Company Details Inomak was established in Greece in 1976, they manufacture commercial refrigeration equipment as well as the fabrication of stainless steel products for the foodservice and catering industries

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Inomak Parts
Castor (Braked) - Inomak CF2140-PTL
Condenser Coil - Inomak - Fridge - CB170PTL
Compressor - CAJ2432Z
Compressor (CAJ2446Z) - Inomak CF2140 Freezer
Compressor - Inomak - Fridge - CE2140
Compressor (CAJ2440Z) - Inomak CF2140 Freezer
100mm Deep Stainless Steel Container Inomak
Condenser Coil - Inomak CF2140 Freezer
Condenser Coil - Inomak PN99 PN229
Condensate Probe - Inomak CB170 Fridge
Condensing Coil CF2140n Inomak
Digital Control Box - Inomak Hot Cupboards
LAE Control Box SSD90Bxx SMD12RU
Kiour Digital Controller - Inomak CF2140-PTL Freezer
Electronic Controller - Inomak CD170 Chiller
Controller Kit - Inomak CD170 Fridge
Kiour Controller (front section) - Inomak CF
Controller PCB (rear section) - Inomak CF2140
Controller Kiour RBR-EXR - Inomak
Thermostat (Kiour) - Inomak Fridge
Kiour Controller CF CB170 (w/ control box & 2x probes) -
Door RH - Inomak - Fridge - CA170/PTL
Hinge - Chef King / Inomak BS77
Inner Door (New) - Inomak Hot Cupboard
Outer Door (New) - Inomak Hot Cupboard
Door Frame/Heater Cover - Inomak
Door (Pair) - Inomak MF714 Hot Cabinet
Hinge Bushing - Inomak - CF2140
Door (pair) Plexiglass - Inomak - Bain Marie - MF718
Door LH - Inomak - Fridge - CA170/PTL
Door (Inner) 19/190 Hot C- Inomak GE719 - Hot Cupboard
Door (Outer) 19/190 Hot C- Inomak GE719 -Hot Cupboard
Hinge Set - Inomak CA170/PTL Cooler
Lower plate & hinge - Inomak Fridge
Bottom Inner Door Roller Inomak GE714 Hot
Bottom Left Hand Hinge Inomak CE2140 Fridge
Bottom Outer Door Roller - Inomak - Hot
Lock & Key - MK1 Uprights 20mm Deep Barrel
Pair of Doors - Inomak ZQ99/PTL fridge
Outer sliding door - Inomak GE711 HotCupboard
Inner sliding door - Inomak GE711 HotCupboard
Top Door Roller Ball Catch - Inomak GE711
Lock - Inomak CE2140
Lock - Inomak CE2140
SUPERSEDED Top L/H Hinge - Inomak CF2140DW Freezer
Top Right Door Hinge - Inomak CE2140PTL Fridge
Elbow Push In Drain component - Inomak
Drain Connection - Inomak PN229/PTL Fridge
Drain Kit Assembly (pipe,funnel,elbow,oring)
Evap Drip Tray - Inomak PN29/PTL Fridge
Evaporator Drip Tray - Inomak PN99/MPS Fridge
Condensate Tray - Inomak CB170 Fridge
Condensate Pan Heater -Inomak- CA170/PY
Door Heater Wire - Inomak CF2140/PTL
Ribbon Cable for Controller - Inomak CF2140
Light switch - Inomak CF2140/PTL Freezer
Drain Heater - Inomak CF2140/PTL CB170/PTL Freezer
Heater Kit Inomak GE714PTL Hot Cupboard
900w Heater Evap/Defrost - Inomak CF2140CW
Heating Element - Inomak GE711/PTL Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Drain Line Heater - Inomak Freezer
300wt Defrost Heater - Inomak CB170 CA170 CE2140
Evap.& Cond Element - Inomak 170/PTL 140/PTL
Bain Marie Element 1.3 KWT - Inomak GE714-PTL MI714
2kw Heater Element - Inomak G714/PT2 MFS714
Element and Motor - Inomak MI714 EWH11
Bain Marie Element - Inomak GE714/PTL GE716/PTL
SUPERSEDED Drain line heater - Inomak Fridge CB170/PTL
Evap Heater Element 150wt - Inomak
Condensate Heater Kit - Inomak CB170 Fridge
Evaporator - Inomak CE2140/PTL Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Inomak BS77/DW Fridge
SUPERSEDED - Evaporator Cover - Inomak CF2140 Fridge
Aluminium Evap Cover - Inomak CF2140/PTL Fridge
Capillary Tube - Inomak CW2140-PTL Fridge
Evaporator Coil & Fan - Inomak PN999 PN22 PN9999PTL Fridge
