Company Details Instanta are the leading manufacturer of water boilers, undercounter, counter top and wall mounted for the catering trade, also manufacturing a range of catering equipment for hot drinks, sous vide water baths

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Instanta Parts
Boiler - Instanta Counter Top Boiler CT8000-6
Tap Assembly - Instanta CT310-10 Water Boiler
Brass Probe Holder c/w "Overfill" Level Sensor (Orange Wire) -
SUPERSEDED Upper Tap Assembly - Instanta 2000 Boiler
SUPERSEDED Instanta Upper Tap Assembly Red
SUPERSEDED Tap Assembly Instanta Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Element - Instanta Boiler WA15 1500
PCB (Temp Control) - Instanta 3000 WA5 1500 Water boiler
Tap- Instanta 3000 Main Draw Off Tap
Complete Tap Assembly Red Tap - Instanta 4000
Upper Tap Assembly Dark Grey- Instanta 3000 1500 Water Boiler
Cut-Out for Overflow - Instanta 3000 CT6000-6 1500
Element Cut Out Switch - Instanta 2000 1500
Lid Gasket - Instanta WB300 2000 Water Boiler
Element 3Kw - Instanta 2000 Water Boiler
Element - Instanta Boiler Element 1500 WB300
PCB - Instanta WA3 wall mounted 3ltr water
Main PCB - Instanta WM7 Water Boiler
Leads- Instanta Boiler Triac c/w 3 Leads
PCB - Instanta Water Boiler
Control Board - Instanta Boiler 1500
Element - Instanta Boiler Concept 2000
Lid Gasket - Instanta WM3 WM15-3 WA3 Water
Safety Pressure Release - Instanta Supreme 3
Instanta Steam Tap Supreme / Fastflow Boiler
Red Upper Tap Assy - Instanta Fast Flow 3
Plunger Tap Complete - Instanta
Complete Tap Assembly - Instanta 1500
Tap Spring - Instanta Water Boiler
Tap Washer - Instanta Water Boiler CT4000-3
Sous Vide Divider Set of 4 - Instanta Water Bath
Solenoid valve - Instanta 3000 1500 Water
Probe- Instanta Water boiler Water Probe
Non Toxic External Hose - 3/4" both ends
Brass Flare Fitting for Pressure Switches -
Plastic "Y" Strainer - Instanta Water Boiler
Overheat Pressure Switch - Instanta WB2-6
Main Pressure Switch - Instanta WB2-6 Water
3kwt Single Phase Heating Element Instants Supreme 3
Instanta Thermostat = Teddington TBB
Complete Tap Assembly for Instanta 1500 3000
Steam Arm - Instanta Supreme 6 Water Boiler
Rigid Steam Outlet Hose - Instanta WB2-6
Water filter cartridge - Instanta 1500 WB300
Scale inhibitor and key - Instanta WB200 -
P Series Faucet
Tap Assembly- Instanta
External Hose - Instanta 2000 Water Boiler
Small Top Fascia (Grey) - Instanta 2000 Water
On/Off Switch - Instanta 6000-20A 4000-3 2000
Overheat to Element (Red) Link Cable &
Kit (spring and washer) - Instanta Supreme 6
Upper tap assy - Instanta WB300 Water Boiler
Anti-Vacuum Valve - Instanta Supreme 6 Water
Stop Solenoid - Instanta Mark4 3000
Touch Botton Dispensing Control PCB
Button - Instanta I Button Connector for DB2000
Button - Instanta DB2000 Water Boiler Push Button PCB
Solenoid Valve- Instanta CT-6000/6
Overflow cut out Brass Mount for Instanta
Water Solenoid Valve - Instant Supreme 3 Boiler
Non return valve for Supreme 3 water boiler - Instanta
Display PCB for Instanta WM15-3
Overflow Vent Pipe (metre) - Instanta 1500 3000 Water Boiler
Red/Maroon Complete Tap Assy - Instanta 1500 Water Boiler
Safety Cut Out PCB Conversion Kit - Instanta
PCB (Green) - Instanta WM15 Water Boiler
PCB (Blue) Instanta WM15 Water Boiler
Tank / Lid Gasket - Instanta CT4000 Water
Hose Clip - Instanta 3000 Water Boiler
Top Tank Gasket - Instanta 3000 Water Boiler
Plastic Fascia - Instanta - Water Boiler
Drip tray bung - Instanta CT6000 Water boiler
Drip Tray - Instanta CT6000 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED PCB Instanta 1500 Water Boiler
8-hole Flange Gasket - Instanta Fastflow6 Water Boiler
On / Off Switch - Instanta - Water Boiler -
Grey Front Plastic Fascia - Instanta CT200
Water Filter - Instanta 1501 Water Boiler
Waste Pipe Instanta 1501 Water Boiler
Top Tank Gasket - Instanta CT6000-6 Boiler
