Company Details Kromo produce dishwashing machines and bar equipment. Kromo have manufactured a complete range of dishwashers from a 35x35cm basket size machine to the largest flight dishwasher cleaning 9500 dishes per hour

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Kromo Parts
Small O Ring - Gastro G450 Dishwasher
Rinse Tank Element Kromo Dupla 50 DDE
Bush - Kromo 50 DDE-DP-BT Dishwasher
Contactor- Kromo K50 240v 50Hz Contactor
Detergent Pump- Kromo K40 DDE-DP
SUPERSEDED Kromo K41LUX Filter Stand Pipe
R/H Door Hinge Bracket - Kromo/DIHR GS50 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Rinse Pump - Kromo Dishwasher
Impellor - Kromo 999141207 Dishwasher
Wash Tank Element - Kromo Dishwasher K50
SUPERSEDED Timer - Kromo Hood110
SUPERSEDED On / Off Switch for Kromo Dishwasher K50-80
S/S Rinse Arm Jet - DIHR HT11-DDE Dishwasher
Rinse Boost Pump - Kromo DW078M
Drain pump - Kromo Aqua 40 LUX60 Dishwasher
Strap - Kromo 50 DDE-DP-BT Dishwasher
Rinse Jet - Kromo 50 DDE-DP-BT Dishwasher
Solenoid Valve 1/2""- Kromo K1800DX Dishwasher
Rinse Tank Element for Kromo K100 Dishwasher
Door Handle - Kromo Excel K50 dishwasher
O-ring (for boiler element) - Kromo K100DDEBT
Support - Wash Arm Spindle - Kromo
Drain Pump - Kromo Aqua 50 Dishwasher
Single Solenoid Valve - Kromo - AQUA50BTDP
Detergent Pump Kromo Aqua50 Dishwasher
Rinse jet - Kromo 999141132 Dishwasher
4 cam 230v 4904F3 Timer - Kromo 999141132 Dishwasher
Wash Pump 60Hz Kromo Aqua 50 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Pressure Switch Kromo K100 Dishwasher
3 kwt Wash Tank Element - Kromo K100 Dishwash
Transformer - Kromo AQUA50 Dishwasher
Drain Internal filter c/w rack - Kromo Dupla Dishwasher
Small filter c/w ballast - Kromo Dupla 50
High foot - Kromo Dupla 50 Dishwasher
Plastic Y Piece Kromo Dishwasher
Top delivery pipe - Kromo / DIHR HT11 Dishwasher
Wash Pump Kromo 999141207 Dishwasher
Plastic Y Piece Kromo 999141207 Dishwasher
Cycle Start Switch Support - Kromo AQUA40
Overflow pipe - Kromo KP300 Dishwasher
Wash pump 2.7hp - Kromo KP300 Dishwasher
Screw - Kromo DW100M Glasswasher
L63.T20SX Prerinsing Pump 100W - OLAX310DX Kromo Dishwasher
Main PCB Touch Panel - Kromo 60EL Dishwasher
Wash Pump - Kromo DW074
Rinse Arm - Kromo Hood110 Dishwasher
Rinse Aid Dispenser - Kromo K50DDE-DP Dishwasher
Top Filter Body - Kromo AQUA40 Dishwasher
Top Filter Body - Kromo Aqua40 Glasswasher
O-Ring for Rinse Element - Kromo Dishwasher - AQUA40
2.8kw Rinse tank element - Kromo Dishwasher - AQUA40
Timer for Kromo Dishwasher
Gasket/O Ring - Spindle Wash Arm Kromo
O Ring - Sindle Wash Arm - Kromo K40
Lower distributor - Kromo K120 DIHR 130H Dishwasher
Finder 62.82.8230.0300 6amp 8 Pin 2 Pole Relay - Kromo D100 1
SUPERSEDED Rinse Booster Pump Brass Fitting PB1
Wash Arm Assy Support - Kromo K100
Top Wash Arm Support - Kromo / DIHR Gastro750
Drain Pump Retro Fit Kit - Kromo AQUA40DDE Dishwasher
R/H Door Hinge Bracket - Kromo/DIHR GS50 Dishwasher
Detergent Pump - Kromo Dishwasher
Drain Plug - Kromo Aqua 35 Glasswasher
Rinse Jet - Breakline/Kromo - PL50DDEPT
Wash Ramp - Kromo 800 Dishwasher
Boiler - Kromo K45 Dishwasher
Rinse Aid Doser - Kromo K35 Dishwasher
Silckscreen Processed Grill - Kromo - Dishwasher - LUX60EL
Silicone Hose 1 Metre - Kromo Dishwasher
Touch Panel - Kromo - Dishwasher
Control Board - Kromo - Dishwasher
Connecting Lead - Kromo - Dishwasher
Centre Boss - Kromo - DW0178M
Right Arm - Kromo - DW0178M
Drain Manifold - Kromo - DW014
Turning Hub- Kromo Hood 110/3PH DDE- Dishwasher
Pipe for Breaktank 920mm - Kromo - Dishwasher - DW014
Wash Element- Kronus MC501E- Dishwasher
Rinse Arm - Kromo DW014 dishwasher
Timer PCB - Kromo - AQUA40DP
Rinse/Wash Tank Element - Kromo Aqua 35
Wheel Roller - Kromo Dishwasher
Door Catch with Microswitch - Kromo AQUA40 Dishwasher
Door Retainer - Kromo AQUA40 Dishwasher
Tank Filter - Kromo K40DDEPS Glasswasher
Timer 60Seconds - Kromo K100 Dishwasher
O-Ring - Kromo AQUA40 Dishwasher
82mm Dia Ring Nut Filter Support- Kromo AQUA40 Dishwasher
Single Push Button - Kromo Dishwasher K50
Green Start Button - Kromo Dishwasher K50
Rinse Aid Pump c/w Tubing - Kromo AQUA40DP Dishwasher
Filter Base - Kromo - Dishwasher
Kromo Equipment Types
Dishwasher & Glasswasher Spare