Company Details Icematic has become synonymous with ice making technology for ice makers, ice cube and ice flake makers. Their hole ice cube is liked because its high heat exchange surface melts down slowly and the liquid in which it is dropped grows cold quickly

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Icematic Parts
On/Off Condenser Fan Cycle Switch - Icematic
14w 48 Rpm Paddle Motor (old style - metal) -
Cam Motor Icematic N12SX Ice Machine
Microswitch- Icematic Ice Machine
Water Solenoid Valve - Icematic N20L Ice Machine
Inner Door Flap Blue - Icematic N25S N20 Ice Machine
Tray Spring - Icematic Ice Machine
Water Filter & Manifold HB30 (9"filter)
Evap Ice Control Thickness Stat - Classic
Bin Door- Icematic D310 Ice Machine
EF83161.5 Float Switch Assembly - Icematic Ice Machine
Paddle Motor
Tilt Pan Assy - N25S Ice Machine
495mm x 420mm Deflector for Icematic N200M
Water Tray Assembly- Icematic N70 Ice Machine
N20L - Icematic Tilt Pan Motor Clockwise 230v 11w 50hz
SUPERSEDED Solenoid Inlet Valve - Icematic N40
Blue Deflector Plate - IceMatic N20L N25S
Micro Switch- Icematic N25 Ice machine
Lever - Icematic N25 Ice Machine
Tilt Pan Assembly - Icematic N45S Ice Machine
End Defrosting Switch - Icematic N200M N301M SV145 Ice Machine
Straight Through Water Inlet Solenoid Valve
SUPERSEDED Float Switch - Icematic N45S N90S Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Magnet Micro Sensor for Ice-matic N201M
Fan Presure Control- Icematic N45S
SUPERSEDED Float Switch - Castel Mac Ice Maker N20L
SUPERSEDED Magnet Micro Sensor for Ice-matic N201M
SUPERSEDED Tilt Pan - Icematic N25S Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Drive Motor - Icematic Ice Machine 355
PCB - Icematic F120 SP405ASE Ice Machine
LED Support - Icematic N131M Ice machine
Front panel - Icematic N131M Ice machine
SUPERSEDED Condensor Probe - Icematic
SUPERSEDED Optical Sensor - Icematic F100 F80A Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED N20L / M25 Paddle Motor - Icematic 50RPM 22
SUPERSEDED Water Level Sensor -Icematic F120 SP405ASE
SUPERSEDED Counterclockwise Gear Motor / Paddle Motor
SUPERSEDED PCB Control - Icematic N201M Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Paddle Motor (new black plastic) - Icematic
240v Motor - Icematic N200M Ice Machine
Bin Thermostat - Icematic Ice Machine Bin Thermostat K55LS
SUPERSEDED Icematic Ice Machine Thickness Thermostat
SUPERSEDED Ice Thickness Sensor - Icematic N200M Ice
Pressure Switch - Icematic N200M Ice Machine
Thermostat- Icematic ACM85 Evaporator K22L
Ice Chute for Door 345mm x 205mm - Icematic N20 N25 Ice
Motor & Gear Box - Icematic F120 Ice Machine
Ice Tray - Icematic N20L Ice Machine
Cam Wheel - Icematic N20L Icemachine
Lid - Icematic D310 Ice Machine
Tilt Tray Assembly Icematic N25S Ice Machine
Water Tank Icematic N131M Ice Machine
PCB - Icematic N300H Ice Machine
Max Pressure Switch Icematic N201 Ice Machine
LED Card - Icematic N201 SV135 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Ice Sensor Icematic N201M Ice Machine
Fan Motor w/ Capacitor - Simag SV135 Ice Machine
Condensor Temperature Probe Icematic N201
Hot Gas Valve and Coil Icematic N201 Ice
Water Discharge Valve - Icematic N201 Ice Machine
Drain Plug Icematic N131M Ice Machine
Bin Thermostat - Icematic N35 N140AX4 N45S Ice Machine
Intake Valve - Icematic Ice Machine
Outlet Solenoid Valve - Icematic Ice Machine DX40A DX40V N195M AC225
Display PCB - Icematic Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED PCB - Icematic N202M N201M-W Ice Machine
Expansion Valve Icematic ICE0405HA4 Ice
Paddle Motor - Bradshaw EC30A Ice machine
