Company Details Kronos are a range of ovens for the commercial kitchen

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Kronus Parts
SUPERSEDED Kronus L20 Dishwasher - Air Chamber
SUPERSEDED Pressure Switch - Cleneware 71B
Wash pump - Kronus LT121D Dishwasher
Thermostat Switch - Kronus Combi Cooker
Door Gasket - Kronus 930IN Oven
Thermostat - Kronus MC7015 dishwasher
Slide for Hinge Kit - Kronus 903in Oven
Pump - Kronus Dishwasher GL82HZ23
High-Limit Thermostat - Kronus Oven
Oven Door Gasket 370mm x 640mm external size
Temperature thermostat (rinse tank) - Kronus
Complete NG-LPG conversion Kit - Kronus CV55
Seal - Kronus Wash Pump
Scrap Tray Kronus MC701S Dishwasher
Switch- Kronus 2312-001 Dishwasher Switch Holder
Switch- Kronos 2312-001 Dishwasher Switch Button
Double Solenoid - Kronus Gold 82 Dishwasher
Inlet/Outlet Curtain - Kronus Dishwasher
Middle Curtain - Kronus Dishwasher
Magnet - Kronus Dishwasher
Push Button Kronus MC40HCL Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Switch Kronus MC40HCL Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch Kronus MC40HCL Dishwasher
Switch Holder Kronus MC40HCL Dishwasher
Upper / Lower Front Roller Clutches
Door Hinge - Kronus CV96P Oven
Solenoid Valve - Kronus ICE45A Ice Machine
Timer - Kronus ICE45A Ice Machine
Hob Spark Electrode Kronos CV96P Oven
Outer Door Glass With Supports Kronus CV96P
Red Bulb - Kronus
Safety Thermostat - 55.19584.010
Temperature Probe 2 wires probe length 240 mm
1.6kwt Heating Element - Kronus G06/35-C
Overflow Pipe - Kronus 075S Dishwasher
Rinse Jet Kronus 075S Dishwasher
Door Pin Assembly w Connecting Rod Kronus
Retaining Ring Kronus 075 Dishwasher
Door Catch Kronus 075 Dishwasher
Wash Pump Filter Kronus 075 Dishwasher
Boss-to-Boss Gear - Kronus P30A Dough Roller
Solenoid Valve Kronus 075S Dishwasher
Wash Pump Oring Kronus 075S Dishwasher
Tension Bar Kronus 075S Dishwasher
Finder Type 65.31 30amp Relay Kronus 075 Dishwasher
90° Fixed Thermostat Kronus 075S Dishwasher
55° Fixed Thermostat Kronus 075S Dishwasher
Multifunction Gas Valve - Kronus LT15G-CE
Safety Thermostat - Kronus LT15G-CE
On/Off Switch - Kronus Pizza Oven
End Cap for Handle - Kronus K50 Dishwasher
Element - Kronus 2311-005 Glass Washer Rinse tank Element C/w Gasket
Door Seal - Kronus - HL25MB
SUPERSEDED Roller Belt - Kronus P40A Dough Roller
Double Solenoid Valve - Kronus LT121D
Element - Kronus MC7015 dishwasher
Control Swtch - Kronus Combi Oven
Bracket - Kronus BM7
Wash Pump - Kronus 2312003 Dishwasher
Screw for Lever - Kronus P30A Dough Roller
Lever - Kronus P30A Dough Roller
Compression Spring - Kronus P30A Dough Roller
Ball Handle - Kronus P30A Dough Roller
Front Wiper 456mm - Kronus P40A Dough Roller
Rear Wiper 456mm - Kronus P40A Dough Roller
Wash Pump - Kronus 2312003 Dishwasher
Flange for Wash Arm Support - Kronus MC501E Dishwasher
Condenser - Kronus Fridge
Green Rocker Switch - Kronus BS430/2M-C5-KR Pizza Oven
Wash pump 1Ph Kronus MK61S Dishwasher
Damp Generator - Kronus FCV21E-2S Combi Oven
Condensing Tray (465x178x180mm) - Kronus
Clear Indicator Lamp/Neon - Kronus MK61 Dishwasher
O'Ring - Kronus MC501E- Dishwasher
Evaporator - Kronus - Fridge - HL25MB
Guage- Temperature- Kronus MK61- Dishwasher
Guage- Temperature- Kronus MK61- Dishwasher