Company Details Iglu (not to be confused with Igloo which is a different manufacturer, see Igloo for more information) develops and produces a wide range of cooling and freezing appliances.

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Iglu Parts
PCB - Iglu - Fridge - TRSS/2V
Board - Iglu - Fridge - TRSS/2V
PCB - Iglu - Blast Chiller - AG/15
Door Seal - Iglu - IP8/21
Upper Drawer - Iglu - Fridge - TRSS/2V
Door Seal - Iglu - Fridge - TGKR3VPU
Air/Coil Probe - Iglu AGR/20C Fridge
Door Seal - Iglu - Fridge - TRGRUC6/1V
Door Seal - Iglu TRGS/3V Chiller
Fan Speed Controller - Iglu AG/10 Blast Chiller
Fan - Iglu AG/10 Blast Chiller
Door Seal (404mm x 589mm) - Iglu - TRG/2V TRFG/3V
Plastic Condenser Fan Cover- Iglu V14BTEC/2P- Upright Freezer
Condensor Cover - Iglu TRGS6/2V7 Fridge
Door Seal - Iglu TNGEC/3VR290 Fridge
Door Seal (404mm x 654mm) - Iglu TRGS6/2V7 Fridge
Top Drawer Seal (404mm x 172mm) - Iglu TRGS6/2V7 Fridge
Middle/Bottom Drawer Seal (404mm x 218mm) - Iglu TRGS6/2V7 Fridge
Outer Door Gasket - Iglu V14TN/2P Chiller
Door Seal 604mm x 415mm - Iglu TRGEC/4VA - Chiller
Door Seal- Iglu V14BTEC/2P - Chiller
Motherboard - Iglu - Fridge - SPC01348
Controller XR60CX 12v- Iglu V7TNEC- Chiller
Core Probe- Iglu AGR/20- Chiller
Door Seal - Iglu V8PTN/1PR290
Door Seal - Iglu AG/10 FRONT
Door Lock - Iglu
Top Drawer Seal (425mm x 200mm) - Iglu TRGS6/2V7 Fridge
Drawer Runners - Iglu TRSS/2V Chiller
Drawer Runners - Iglu TRSS/2V Chiller
Evaporator - Iglu TRSS/2V Chiller
Capillary - Iglu TRSS/2V Chiller
Vapouriser Coil - Iglu TRSS/2V Chiller
Condensate Tray - Iglu TRSS/2V Chiller
Door Lock - Iglu - TRGUC/1V
Top Drawer Seal (404mm x 186mm) - Iglu TRSS Fridge
Connecting Cable- Iglu TRP7/2V-Fridge
Keyboard for HTWL Thermostat- Iglu TRP7/2V- Fridge
Drawer Runners - Iglu TRSS/2V
Drawer Gasket 1/3 404mm X 172mm - Iglu - Fridge - TRGR/3V
Drawer Basket - Iglu - TRSS/2V - 425 x200 mm
Transformer for Lights - Iglu TRGS6/2V7
LED Light - Iglu TRGS6/2V7
Door Seal - Iglu - SPC01729
1/2 Drawer Seal (404mm x 314mm) - Iglu TRGS6/3V7 Fridge
2/3 Drawer Seal (404mm x 461mm) - Iglu TRGS6/3V7 Fridge
Door Seal (1555mm x 662mm) - Iglu V7BT/1P Fridge
Glass Door Seal - Iglu PR/2VPV
Iglu Equipment Types
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