Deflector - Icematic - Ice Machine - N45L
Door Flap - Icematic M45S Ice Machine
Water solenoid valve - Icematic ICEU105MA S22A
Water Tank - Icematic N131M Ice Machine
Frame - Icematic - Ice Machine - N90S
Max Pressure Switch Icematic N131M Ice
Thermostatic Valve Icematic N131M Ice
Evaporator Assembly Icematic N131M Ice
Tilt Pan Assembly Icematic N45L Ice Machine
Splash Curtain Clip - Icematic Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Micro Card - Icematic - Blast Chiller -
Water Tray Icematic N201MW Ice Machine
Water Tray 450x180mm - Icematic E90 E75 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Paddle Motor - Icematic N90S Ice Machine
Harvest Motor - Icematic N90S Ice Machine
Complete Door - Icematic N35S Ice Machine
Splash Curtain - Icematic ICEU185 ICEU045MA Ice Machine
Ice Spout- Icematic F120 Ice machine Ice Spout
Splash Curtain - Icematic ICEU185 Icemachine
Ice Bin Door Frame Icematic N201M Ice Machine
Ice Bin Door Icematic N201M Ice Machine
Display PCB - Icematic/Simag SV215 Ice Machine
Pressure Valve - Icematic Ice Machine
Drain Valve - Icematic - Ice Machine - N201M
PCB - Icematic F200A ICEF155AS Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Magnet for End Defrosting Switch - Icematic N201M Ice Machine
On/Off Switch Icematic 0405HA4 Ice Machine
LED Card - Icematic N200M
SUPERSEDED Water Level Sensor - Icematic N201M Ice
180mm x 445mm Water Tray - Icematic N90S N70S Ice Machine
Stop Plate - Icematic N25
Bin Thermostat - Icematic N75 Ice Machine
366mm x 210mm Door Deflector - Icematic Ice Machine
Float Switch- Icematic Float Switch Assembly Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Water Level Sensor -N31M
Door - Icematic N25S Ice Machine
Splash Curtain - Icematic N202N Ice Machine
Door Shaft Support Icematic N25S Ice Machine
Door Shaft Icematic N25S Ice Machine
Door Hinge Icematic N25S Ice Machine
Condenser Sensor - Icematic Ice Machine - E35
Bin Full Sensor - Icematic Ice Machine - E35
Door Closer Icematic N25S Ice Machine
Door Flap - Icematic N131M Ice Machine
Evaporator - Icematic - Ice Machine - N140
Door Seal Icematic N25S Ice Machine
Air Filter / Mesh - Icematic - E50
Agitator Paddle - Icematic - Ice Machine - N25S
Paddle Shaft - Icematic - Ice Machine - N45S
Collar / Grub Screw - Icematic - Ice Machine - N45S
Water Float Valve - Icematic N200M N300M Ice Machine
Water Tray - Icematic - Ice Machine - E25
Compressor - Icematic ICE0525HA3 Ice Machine
Tilt Pan Assembly - Icematic Ice Machine
Floating Valve Bracket - Icematic N300M Ice Machine
Traction Spring - Icematic - Ice Machine - N140
Bin Door - Icematic - Ice Machine - E90
Water Tray - Icematic J90LS Ice Machine
Bin Thermostat Switch- Icematic ICEU225FA3- Ice Machine
Tilting Tray - Icematic - Ice Machine - E25
Fan Motor- Icematic N25S- Ice Machine
AE-8043-BR Compressor - Icematic - Ice Machine - N70S
Condenser Fan Motor - Icematic - E90
Bin Sensor- ICE0525HA3- Icematic
Water Pump- Icematic ICEU46AS- Ice Machine
Door - Icematic E60 - Ice Machines
Recirculation Tank - Icematic N302M Ice Machine
Evaporator Coil - Bradshaw / Icematic EC40A Ice Machine
Hot Gas Valve & Coil Assembly - Icematic E25 Ice Machine
Cam Motor - Icematic 0325HA4 Ice Machine
Tilt Pan Tray - Icematic - Ice Machine - E75
Tank Assembly - Icematic E90 - Ice Machine
Evaporator Block - Icematic - Ice Machine - F100
Tank Bung - Icematic ICEU36AS Ice Machine
Water Level Sensor- Icematic E75 - Ice Machine
Bin Door - Icematic E75 Ice Machine
Rubber Gasket (per metre) - Icematic
Drip Tray Assembly 265x180mm - Icematic
Door - Icematic
Hot Gas Coil - Ice Matic ICEU225FAC Ice Machine
Fan Pressure Switch - Ice Matic ICEU145MA Ice Machine