Company Details Iarp are one of the largest European refrigeration companies based in Northern Italy. They produce a large range of commercial refrigeration equipment including fridges, freezers, scoop ice cream machines and display cabinets. A S Catering Supplies can supply spares for Iarp's wide product range of premium refrigeration units.

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Iarp Parts
Baket for Iarp EIS45
Door Washer/Bush - Iarp AB400/500/600N
Evaporator Coil- Iarp AB500PV ABX500PV Fridge
Compressor - GL60TB (suits Iarp 600PVE)
5ltr Napoli Pan - Iarp Artica118 Ice Cream Freezer
Power Unit - Iarp Stok140 Fridge/freezer
Digital Controller Front Display AB500PV AB400PV
Power Unit / Control Box Rear - Iarp Fridge
Dixell Universal R Controller - Iarp AB500PV Chiller
SUPERSEDED Power Unit Iarp AB400PV Fridge
Lower Thermometer - Iarp GAYA130T Freezer
Upper Thermometer - Iarp GAYA130T Freezer
R/H Hinge Cover - Iarp AB400N Freezer
R/H Door - Iarp EIS214C Fridge
L/H Door - Iarp EIS214C Fridge
Middle Door - Iarp EIS214C Fridge
Lower Door Support - Iarp EIS42C
Top Hinge Bracket - Iarp EIS42C
Lower Hinge Pivot - Iarp EIS42C
Return Spring Tube - Iarp EIS42C
Spring Hinge Tube (Top) - Iarp EIS45.2MR
Lift Up Flap - Iarp ARTICA103E
White Door - Iarp A500PV AB500N Fridge/Freezer
Door Bottom Corner Curved End - IARP Fridge
Left hand hinged door - Iarp ABX500PV Fridge
Bumper Corner - Iarp Gaya 20 Triple Door Free
Upper Door Hinge - Iarp AB500PV ABX500PV
Lower Hinge - IARP ABX500PV Fridge
Door Catch Latch Hook - IARP ABX400PV Fridge
Torsion Bar Spring Assy - Iarp DEW40 display
Plastic door - Iarp Artica 118E
R/H White Corner Section Lower Hinge Block
IARP Door Top Corner Curved End Grey
Door Catch - Iarp Igloo Artica 126C 118E
Corner Piece (RH, upper LH lower) - Iarp ABX
Door Bottom Corner Square - IARP ABX - Grey
Top R/H Corner Cover - Iarp AB400 PV Curved Door
IARP Artica 118E Perspex Door
Door 1570mm Square Profile - IARP ABX500PV
Door 1540mm square profile - IARP ABX500PV
Hinge Pin - Iarp AB400PV Fridge/Freezer
Perspex Rear Flap - (325mm x 1265mm) - Iarp
Complete Lock Assy - Iarp Fridge/Freezer ABX500PV ABX400PV
Hinge - IARP AB500PV AB400PV Fridge
Straight Door Lower Door Hinge - Iarp ABX500PV ABX500N Fridge
Bottom Door Hinge - Iarp DEW40 (L/H or R/H)
Door Catch Iarp AB400
Bottom RH Hinge Support Corner Cover - Iarp AB40
Top Hinge Block - Iarp AB500PV AB500N Freezer
R/H Door S/S 1540mm curved profile - IARP ABX500PV ABX500N
Top Right Hinge Support Corner - Iarp EC600
White Door, R/H Hung - Iarp AB500PV Fridge
Roller (fits at rear of cabinet) - Iarp - Fridge - ABX600PV
Rear Flap - Iarp FENICE80
Female Pivot - Iarp FENICE80
Fridge Door - Stainless Steel - Iarp - ABX400N
APX400PV Fridge Door Hinge Upper Door size -
Power Spring Hinge - Iarp - Fridge - STOK70PN
Keys for Door Lock - Iarp AB600NUK Freezer
Hinge - Iarp CF900CA Chest Freezer
SUPERSEDED Bottom plastic insert for R/H hinged, curved
SUPERSEDED Top plastic insert for R/H hinged curved
Hinge - Iarp ABX700N
Drain elbow - Iarp EIS104
Inner Drain Plug - Iarp AB500PV Fridge
Outer Drain Plug - Iarp AB500PV Fridge
Evaporator Drip Tray - Iarp
IARP IDEA60E - Evaporator Heater / Drip Tray
Drip Tray Hose - IARP ABX500PV Fridge