Level Sensing Probe Nut Instanta 1500 Water
Display PCB - Instanta - Water Boiler - 1500
Dispense Double Solenoid - Instanta UCDB Boil
Filter Instanta 1501F Water Boiler
Brass Adaptor - Instanta WM15-3 Water
Brass Sensor Mount - Instanta WM15-3 Water
Mounting Spring- Instanta WM15-3 Water Boiler
Plastic Moulding - Instanta WM15-3 Water
Tap Collar - Instanta WM15-3 Water Boiler
Display PCB Back Box c/w Flying Lead -
PCB - Instanta WM15-3 Water Boiler
Display PCB - Instanta WM15-3 Water Boiler
Plastic Nut - Instanta WM15-3 Water Boiler
Water Inlet "T" - Instanta WM15-3 Water
Push Fit Overflow - Instanta WM15-3 Water
Gasket - Instanta WM15-3 Water Boiler
Tank Lid Gasket Instanta Water Boiler
Renegite descaler pack of 15 - Instanta Water
Renegite descaler 1 pack - Instanta Water
Blue Upper Tap Assembly - Instanta 1500
Tap Lever- Instanta water Boiler Tap Lever
Mains Pressure Switch - Instanta Supreme6 WB2
Overheat Pressure Switch - Instanta SUPREME 3 Water Boiler
Safety (Trip) PCB - Instanta Supreme 6 WB2 Water Boiler
Anti-Vacuum Valve - Instanta Supreme 3 Water Boiler
Complete Steam Tap - Instanta Supreme 3 Water Boiler
3kw Triac - Instanta WA5 Water Boiler
Upper Red Tap Assembly - Instanta 1500 CT2000 WA10N
Water Softner Kit- Instanta Water Boiler AQ1 Water Softener Kit
3/4" Male Water Filter Compatable to 1500 Boi
Locking Device - Instanta DB2000 Boiler
Whole Tap Assembly - Instanta
Thermostat - WB200 Black Handle Unit
Pressure Switch - Instanta Water Boiler
Lid Gasket - Instanta 1500 1500LCD Water Boiler
PCB Main Board - Instanta Water Boiler
Instanta Float Switch - WB200
7" Yellow Insulate Hose for Steam Tap
Sealing Washer for water dispense - Instanta
Boiler -Instanta MOD18 Bulk Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Sensor Probe Instanta Boiler 2000 CT300
Level Sensing Probe - Instanta WM7 2000 1500 Water
Solenoid- Instanta WA5 WM7 Water Boiler
Solenoid Valve- Instanta 1/2'' Solenoid Valve
Tap Assy - Instanta WB200 Water Boiler
Washer - Instanta Boiler Top Hat Washer - Black Handle
Spacer - Instanta Water Boiler
Upper Black Tap Assembly for Instanta 1500
Super Twin tap Body -Instanta
Steam Tap Assembly - Instanta
Boiler -Instanta UCD12/L Under Counter Hot Water
Complete Tap Assembly - Instanta WA15 WA3 WA10N
Complete Tap Assy - Instanta WA5 WM7 Water Boiler
Rocker Switch -Instanta Old Style Rocker Switches
Red neon - Insatnta water bolier
Thermistor -Instanta WB200 1500 Water Boiler
6kwt Triac - Instanta WB2-6 Water Boiler
Neon, Red - Instanta Red neon
Neon, Amber - Instanta Amber neon
Washer -Instanta 3000 Blue Element Washer
Element - Instanta 1500 3000 WM15 Hot Water Boiler
Grey Plastic Lid - Instanta Boiler Supreme 3
SUPERSEDED Instanta CT6000 Water Boiler Tap
SUPERSEDED Upper Tap Assembly Instanta
Tap Stem - Instanta
Cold Water Inlet Solenoid Valve - Instanta - Water Boiler - CPF2100
PCB Control Board - Instanta - Water Boiler - CPF2100
13-Hole Flange Gasket - Instanta SUPREME3 Water Boiler
Bottom Probe - Instanta - Water Boiler - SV25
Top Probe - Instanta - Water Boiler - SV25
Tank Gasket - Instanta WM7 Water Boiler
Top Plate Seal - Instanta 4000 Water Boiler
Pump - Instanta UCD12 Water Boiler
Font Push Button PCB - Instanta
Water Arm - Instanta - Water Boiler - Supreme6
Water Softener/Filter (only) - Instanta CT8000-6 HCD47 Water Boiler
Water Softener/Filter Kit - Instanta CT8000-6 HCD47 Water Boiler
Red Upper Tap Assembly - Instanta - Boiler
Water Level Probe Assembly - Instanta Water Boiler
Double Solenoid Valve - Instanta Water Boiler
Long Probe - Instanta Supreme 3 Boiler
Tiny Probe - Instanta Supreme 3 Boiler
Main Display complete with PCB - Instanta SV38 Water Bath
Water Spray c/w Adapter - Instanta WB2-6 Water Boiler
Linkwire Kit - Instanta - Water Boiler - 1500LCD
Lid Gasket - Instanta DB2000
Water Level Sensor - Instanta - DB2000