Company Details Jodao was founded in Guimarães in 1982 by a small group of professionals with experience in the commercial refrigeration industry, Mr. José Júlio Jordão being the leader of this group. Since then Jordao innovates, designs, develops and produces commercial refrigeration equipment, displays and counters.

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Jordao Parts
Jordao - Heat Tape - per metre - 105SK
White Hinge Bush- Jordao BR700 Fridge
Fan Blade - Jordao MFP SKIM LACT.130 SK C/GP C/KIT EVAP.STD Fridge
Wheel - Jordao VISION1400 Fridge
Compressor (Tubed) - Jordao MFP2130 Pastry
Compressor Jordao Primus4Slim150 Fridge
Compressor - Jordao PRIMUS2SLIM090 Fridge
Compressor Grill - Jordeo - Fridge -
Compressor - Jordao Primus 2-190 Fridge
Compressor - Jordao VIT.HORIZ.PLC/HID.REF.TOT.VENT.150C/GP Chiller
Condenser Coil - Jordao Refrigerated Display
Condenser Coil - Jordao CANTO EXT.RES.EFS.90
Condenser Coil - Jordao Chiller MF Plus Lact
Condensor - Jordao Fridge
Condensor Coil - Jordao PRIMSLIM LAC.130
Controller - Jordeo - Fridge - CG-M-PRTL128
SUPERSEDED Controller - Jordao - Fridge - SLIM130
Carel Controller - Jordao MFPSSlim090
Controller- Jordao MFP3SLIM090
SUPERSEDED Jordao - LAE Controller - 105SK
Controller - Jordeo - Fridge - HORIZON105
Controller - Jordao 126/05
Night Blind - Jordeo - Fridge - PRIMUS2 090 LACT
Campini Corel Digital Display - Jordeo - Fridge - PRESTIGE105
Door Closing Assembly - Jordao
Hinge - Jordeo - Fridge - VDV-VPRN-RE098
Door with Seal- Jordao Vitrina Passion 150 C/GP- Chiller
SUPERSEDED Lower Left Hinge Bracket- Jordao Porta Fridge
SUPERSEDED Jordao Porta Nova BR7003P1844C/GP Chiller Lower
SUPERSEDED Jordao Porta Nova BR7003P1844C/GP Chiller Upp
L Hinge Insert - Jordao BR700 Chiller
Upper Left Hinge Bracket - Jordao
Lower Left Hinge Bracket - Jordao BR700 Chiller
SUPERSEDED Lower Left Hinge Bracket- Jordao BR700 Fridge
Door Lock - Jordao - Fridge -
Hinge Jordao PassionC/GP Fridge
Glass Support Right Jordao Passion C/GP
Right Lower Support - Jordao
Right Upper Door Support - Jordao
Perspex Sliding Door - Jordeo - Fridge - VIT.SI.2N250C/GP/INOX
Set of Sliding Doors - Jordao
Rear Door Wheel - Jordao 950C/GP
Door c/w seal - Jordao Vitrina Passion150C/GP
Vaporiser Heating Element - Jordao MSP2090
Stainless Steel Drip Tray - Jordao MSP2090
Complete Evaporation Kit Jordao MFUNDADOR
Condenser Tray c/w Heater & Float Switch - Jordao BR-7002P Fridge
Drip Tray- Jordao
Plastic Drip Tray and Float Switch - Jordeo - Fridge - VITRINA
Evaporator Drip Tray Kit - Jordao PRIMUS4SLIM130LACT
Fan Motor Cabling - Jordao SLIM090 Multideck Chiller
Drip Tray Element - Jordao BANCADA GAST.7002P1414G/GP Fridge -
Condensing Tank Heater - Jordeo - Fridge - MFL-127
Condenser Heater - Jordao MFP4SLIM070
Evaporator tray element - Jordao VIT SL 2N
Drip Tray Element - Jordao PRIMUS4SLIM
***Element - Jordeo - Fridge - NFP4090
Burn Off Tray Heater Jordao MCC-4N90C-GP
Element Jordao Lyct150 Fridge
750watt element - Jordao MFP3 Slim
Heater in Water Tank - Jordao Vitrina Europa
Tray Heater Jordao MFP3LSIM150LACTCGPSK
Element - Jordao Display Fridge
1kwt Heating Element - Jordao
Evaporator element - Jordao Vitrina Passion
900 Watt Condensate Element -Jordao LACT130SK
900 Watt Condensate Element - Jordao LACT130S
Vaporiser Tray Element - Jordao Vitrina Passion 150G Chiller
Heater Element - Jordeo - Fridge - PRIMUS4 SLIM 190 LACT
Evaporator Heater - Jordao VRV-CG9560 Cooling System
Element - Jordao - Fridge - MFP2250LACT
Heater Element - Jordeo - Fridge - MPEM4SLIM090
Heating Element - Jordeo - Fridge - MFP3SLIMLACT.C/GP
Element - Jordao
Evaporator- Jordao VRV-DG - Display Fridge
Capillary - Jordao Vitrina Passion 150C/GP
Evaporator Coil - Jordao - Vitrina Passion 150C/GP
Evaporator Coil - Jordao B/PLREFIG.15452PVIROC/GPSKS/Q.E Chiller
Lower Evaporator - Jordao VITEU+REF.TOT.VENT.200C-GPTROP
Lower Evaporator - Jordao Vitrina Real Plus - EST.TOT.250
Evaporator c/w Tailset and Capillaries.
