relay - IMI Cornelius - Fridge - ERGON900
Finger Guard for Evap fan motors
White Shelf - IMI Cornelius Zenith 24/340085 Bottle Cooler
Shelf - IMI - Fridge - ZENITH 600
Right Shelf - Cornelius Statesman2000 241359003 Fridge
LH Shelf - Cornelius Statesman2000 241359003 Fridge
1 Way Solenoid Valve - Sowebo N50 Dishwasher
Tap Assembly - Cornelius 85583000G Milk Dispenser
Thermostat - IMI Cornelius - Bottle Chiller - 24CL340048
Thermostat - IMI Cornelius 241359089 Fridge