Company Details Inoxtrend specialize in the manufacturing of stainless steel with the production of professional appliances, such as ovens, self-service modules and blast chillers, for catering equipment

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Door Hinge Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01 Bread Oven
Door From Cover Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01
Door Glass Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01 Bread Oven
Door Outer Inoxtrend IPX1 Oven
Inner Door Glass Inoxtrend IPX1 Oven
Door Latch - Inoxtrend A1SDA-4EMAB Oven
Door Glass - Inoxtrend RDA
265mm x 30mm Oven Door Catch - Inoxtrend
Element 8000w 230v Ext 320mm - Inoxtrend P8CDE-107ECB05 Oven
3.9kwt 230v 220mm Dia - Circular Heating Element - Inoxtrend
Heating Element 8000w - Inoxtrend
Heating Element - Inoxtrend Q2RDA-105E EG 06 26 Oven
Door Seal - Inoxtrend
Door Seal Inoxtrend IPX1 Oven
Light Gasket - Inoxtrend Q2CDA-207ECB05 Combi Oven
Door Gasket - Inoxtrend E2RDA 305EFG01 Oven
Oven Frame Gasket Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01 Bread
Door Insulation Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01 Bread
Door Gasket Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01 Bread Oven
Door Lever - Inoxtrend IPX1 A1SDA-4EMAB Oven
Hose - Inoxtrend Convection Steam Oven
Hose - Inoxtrend
Hose - Inoxtrend
Lamp Socket - Inoxtrend Bread Oven
Lamp Indicator - Inoxtrend Bread Oven
Chamber Thermostat Pilot Lamp - Inoxtrend
Yellow Indicator Light - Inoxtrend CVE-10
Sleeve - Inoxtrend
Level Controller - Inoxtrend
Tangential Fan - Inoxtrend
Tangential Fan - Inoxtrend
Door Insulation Washer Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01
Door Glass Washer Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01
Main PCB - Inoxtrend Combi Steamer
Pressure Control - Inoxtrend
Pressure Control - Inoxtrend
Door Glass Screw Inoxtrend BUA-610E-01
Temperature Sensor 1200mm - Inoxtrend P2RDE Oven
Solenoid Valve - Inoxtrend Combi Steamer
Solenoid Valve - Inoxtrend
Solenoid Valve - Inoxtrend
Pipe - Inoxtrend
Timer - Inoxtrend CVE-10 CVE-20
Safety Thermostat - Inoxtrend
Control Thermostat Inoxtrend CDA-207E Oven
Safety Thermostat Inoxtrend CDA-207E Oven
Safety Thermostat Inoxtrend CDA-207E Oven
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Inoxtrend Q2 CDA-207E CB08 Oven