SUPERSEDED Evaporator coil (lower) - Jordao EST TOT200
Evaporator - Jordao Primaslim Fridge
Evaporator - Jordao Vitrina FK150C-GP
Evaporator - Jordao Vitrina FK150C-GP
Upper Evaporator Coil - Jordao Vitrina
Lower Evaporator Coil - Jordao Vitrina
Upper Evaporator Coil - Jordao Vitrina
Evaporator Coil Jordao Primus2190LACT Fridge
Evaporator Jordao VNDSL Fridge
Lower Evaporator - Jordao VitrinaReal+ Fridge
Upper Evaporator Jordao VitrinaReal+ Fridge
Evaporator (at the bottom) - Jordao Vitrina
Lower Evaporator - Jordao VITRINA EU PLUS
Evaporator - Jordao Vitrina Prestige 200S/GP
Lower Evaporator Jordao VitrinaRealPlus
Upper Evaporator Jordao VitrinaRealPlus
Upper evaporator coil - Jordao Vitrina Real+
Evaporator - Jordao Bancada
Evaporator Coil - Jordao VirtinaRealPlus
Lightning Array Top - Jordao Display Fridge
Door Gasket 490x319mm - Jordao Presitge209C/GPTropicalSK Chiller
Door Seal - Jordeo - Fridge - VISION AQUECIDA 600
Door Seal - Jordao Bancada Plus 700 Freezer
Door Seal - Jordao S/LVEN+A10-15 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Storage Door Seal - Jordao Vitrina Passion
Door Gasket (506mm x 363mm) - Jordao Vitrina
SUPERSEDED - Door Seal (673mm x 363mm) - Jordao
Fridge Door Gasket (673mm x 363mm) - Jordao Vitrina
Door seal - Jordao ARM-GAST.VEN +1400L
Door Seal Jordao VitrinaSuperLiderACO200C/GP
Door Gasket (580mmx 364mm) - Jordao Vitrina
Door Gasket - Jordao BR7002P
Drawer Seal - Jordao VIT Fundador 12PCGPSK
SUPERSEDED Gasket - Asland Jordao Coolings Bancada
Door Seal - Jordao Vitrina Real Plus EST.TOT.