Evaporator Unit - Inomak CB170 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Inomak PN999/PTL PN229
Evaporator Coil - Inomak CA170/PTL 999/PTL Fridge
Evaporator - Inomak - Fridge - ZN999/PTL
Flare Dryer 1/4"" - Inomak CA170/PTL Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Inomak CW2140/PTL
Evaporator Coil - Inomak CA170 Fridge
Capillary for Evaporator - Inomak CA170-PTL PN9999PTL
Evaporator Coil - Inomak CA170 Fridge
Evaporator - Inomak CW2140-PTL Fridge
Plastic Evaporator Cover/Tray - Inomak PN999/PTL Fridge
Suction accumulator - Inomak CF2140-PTL SACZ170-PTL Fridge
Bottom Door Bush - Inomak PN999/PTL Fridge
Capillary Tube - Inomak PN99 PN999
Fuse Holder - Inomak Bain-Marie MH714/PTL
Fuse - Inomak Bain-Marie MH714/PTL
Fuse 16a 240v - Inomak - Fridge - GE
Drawer Gasket 1/3 - Inomak PW337 PW3337 Fridge
Drawer Seal - Inomak PN2229/PTL PN229/1017504 Fridge
Door Gasket Blizzard / Inomak Fridge
SUPERSEDED Push In Door Gasket (1620 x 670mm) - Inomak
Door Seal 480 x 400mm - Inomak Fridge
SUPERSEDED Drawer Seal - Inomak Fridge KOA KOZ PN229
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Inomak Fridge PN999
Door Seal (1620x670) - Inomak CB170 CA170/DW CE2140E Fridge
Door Gasket - Inomak PN999 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Inomak Fridge Rubber Door Gasket model PN99
Gasket - Inomak CE2140- Chiller
Door Seal - Inomak PWN337/PTL
SUPERSEDED Drain Heater - Inomak CF2140N Fridge
Defrost Heater - Inomak - Fridge - CE2140/PTL
Aluminium Evaporator Cover - Inomak CB170/PTL Freezer
Plastic Evaporator Cover - Inomak CB170/PTL Freezer
Glass Lens Cover - Inomak Hot Cupboard XWH14 XWH11 XWH19
118mm x 150 Watt Lamp - Inomak XWH14 XWH11 M1711 XWH16
300watt Jacketed Heat Lamp - Inomak M1711/PTL
Lamp/Holder/Reflector/Cover - Inomak RDH319/PTL XWH11 M1711/PTL Gantry
Funnel - Inomak Fridge PN229
Rear Ladder Rack - Inomak - PN229/PTL
Front Ladder Rack - Inomak - PN229/PTL
SUPERSEDED Tangential fan motor INOMAK GE719 GE619
Tangental Fan Motor - Inomak GE711PTL
Heater / Motor unit - Inomak GE716/PTL
Fan With Element inc. Motor for Inomak HC
Open Wound Motor - Inomak GE714/PTL
Fan Motor - Inomak EG700 Hotcupboard
Profile Strip Magnetic - Inomak CF2140 *up to SN 1212757*
Capillary Tube - Inomak CF2140
Temperature Probe - Inomak GE711 PT1
Hot Cupboard Thermal Cut-Out - Inomak 719/PTL
Front Clip for Evaporator Cover - Inomak
Rear Clip for Evaporator Cover - Inomak
Spacer Bar Inomak MI714PTL Hot Cupboard
Rear Ladder Rack - Inomak PN29/PTL Fridge
Shelf - Inomak PN29/PTL PN999-PTL Fridge
Shelf 535mm x 690mm - Inomak CE2140 Chiller
Shelf - Inomak - SL999 Slimline
Front Ladder Rack Inomak CF2140PTL Fridge
Ladder Rack Support Pin - Inomak PN999
Front Ladder Rack - Inomak PN29/PTL Fridge
Shelf - Inomak - Fridge - CB170
Slide (pair) - Inomak - Fridge - CB170
Shelf Slide (PAIR) - Inomak - SL999 Slimline
Pair of Shelf Runners - Inomak PN999/PTL Fridge
Shelf - Inomak CE2140 CA170 CA170N CES2140 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Shelf - Inomak PN999/PTL Fridge
Pair of Shelf Runners -PN9999-PTL Inomak
SUPERSEDED Inomak P999PTL Shelf Runer set x 2
SUPERSEDED Shelf - PN9999-PTL Inomak
Electric Solenoid Valve 1/4"" - Inomak CB170/PTL Fridge
On/Off Switch (Red) Inomak SA PUSHW116
Inomak CA170/L/W-0 Red On/Off Switch
Green Single Pole Switch 16A 2 - Inomak
SUPERSEDED - Rocker Switch - Inomak XWH16 Fridge
Capillary - Inomak - Fridge - CE2140
SUPERSEDED Inomak Controller CF2140N
Controller - Inomak CE2140/PTL Fridge
Temp Controller / Termostat - Inomak Fridge
Transformer 220-12 150W - Inomak CF2140 Freezer