Company Details Since its inception in 1958 Imperial Catering Equipment are committed to providing the most up to date cooking technology built for rugged use. Imperial manufacture a range which includes ovens, grills, fryers and griddles.

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Imperial Parts
FFD Gas Valve - Imperial IR6 Oven
Thermocouple- Imperial Elite CIR10 Thermocouple
Conversion Kit (NG-LPG) - Imperial EFS-40
Mechanical Thermostat - Mondial KPRX60 KICPR60 Fridge
Gas Regulator - Imperial IR-6 Cooker
Gas Valve - Elite CIFS - 40 Beige Knob
Complete Gear Set -Imperia Pasta Machine RMN
Thermopile - Imperial Elite CISF40 CIFS2525
Pilot Control Knob Imperial CIFS 40 Fryer
Robert Shaw Control Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIFS40
Pilot Tube - Imperial EBA 2223 Chargrill
Thermocouple Front - Imperial Elite CR6
Locking Olive Screw - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
SUPERSEDED CIFS-40 Thermopile - Imperial
Pilot Tubing - Imperial
LPG Burner Jet - Imperial IFS2525 Fryer
HT Lead - Imperial EBA 2223 Chargrill
Control/Operating Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIFS40 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Honeywell Gas Valve - Imperial Elite Fryer 25
12" Front Oven / Hob Thermocouple - Imperial IR10 CIRB36 IR6 CIR-8
Braked Castor - Imperial IR10
SUPERSEDED Gas Regulator - Imperial CIFS-40 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve Right Elite B B Q CEBA2223 - Imperial
Conversion Kit - Natural Gas to LPG Imperial
Pilot Assembly - Imperial Griddle CEBA2223
Knob Griddle - Imperial Elite Range
Blue Control Knob Front Burner Imperial CIR6
Control Thermostat - Imperial CIF8 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Drop Down Door Hinge Assembly Imperial IR6
Control Knob - Imperial Oven LR6
Oven Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIR-6 -
SUPERSEDED Thermocouple 72"""" - DCS 36CEH/6/IN
Gas Valve- Honeywell VS820A1054 Gas Valve - Imperial Elite IFS2525 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor without Bracket - Imperial
Fryer Basket - Imperial Fryer CIFS40
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIFS40
High Limit Stat/Switch - Imperial Elite Fryer
SUPERSEDED Motor shield gasket - Imperial 904X Waste
Valve- Robertshaw Gas Valve 7000BMVR - Imperial Fryer NG
SUPERSEDED - Pilot Tube - Imperial Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermopile - Imperial C1FS40 Fryer
Oven Safety Valve - Imperial CIR-6 Oven
Thermocouple Back Burner 36" - Imperial IR10 CIR-8
Oven Control Knob - Imperial CIR6
Oven Shelf - Imperial IR6|IR10
SUPERSEDED Burner Head - Imperial Cooker CIR6
Pilot Tubing - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve LPG - Imperial IFS40 Fryer
Rear Top Burner/Venturi - Imperial Cooker
Knob- Imperial CIR-6 Oven Thermostat Knob
Pilot injector - Imperial IR-6 Oven
Top burner jet - Imperial IR-6 Oven
Burner jet - Imperial IR-6 Oven
Vessel Lid for Imperial CIFS40 fryer
Burner Support Bracket - Imperial CIR6 Oven
Crumb Tray (335x342mm) - Imperial Elite Fryer CIFS40
Flare Gas Valve Nut - Imperial CIFS40
Fitting Nut - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer NG
Oven Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIR10 CIR6 Oven
Oven Thermostat Imperial Elite CIR10 CIR-6
Gas Valve (NG) - Imperial Elite EFS-40 Fryer
Gas Valve LPG - Imperial Elite EFS-40 Fryer
Control Knob - Imperial CIFS-40 Fryer
Pilot - (LPG) Imperial CIFS-40 Fryer
