Company Details Indesit Company UK is the biggest manufacturer and supplier of kitchen appliances in the UK through its Hotpoint, Indesit, Cannon and Creda brands including washing machines, cookers, dishwashers, ovens, refrigerators, washer dryers and tumble dryers.

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Indesit Parts
Timer (Bit 100) - Indesit IDL530 Dishwasher
Electronic Door Lock - Inesit - IDL 530
Grill Element - Indesit - Hotpoint - Creda
Lamp - Indest SAAN300UK Fridge Lamp 15w
Fridge Door Seal - Indesit BAAN12NF Hotpoint FF175MP
Timer Button - Indesit FDE20IX (28392)
Multifunctional Control Knob - Indesit
Drum paddle - Indesit IWC6125 Washing machine
Upper Spray Arm - Indesit ILD530 Dishwasher
Detergent dispenser - Indesit IDL530UK.3
Element Indesit IDL530 Dishwasher
Handle Indesit KP9508E/G Oven
Self-tapping screw - Indesit IDF125UK
Oven Thermostat Indesit Forno 31K.BIXGB
Thermostat - Indesit - TA5S UK
Freezer Door Seal - Indesit BA13UK Fridge/Freezer
Fridge Door Seal - Indesit BA13UK Fridge/Freezer
Grill Element 1400w - Indesit IT50CW Oven
Base Oven Element 1000w - Indesit IT50CW Oven
Grill Element 800w - Indesit IT50CW Oven
Door Lock- Indesit IDL530 Domestic Dishwasher
Thermostat - Indesit INC265AIUK Freezer
Door Seal - Indesit CA55 CM02 Fridge/Freezer
Universal Control Knob (White) - Indesit - ID60G2W
Control Module - Indesit - Freezer - U1AA12F
Thermostat - Indesit TLAA10(UK) Fridge
Thermostat - Indesit SIAA-12 UK RLFM-171G Fridge/Freezer
Lower Door Seal - Indesit - UF350SD
Door Seal - Indesit TLAA10UK Fridge
Fan Motor Assembly 12v 21w - Indesit
Belt - Indesit Dryer
410mm x 310mm Door Seal - Indesit - Domestic Oven
Carbon Motor Brush - Indesit Washing Machine
Thermostat (One Shot + Cycling) - Indesit Dryer
Thermostat (One Shot + Cycling) - Indesit Dryer
Crisper Cover / Shelf 463x291mm - Indesit CAA55S(UK)
Thermostat - Indesit TFAA10 SI(UK) Fridge
White Oven Door Handle - Indesit KD3E1W/G Cooker