Door Handle - Jordao Vision 1400C/GP
Door Handle - Jordao Fridge
Door Handle - Jordao V VST VS VDA
Vapouriser Heater - Jordao MPEM4 Slim 090 Fridge
Heater Element & Tray Jordao Funde
Drain Connector Jordao Canto Exterior 90
Drain Hose - Jordao Primas 2 Slim 150
Drain Connector - Jordao Primas 2 Slim 150
Hydrolift Piston - Jordao - CANTO.EXT.30 Esfrerico Pasion
Lamp Cover - Jordao 126/07 Chiller
Perspex Lamp Cover Jordao LCAMI127C
Light Diffuser - Jordao Fridge
Plastic Light Cover- Jordao Vitrina Passion 200 - Display Chiller
Plastic Light Cover - Vitrina Passion 200 - Chiller Serveover
Upper Light Diffuser/Plastic Light Tube Cover - Jordao MPSL2 090 L.ACT Fridge
Side Light Diffuser/Plastic Light Tube Cover - Jordao PRIMUS4 MPSL2 090 L.ACT Fridge
Light Ballast 36/40W - Jordao VITRINA LIDER SK.300 C/GP Fridge
Light Tube - Jordeo - Fridge - VDV-VPRN-RE098
Light Ballast Jordao MSL-127LACT-C-GPACO
Light Diffuser For Side Panel Jordao
Lamp Jordao LCAMI127C
Front plinth s/s - Jordao Vision 1400 C/GP
Night Blind - Jordao MR PLUS LACT 190SK
End Glass Support Clip - Jordeo - Fridge
SUPERSEDED R/H Clip - Jordao - Fridge
L/H Clip - Jordeo - Fridge
Plastic Screw Sleeve - Jordeo - Fridge - VITRINA REAL PLUS
Ticket Strip - Jordeo - Fridge - PRIMUS4
Ticket Strip Bracket - Jordeo - Fridge - PRIMUS4
Evaporator Fan Motor - Jordao B/PLREFIG.15452PVIROC/GPSKS/Q.E Chiller
Evaporator Fan Motor - Jordao MPLNL098
Condensing Fan Motor- Jordao Slim090- Dishwasher
Axial Evaporator Fan Motor - Jordao SLIM090 Multideck Chiller
Motorised Shutter - Jordao Primus S4 Slim
Fan Motor- Jordao Slim 090-Fridge
Cond/Evap Fan Motor - Jordao 105 VRV-CG950
Sunon EB60251S1 Square box-fan - Jordao Canto Exterior 90
Spacer For Condensor Jordao Fridge
Curved front glass - Jordao VIT.HIPER
Rear panel - Jordeo - Display Cabinet -
2 Panels - Jordeo - Passion 9OC/GP - Display
1 Panel - Jordeo - Passion 9OC/GP -
Side Glass - Jordao MFPSLIM/LACT/1130/SK
Front Panel - Jordao
Right Side Glass - Jordeo - Fridge - VISION1400
Front panel - Jordao Vision 1400C/GP Fridge
Side glass - Jordao Vision 1400C/GP Fridge
Glass Front Display- Jordao VIT.HORIZ.PLUS REF.SUP.SALAD- Serveover
Grill Vent - Jordao MFP SKIM LACT.130 SK C/GP C/KIT EVAP.STD Fridge
45/90 Deg Passion Front Glass - Jordao ESF.90 PassionC/GP Serve Over
PCB & Display - Jordeo - Fridge - TOT200C-GP
Capillary Line - Jordao - MPFL2090
Capillary Tube - Jordeo - Fridge - MPSL2090
Temp Probe - Jordao 105SK
Air Probe - Jordao Primus3Slim090
Evaporator Probe - Jordao Primus3Slim090
6 pin Relay switch - Jordao - M.CAST.MCC-4N C/GP
Relay Klixon - Jordao Vitrina Passion150C
LH Ally Support- Jordao VitaraRioPlus Chiller
RH Ally Support- Jordao VitaraRioPlus Chiller
Glass Fixing Screw - Jordeo - Fridge - VITRINA REAL PLUS
5mm S/S Nut - Jordeo - Fridge - VITRINA REAL PLUS
Silicon Stud - Jordeo - Fridge - VITRINA REAL PLUS
Screw - Jordao
Stainless Fixing - Jordeo - Fridge - VDV-VPRN-RE098
Plastic Screw - Jordao Tundador 12P - Fridge
Glass Shelf - Jordao V VST VS VDA
Glass Support Aluminium - Jordao Display Fridge
Transparent Glass Upper Support - Jordao Display Fridge
Shelf and Brackets - Jordeo - Fridge - MC-HIPERLACT-130
Large Shelf c/w Brackets Jordao Special Order Item
Small Shelf c/w Brackets Jordao - Special Order Item
Support Clip - Jordeo - Fridge - PRIMUS4
Shelf Set - Jordao - Fridge - MFP2SLIM090LACT
Grey Support Shelf Jordao PrimslimLACT90
Green Indicator Lamp - Jordao Display Fridge
Float Switch - Jordao Lyct150 Fridge
Float Switch - Jordao MFP3 Slim
Red On/Off Switch - SDU12 Jordao Fridge
White On/Off Switch - 126/07 Jordao Fridge
SUPERSEDED Float - Jordeo - Fridge - NFP4090
Green Lit Double Pole Switch on/off - Jordao
Display Controller - Jordao 105SK Fridge
Fridge Transformer 220-12v - Jordao Canto Ext
Lamp Transformer - Jordao VDA1650 Chiller
Condensate Heater - Jordao Vitrina Real Plus