Company Details In 2001 Kenwood became part of the De'Longhi Group, strengthening its offering and international presence further. Kenwood is a household name in over 80 countries, manufacturing leading houseware and kitchen appliances in the UK, Italy and China

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Kenwood Parts
Cutter Blade for Mincer Attachment - Kenwood
Knife Blade - Kenwood - Food Processor -FP950
Blade Kenwood Chef Major KM230 Mincer
Bowl - Kenwood - Food Processor - FP950
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl - Kenwood -
Acrylic bowl - Kenwood FP505 Mixer
White Round Mixing Bowl - Kenwood Chef KM300
Grey Round Mixing Bowl - Kenwood Chef KM300
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl - Kenwood Chef
D-Shaped Mixing Bowl - Kenwood Chef KM300
Complete Speed Control - Kenwood PM900- Mixer
Conversion Gas Kit - Kenwood - Oven - CK305G
Conversion Kit - LPG to Nat Gas - Kenwood
Tension Pin - Kenwood Mixer
Door Hinge (male) - Kenwood Oven CK304 FS
Kenwood Castled Peerless belt. KNM50
Drive Belt - Kenwood PM500 Mixer
Drive Belt - Kenwood KM200 Mixer
Drive Pulley Belt - Kenwood - Mixer - KMP771
Upper Drive Belt - Kenwood - Food Processor
Lower Drive Belt - Kenwood - Food Processor
Processor Drive Spindle- Kenwood
Shaft - Kenwood Mixer
Stuffing Box - Kenwood KM020 Mixer
Circular Element - Kenwood CK404 CK280 Oven
Oven Element - Kenwood CK280 Oven
1400w Base Oven Element - Kenwood CK446 Oven
Set of 5 Feet - Kenwood Major Titanium KM020 Mixer
Foot - Kenwood KMC560 Mixer
Sealing Rings (set of 3) - Kenwood Chef KM200
Gas Valve - Kenwood CK304G Cooker
Gearbox Assembly - Kenwood - Mixer - KMP771
Lower Gear Box - Kenwood A907D PM900 Mixer
Small Pulley (Plastic/Nylon) - Kenwood Mixer
Door Handle - Kenwood Oven
Handle door lock assy - Kenwood KDW60X10
Speed Controller Knob - Kenwood Mixer
Acrylic bowl lid - Kenwood FP505 Mixer
Lid - Kenwood - Food Processor - FP950
Microswitch - Kenwood KDW60X10 Dishwasher
Quadrant and bracket - Kenwood PM900 Mixer
Lift head assembly - Kenwood 5KPM50 / PM900
Thrust Ring - Kenwood KM230 Mixer
Kenwood PM900 Quadrant Assy
Lid - Kenwood Mixer XKM816
Mixing Bowl - Kenwood A701A Round Type confir
Whisk 12 Wire Aluminum- Kenwood KM800 Mixer
Sausage Maker Kit MG800 - Kenwood KM600 Mixer
Multi Mill Attachment - Kenwood KM600 Mixer
Dual Whisk Assembly - Kenwood Professional PM900
Dough hook - Kenwood KNM6 mixer
Dough Hook Stainless Steel - Kenwood KNM50 Mixer
Aluminium Dough Hook - Kenwood KNM50 Mixer
Shaft Assy (for whisk) - Kenwood KM800 Mixer
Whisk 12 Wire Stainless Steel - Kenwood PM900
Balloon Whisk Kenwood Major PM900
Whisk - Kenwood PM900 Euromixer
Whisk - Kenwood Mixer - PM900
Paddle for Kenwood m250 Mixer
Balloon 8-wire Whisk - Kenwood Chef A707A Mixer
Stainless Steel whisk - Kenwood Mixer KM300
Aluminium 9 Wire balloon whisk - Kenwood Mixer KM300
Wire Whisk Stainless Steel Kenwood PM900
Dough Hook Kenwood KNM6 Mixer
K Beater Kenwood KNM6 Mixer
K Beater Aluminium - Kenwood KM800 Mixer
K Beater Stainless Steel- Kenwood KM800 Mixer
K Beater - Kenwood KM336 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Whisk - Kenwood KM336 Mixer
Pair of Motor Brushes - Kenwood KMX50 Mixer
Motor Brushes (pair) - Kenwood A707 A700 Mixer
Carbon Brushes (2pcs) with 2x Springs - Kenwood PM900 Mixer
Crypto / Kenwood Motor Brushes EL6 A707A
Pair of Motor Brushes - Kenwood KM800 Mixer
Kenwood Mixer Main Drive Motor - 660082
Motor - Kenwood Mixer XKM816
Motor Assembly - Kenwood KMP771 Mixer
Motor Complete - Kenwood Mixer
Kenwood KM200 Mixer Motor Assembly
Meat Screen - (Coarse) Kenwood Mincer A701A
230v Module PCB Assembly - Kenwood A901 Chef Mixer
Switch PCB - Kenwood Mixer PM900
PCB - Kenwood Mixer
PCB & Switch Assembly (120V) - Kenwood PM400
On/Off PCB - Kenwood
Control PCB - Kenwood
Complete Speed Control - Kenwood - PM900
On/Off PCB - Kenwood - PM900
Switch Button Assembly - Kenwood PM900 Mixer
Dome Nut - Kenwood KN250 Mixer
Tension Pin - Kenwood SP505
Kenwood Mixer PM500 Bowl Guard
Splash Guard - Kenwood Mixer KM & MIX900
Small Spring - Kenwood Mixer
Off/On Control Unit - Kenwood Mixer PM900
Control Module Assembly - Kenwood KM020 Mixer
Oven Thermocouple - Kenwood CK305G
Oven Thermostat - Kenwood CK280 Oven