LPG Pilot Injector - Imperial IR6 Oven
Oven Jet LPG - Imperial IR6 EBA4223 Oven
Pilot Fitting Nut - Imperial CEBA Chargrill
Pilot - (Nat Gas) Imperial CIFS-40 Fryer
Front Venturi Imperial Elite CIR-6 Oven
Pilot Burner - Imperial CEBA Chargrill
Control Knob - Imperial Oven
Reducing Bush - Imperial - Fryer - CIFS40
Main Burner - Imperial EBA2223 EBA4223 Chargrill
1/4" Tubing - Imperial Elite IR8 Range
Main LPG Jet - Imperial EFS40 Fryer
Oven Base Plate - Imperial - Oven - CIR-4-G12
Front Leg - Imperial CIR-4-G12 Oven
Oven Shelf - Imperial IR4 IR8 CIR6 Oven
LPG Pilot Orifice - Imperial IR6 Oven
Door Seal Imperial EKO1200TN Fridge
White Rodgers Gas Valve - Imperial CIFS-40
Mag Valve - Imperial CIFS40 CIR6
Conversion kit - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
Spring for conversion kit - Imperial Elite
NG Oven Orifice - Imperial IR-3-HT
Top Plate Burner - Imperial IR-3-HT Oven
Burner - Imperial Elite CIFS40 Fryer LPG
Conversion for Gas Valve - Imperial CIFF2525
Kick Plate - Imperial CIR6 Oven
Conversion for Gas Valve - Imperial CIFF2525
Rear Open Burner Venturi Imperial IHPA Oven
Main Jet Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
Gas Valve Conversion Kit Imperial CIFS40
Pilot Injector Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
Door Hinge Assembly (H Frame) Imperial IR8-P,
Shelf Support - Imperial F120 Fridge
Grill Shelf - Imperial CIR-6 Oven
RH Gas Valve Tap - Imperial EBA-3223
LH Gas Valve Tap - Imperial EBA-3223
Door Hinge Support Imperial CIR6RG24 Oven
Door Hinge Imperial CIR6RG24 Oven
SUPERSEDED Pilot Assembly - Imperial cooker
Burner Jet - Imperial Fryer CIFS40 OP
Thermocouple - Imperial Elite Oven
Obsolete Shelf - Imperial Fridge EK01200TN
Complete Door Assembly - Imperial CIR6 Oven
Jet (LPG) - Imperial - Oven - IR6RG24
LPG Injector - Imperial IRB36 IR-10 Oven
Meat Probe FWE LCH-6S Oven
Burner Head - Imperial Elite CIR-6 Range
Tank - Imperial IFS40 CIFS40 Fryer
Evaporator - Imperial EK01200TW
Bottom Grate Imperial Elite Chargrill
Black Lava Rocks Imperial Elite Chargrill
NG Injector - Imperial Elite CEBA-3223
Control Knob Imperial CIGG36 Griddle
Goofer Rod - Imperial - Fryer - CEFS-40
LPG Pilot Injector - Imperial CIFS-40 Fryer
LH Gas Valve - Imperial Cooker CIR6
SUPERSEDED - Gas valve tubing - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
SUPERSEDED NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Imperial Elite CEFS40
Gas Control Valve LPG w/ Beige Knob - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
Gas Valve Conversion - Imperial - Fryer -
Pilot Injector - Imperial - Fryer - CIFS40
Contactor with Box Lugs - Imperial Griddle
Thermostat - Imperial Griddle
480v Heating Element - Imperial Griddle
Door Hinge Assembly Imperial IR4 Oven
Pan Support - Imperial CIR-6 Oven
Tank & 4x Heaters - Imperial CIFS50 Fryer
Gas Tubing 3/8" - Imperial CIR-6 Oven
14" Gas Tubing 1/4" - Imperial CIR-6 Oven
Oven Pilot Assembly - Imperial Oven IR2000 Oven Pilot Assembly
Lid Handle - Imperial Fryer - CIFS40
Thermocouple Bracket - Imperial IR10 Oven
Top Grate Support Bracket - Imperial - CIR-6
LPG Gas Valve - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
Motor - Imperial Double Stacked Oven - ICVD2
Leg - Imperial EFS-40 Fryer
Complete Door c/w Brackets - Imperial CIR-6 Oven
3/8 C MIPL 1/4 90 Degree Elbow Brass - Imperial - Oven
ITGE Thermostat Dial - Imperial Griddle
Injector (Con.Kit LPG to Nat.Gas) Imperial
Long Burner - Imperial 6 burner Range
