Company Details Ipso is based in Wevelgem, Belgium producing tumble dryers, ironers, and auxiliary equipment for all sizes of companies. Ipso is one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial laundry machines and laundry equipment

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Ipso Parts
Bearing Housing Complete - Ipso WE234/4
Bearings and Seals- Ipso- WE234sc- Washing Machine
Speed Detector Ipso
Contactor - Ipso - Washing Machine
Door lock mechanism - IPSO HW94 Washing
Door Solenoid New Type Door Lock Ipso
Door Glass diam. 540mm - Ipso DR50
Door Glass - Ipso JXW165YNHC1L Washing Machine
Drain Valve - Ipso HW131 Washing
Drive Belt 1428 PJ8 Ipso
V Belt XPZ1565 - Ipso - Washing Machine -
V Belt XPZ1137HW - Ipso - Washing Machine -
Drive Belt - Ipso - Washing Machine - WE73C
Drive Belt - Ipso HW94A Washing Machine
Drive Belt - Ipso HW94C Washing Machine
Drum & Shaft Complete - Ipso HF234C
Heating Element - Ipso - HW164C
Heating Element - Ipso - Washing Machine
2Kw Bent Element Ipso WE73C Washing Machine
3Kw Bent Element Ipso WE73C Washing Machine
4kwt Standard Element Ipso WE165C HC135C
Fuse 125MA Fast 5x20 Ipso
Fuse 3A Fast 5x20 Ipso
Door Panel Seal Ipso WE73C Washing Machine
Glass Door Seal Ipso WE73C Washing Machine
Door Glass Seal - Ipso HF165C Washing Machine
Inner Rubber - Ipso - Washing Machine -
Rubber Door Seal - Ipso DR50
Front Panel Seal - Ipso Tumble Dryer
Door Handle- IPSO KPE - Oven
Door Handle Ipso
Bearing Housing- Ipso- WE234sc- Washing Machine
Stainless Steel Flange - Ipso
Distance Ring Axle - Ipso
Rear Cylinder Seal - Ipso Tumble Dryer
Rear Cylinder Seal Support - Ipso Tumble Dryer
Bracket Lint Panel Switch - IPSO - D25E2
Trunnion and Seal Kit - IPSO - D25E2
Motor Control Board- Ipso JF3JEASP413EW06- Washing Machine
Soap Dispenser Cover - Ipso - Washing Machine
Exterior Box - Ipso - Washing Machine
Frequency Inverter Ipso
Stainless Washer - Ipso - Washing Machine
Centre Cylinder Seal Assembly - Ipso Tumble Dryer
Main Board - Ipso Washing Machine
E-Prom - Ipso Washing Machine
Control Panel PCB - Ipso HW164A Washing Machine
PCB - Ipso Washing Machine
Programor Eprom Ipso W-500EP Washing
Print Board Micro Ipso W-500EP Washing
Seal Plate - Ipso WE110-HF234
Drain Pump Ipso W-500EP Washing Machine
Stainless Screw - Ipso - Washing Machine
Sensor,Control for Thermostat- IPSO DR-20- Dryer Machine
Humidity Sensor- Ipso
Double inlet valve - IPSO WE132 Washing
Micro Switch Lock T2 (light) Ipso
Water Level Switch Ipso
Micro Switch Lock T2 (Door Lock) Ipso
3 Pole Main Switch Ipso
Reversing Switch - Ipso WE234
Print Board Timer Ipso W-500EP Washing
Transformer - Ipso JTIDMFSG411EN01
Contact Thermostat - Ipso DR50
Thermostat - Ipso
Thermostat, High Limit- Ipso DR-20 - Dryer Machine
Drain Valve - Ipso Washer Extractor
Drain Valve/Drain Solenoid Valve - Ipso 234 WE95 Washing Machine
Drain Valve - Ipso WE165C Laundry Machine
Drain valve exhaust - IPSO HW94 Washing
2-Way Inlet Valve - Ipso WE304 Washing
Drain Valve - Ipso Washing Machine
Exhaust Valve Ipso
2-Way Inlet Valve - Ipso Washing Machine
Drain Valve - IPSO - HC165