Company Details Irinox was founded in Treviso, Italy in 1989 to manufacture chillers and freezers for the commercial catering trade. Irinox are constantly reinventing their products, bringing the concept of soft and hard chilling to the industry

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Irinox Parts
Drip Tray - Irinox HC51/20 Chiller
Capacitor 3MF - Irinox HC51/20 Chiller
Door Seal - Irinox M.CHR142/70
Core Temperature Food Probe - Irinox M.ASP14 Blast chiller
Evaporator Irinox M.LC51-25 Fridge
Evaporator Fan - Irinox Fridge M.LC51
Evaporator - Irinox M.HCR142/70 Fridge
PCB - Irinox Chiller H3402-300
Door Seal Irinox M.HCM201/100 Fridge
Core/Food Probe Irinox M.HCM51/20 Blast
Horizontal Cover Irinox MLC101/35 Blast
Vertical Cover Irinox MLC101/35 Blast
Core Probe Irinox MLC101/35 Blast
Core Temperature Probe Irinox M.HC101/35
PCB Kit (control board, display board & cable) - Irinox IP44HC141/50 Fridge
FN040-VDA-2F-V7P2 Evaporator Fan Motor - Irinox M.HCM201/100 Chiller
Core Probe Blue Cord - Irinox - Blast Chiller - HCR202-300
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan - Irinox - HC51/20
Capacitor - Irinox - HC51/20
SUPERSEDED Fan Support - Irinox - HC51/20
Fan Motor- EBM Papst Fan Motor - A4E350-AA06-23, 230V, 50/60Hz
Door Gasket - Irinox HCM202
Door Gasket - Irinox HC402
SUPERSEDED Air Probe PT1000- Irinox HC141/50 - Fridge
Core Probe- Irinox HC141/50 - Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Irinox
Pin for Closure - Irinox HC402/300
Safety Push Handle - Irinox HC402/300
Condenser Coil - Irinox
Meat Probe 2 wire 70mm Probe 1500mm Cable - Irinox EF10.1 Blast Chiller
Door- Irinox HC202/150L - Chiller
Evaporator - Irinox - Blast Chiller - EF30.1
Evaporator Assembly - Irinox - Fridge - HC142/70
Core Probe - Irinox HC201/90 Blast Chiller
Door Gasket - Irinox HC101/50SR
Door Gasket - Irinox M.A5R Chiller
Door Seal - Irinox - Blast Chiller - MF85.2
Fan Motor - Irinox MF85.2 Blast Chiller
Evaporator - Irinox M.LC10280 Blast Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Irinox M.L.C10280 Blast Chiller
Front Board - Irinox IRI-MF25.1-PLUS Blast Chiller
Air Probe - Irinox IRI-MF25.1-PLUS Blast Chiller
Core Probe - Irinox IRI-MF25.1-PLUS Blast Chiller
Fan Motor - Irinox U.CC540CPMU
HCR122-100 Door Gasket 1035x730mm - Irinox
SUPERSEDED - Evaporator Fan - Irinox - MLC51/25
Evaporator Fan Bracket - Irinox - MLC51/25
Evaporator Fan - Irinox Fridge - HC51/20L
Condensor Fan Motor - Irinox HC51/201 Blast Chiller
Capacitor - Irinox HC51/201 Blast Chiller
Door Seal - Irinox - Fridge - MF30.2
Control PCB - Irinox - Blast Chiller - HCM142-70
Front Control Panel- Irinox HC202/150L - Chiller
Complete Door Handle -Irinox HC202/150L- Chiller
Door Seal - Irinox HC141/50
Door Heater 51w 24v - Irinox HC141/50
Air Probe PT100 3300mm - Irinox HCM402-300 Fridge
Push In Door Seal 505mm x 365mm - Irinox EF10.1
Control PCB - Irinox A10 Blast Freezer
Countermagnet 11,6X3 Polarity - Irinox HC202/150L Fridge
Gasket - Irinox HC202/150L Fridge
Cover Profile - Irinox HC202/150L Fridge
Front PCB EF10/20.1 - Irinox
Push In Door Seal 670mm x 410mm - Irinox HC51/20 Fridge
Evaporator - Irinox HC51/20 Fridge
Main Board - Irinox MF35.1
Plastic Dashboard Multifresh420x180mm - Irinox
Door Seal - Irinox - Fridge - HC201/90SR
Adhesive Frontal Panel Multi Fresh - Irinox - MF25
Door Seal - Irinox - Fridge - CP40 MULTI
Chamber Probe PT1000 - Irinox Blast Freezer
Evaporator - Irinox - Fridge - HC202/150L
Condensor Fan Motor - Irinox HC51/201 Blast Chiller
Capacitor 1MF - Irinox HC51/20 Chiller
Grid/Fan Cover - Irinox HC51/20 Chiller
Evaporator Fan Motor A4E300-AS72-05 - Irinox EF20 Blast Chiller
Start Capacitor 2MF - Irinox EF20 Blast Chiller
Core Probe - Irinox MS180.2L Chiller
Frontal Board EFX0 - Irinox EF20.1
Filter Air Cond 735x153x3 - Irinox EF20.1
Door Seal - Irinox - Fridge - MF25.1
Door Seal - Irinox HC101/35 Blast Chiller
Core Probe - Irinox - Fridge - A5
Controller A3/A5 - Irinox MA5- Blast Chiller
Core Probe - Irinox Blast Chiller
Door Seal - Irinox - MF45.1
Evaporator - Irinox - Fridge - MF25
Magnetic Surround - Irinox MS25-1 Oven