Short Burner - Imperial 6 burner Range
Valve- Imperial Griddle Gas Valve L/H No Pilot
Burner Assembly- Imperial CIR6RG24 Full Burner Assy - Mesh N/A
SUPERSEDED **** Imperial Fryer CIFS-40 Gas Valve Honeywell
NG Gas Valve - Imperial Elite CIFS40 Fryer
Plate / Bearing Housing - Imperial Rumbler
Pilot Injector LPG - Imperial IFS2525 Fryer
Unbraked Castor - Imperial IR10
Electrode - Imperial EBA 2223
Natural Gas R/H Gas Tap for hotplate
Griddle Wire Mesh - Imperial CIR/6RG24 Grill
Door Hinge Bottom - Imperial Elite CISF40 Fryer
LPG Conversion for Gas Valve - Imperial IFS2525 Fryer
LPG Gas Valve - Imperial Fryer IFS-40
SUPERSEDED Gas Valve Left Hand Elite Fryer CEBA2223 - Imperial
Top Griddle Pilot Burner Assembly - Imperial
Switch - Imperial Elite Fryer - EFS-40
Drain Valve - Imperial Fryer - CIFS40
Heating Element - Imperial Range
1/8" Pressure Tap- Imperial Cooker
Tank - Imperial CIFS2525 Fryer
Upper Hinge - Imperial CIFS40 Fryer
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Elite - Fryer - CEFS40
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor - Imperial EBB130015 Chiller
Door Seal (1695x731mm) - Imperial Fridge
Front Bracket - Imperial - Oven - CLR-6
Saddle Mount - Imperial Oven
Main Oven Switch (6-pin) - Imperial Range
Fixed Castor - Imperial Fryer - CIFS40
Evaporator - Imperial - Fridge - TAVOLO GN2/1
Front Venturi - Imperial - CIR6 (NEW STYLE)
Thermostat - Imperial Range
Burner Support Bar - Imperial Fryer
Oven Burner - Imperial CIR-6-RG24 Oven
Thermostat - Imperial Oven
Restaurant Asssembly - Imperial Oven
Timer - Imperial Convection Oven
Heating Element - Imperial Oven
Infinite Control - Imperial Oven
Control/Operating Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIFS-40-E-LOE Fryer
Safety / Hi-Limit Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIFS-40-E-LOE Fryer
High Limit Switch/Thermostat - Imperial Range CIFS-24FB Fryer
Heating Element - Imperial Range
Basket Hanger - Imperial - CIFS40
Long Rear Burner - Imperial IR6 Oven
Vessel Back Panel - Imperial - CIFS40
Upper Structural Back - Imperial - CIFS40
Cast Iron Top Grid - Imperial CIRB-24 Chargrill
Drain Extension - Imperial IFS-40 Fryer
Door Seal- Imperial EBB2300131- Chiller
Thermostat Knob - Imperial IR-6 Oven
Fenwall Ignition Box - Imperial CIFS-24-FB Fryer
Burner - Imperial ISB36
18" Thermocouple - Imperial CIR6 Oven
Heat Insulation - Imperial Griddle
Door Seal - Imperial Fizo- Fridge
Baffle- Imperial CIFS-40- Fryer
Open Burner Orifice (Brass)- Natural Gas - 1700-43 - Imperial Oven
LH Door - Imperial EFS-40 Fryer
Main Jet - Imperial EFS40 Fryer
Full Size Basket - Imperial - Fryer - IFS-40/50
Fryer Basket- Imperial - Fryer - IFS-25
Gas Valve - Imperial - IHR-4
Spark and Sensor Electrode - Imperial CICVG1 Oven
Injector - Imperial Oven LPG
Jets - Imperial Oven LPG
Mag Coil - Imperial IR6N Cooker
Solenoid Valve- Imperial CICVG1 - Cooker
SUPERSEDED Oven Control Knob- Imperial Elite IR8 Range
Thermostat- Imperial CITG-48-E - Griddle
Complete Burner - Imperial
Pilot Bracket - Imperial CIRB24 - Chargrill
Alumized Tubing - Imperial IHR - Oven
Control Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIFS40OP Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Imperial Elite CIFS40OP Fryer
Main Jets- Imperial IFWS-40-OP - Fryer
Solenoid Valve - Imperial - Oven - CIR-36BR-C
Pilot Manifold Assembly - Imperial - Oven - CIR-36BR-C
Fittings - Imperial - Oven - CIR-36BR-C
Elbow - Imperial Oven