Internal Drain Pan - Iarp AB400PV Fridge
Drip Tray Internal - Iarp AB500PV ABX500PV
Evaporator Drip Tray & Connections - IARP
SUPERSEDED Drip Tray - Iarp 1A0543026- Chiller
Lead for Power Unit - Iarp AB500PV AB600
SUPERSEDED Ribbon Cable - Iarp ABX500PV Fridge
Drip Tray Element/Drain Heater - Iarp AB400PV Fridge
Drain Heater Internal Element - IARP Fridge
Evaporator Element - Iarp SHELLEY180
Door Frame Heater - Iarp GIYA20T Chiller
Drain heater - Iarp STOK140BT Freezer
Evaporator Heater - Iarp SHELLY180M Display Cabinet
Anti-mist heater - Iarp GAYA13 Freezer
Door frame heater - Iarp GAYA13 Freezer
Condensate Tray Heater Element - Iarp
Evaporator heater - Iarp Shelley 120N Fridge
Iarp GAYA20T Botton Heater Section
Iarp GAYA20T Bottom Heater Section
Iarp GAYA20T Top Heater Section
Iarp GAYA20T Gutter Inox Armor Heater
Drain Heater Wire - Iarp GAYA20CANPT.DOOR
Evaporator Heater - Iarp GAYA20CANPT.DOOR
10 Watt Window Heater Cable - Iarp GAYA20 Display Unit
Iarp GAYA20T Bottom Drip Tray Element
Heater - Iarp - Fridge - GAYA20T
Evaporator shelf strip - Iarp ABX500N
Evap.Tray (next to Compressor)- IARP ABX500PV
Evaporator - Iarp AB400PV Fridge
Evaporator Shelf System Iarp AB500N Freezer
Evaporator Cover - Iarp EIS104
Evaporator Coil - Iarp EKO42T Display Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Iarp GAYA20MT Glass Door
Plastic Evaporator Cover - Iarp AB500PV
Foot (screw in) - IARP ABX500N
Defrost Klixon - Iarp - - Fridge - Gaya0T
Bumper Corner - Iarp WIGHT150-M Freezer
Short Bumper Bar - Iarp WIGHT150-M Freezer
Long Bumper Bar - Iarp WIGHT150-M Freezer
IARP EC600 Fridge Door Gasket
Door Gasket 730mm x 1550mm - IARP Fridge
Door Gasket - 655mm x 1540mm - Iarp STOK140
Door Seal (730mm x 1700mm) - Iarp AB600PVE ABX600PV
Door seal - Iarp Rugiada 42 Bottle Cooler
Door Seal Iarp RODI33CA Freezer
Curved, White Door, RH-Hinged - Iarp AB400PVE
Door Gasket - Iarp Fridge models AB400 PV
Door Seal R/H Top - IARP GAYA13T
Flap Profile - Iarp FENICE80
Rubber Door seal - Iarp DEW40 EKO42T Fridge
Door Gasket - IARP Fridge Model ABX700PV
Door Seal - IARP - ST0K140VT DoubleDoorFridge
Door Gasket 550 x 1720mm - Iarp ABX400PV AB400PV Fridge
Door Gasket Iarp ABX500 Fridge
Lower Grill - Iarp - Fridge - GAYA20MT
Metal Door handle (bolted) - Iarp Fridge
Door Handle - Iarp Stok140 PNE STOK14BTC Fridge
Blue Plastic Door Handle (recessed) - Iarp -
Iarp STOK140PNE Evap Heating Element
Iarp 20T Bottom Defrost Heater
Drain Line Heater - Iarp - Fridge - EDERA
2-way Clamp - Iarp FENICE80
On/Off Switch Cover - Iarp EIS45.2MR Freezer
Light switch cover - Iarp EIS45.2MR Freezer
Thermostat knob - Iarp EIS104
Lid Hinge - Iarp FENICE80
Night Cover - Iarp WIGHT200M
Dark Grey Lower Lid - Iarp - Display Fridge - GAMMA200NR
Dark Grey Upper Lid - Iarp - Display Fridge - GAMMA200NR
L/H Lid Slide - Iarp - Fridge - DRAGHETTO
R/H Lid Slide - Iarp - Fridge - DRAGHETTO
Bins Support - IARP Artica118
Black PVC Plug - IARP - Edera157
RH Bin Support - IARP - Edera157
LH Bin Support - IARP - Edera157
Bin Support - IARP - Edera157
Curved Plastic End Cap Iarp AB500PV Fridge
Iarp EFX600 Fridge/Freezer Parts # Obsolete #
SUPERSEDED Condenser Fan Motor - Iarp Edera 1572CHGD
Evaporator 5 wat Fan Motor Assy - Iarp AB600P
Evaporator Fan Motor - Iarp AB500PV LTH ZOTK2.0
SUPERSEDED Evaporator fan motor - Iarp EIS104C Fridge
Silver Round Fan Guard - Iarp AB500PV
Condenser Fan Motor - Iarp SHELLEY180M Fridge
PVC Washer - Iarp FENICE80
PVC Washer - Iarp FENICE80
Flap Gasket - Iarp FENICE80
Nylon Washer - Iarp Shelly120M
Front curved glass - Iarp Igloo ABELA 1.5
Curved Glass - Iarp EDERA 1262CHGD
Front Glass - Iarp SHELLY240M
Power Unit - Iarp ARTICA103E Gelato Freezer
Ribbon- Iarp ABX500PV- Fridge
Iarp Defrost Clixon Iarp EIS 110MR
Right Angle Drain on Rear of Cabinet - Iarp AB500
Defrost Probe - IARP ABX500/400PV AB500PV
Temperature Probe - Iarp AB500/400PV AB600 AB500PV
Fan delayer - Iarp Shelley 120N Fridge
Compressor delayer - Iarp Shelley 120N Fridge
Hinge Pin - Iarp EIS42C
Screw for Hinge Pin - Iarp EIS42C
Bumper Corner Screw - Iarp WIGHT150-M Freezer
M5x13 Pivot - Iarp FENICE80
Bolt M5x12 - Iarp FENICE80
M5x8 Tap Pivot - Iarp FENICE80
Shelf - Iarp DEW40 Fridge
Shelf Support Clip IARP AB500PV / ABX600
Shelf Iarp EIS42.2CA Fridge
Shelf c/w clips - IARP Fridge AB400PV
Shelf clip edge strip - Iarp Freezer AB400N
L/H Tray Support - Iarp - Freezer - ARCTICA
R/H tray support - Iarp - Freezer - ARCTICA
Shelf - Iarp AB500PV ABX500 Fridge/Freezer
shelf support IARP 103E Freezer
Pliaster - Iarp ABX500N fridge/ freezer
Side (Front)Shelf Clips - IARP Freezer ABX500
Shelf - IARP ABX600P Fridge
Shelf and Clips Kit - Iarp 500PV- Chiller
Shelf - Iarp EIS45 Chiller
Shelf - Iarp EIS110MR Chiller
Back Shelf Clips - IARP Freezer ABX500N
Iarp EKO42T Fridge Shelf
Spring - Iarp EIS42C
Yellow Fast Freezer Switch - Iarp ABX500N Freezer
Iarp ESI45 Freezer Green Light Switch
On / Off Switch - Iarp AB500PV ABX400PV
Door Switch - Iarp STOK14PNE
On/Off Switch - Iarp Freezer STOK70BTE
Water level regulator - Iarp Shelley 120N
Switch - Iarp STAR44 Ice Cream Freezer
Switch Light Iarp 103E Fridge
White Switch Iarp EIS110MR Freezer
Door Switch - Iarp AB400PV / AB500PV Fridge
Dial Temperature Display/Thermometer - Iarp ABX500N Freezer
Time Clock - IARP EDERA Ice Cream Freezer
Defrost Timer Mechanical - Iarp AB500PV ABX500PV Fridge
Defrost Timer - Iarp ARTICA 103E Freezer
Defrost Timer - Iarp - Freezer - EIS452MR
Timer Iarp GAYA12MTD Freezer
G3-230 30amp Delay Timer - Iarp EIS214 Fridge
Mechanical defrost timer - Iarp EIS45MR
Defrost Timer - Iarp - Fridge -
Defrost Timer - Iarp GAYA Freezer
Defrost Timer Iarp WRIGHT 150M
Timer - Iarp Shelley240M Display Chiller
Iarp Gaya 13T freezer ERC Transformer
Transformer (for door frame heater) - Iarp
Anti-Ice Thermostat - Iarp EIS104
Thermostat - Iarp FENICE 1182TTR Freezer
Klaxon - Iarp - Fridge - GAYA13T
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Temp Probe - Iarp ABX500PV Fridge
Thermostat - Iarp Shelly 120N Fridge
Thermometer - Iarp AB400PV Fridge
Iarp EIS45 Freezer Evap Thermostat - OBSOLETE
Thermostat - Iarp AB700P Fridge/freezer
Danfoss 077B-0345 Thermostat - Iarp EKO42 Freezer
Thermostat - Iarp EDERA157 Ice Cream Freezer
Mechanical Thermostat - IARP ABX500PV fridge
Defrost Klixon - Iarp ES45 Freezer
Control Thermostat - Iarp ABX600N AB400N AB500N Freezer
Thermostat - Iarp EIS104C DEW40 Fridge
Drain Tube Extension - IARP - AB500PV