Company Details Kuppersbusch was founded in 1875 by Friedrich Kuppersbusch, manufacturing cooking products of quality and style. In 1907 Kuppersbusch becomes Germany's largest specialised manufacturer of all types of cooking appliances.

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Kuppersbusch Parts
Clip for Door Seal - Kuppersbusch KCNO199 Door Seal Clip
Element -Kuppersbusch Dishwasher 6kwt Element
Door striker - Kuppersbusch CPE110 Oven
Door handle - Kuppersbusch CPE110 Oven
Kupperbusch CPE110 Triple Glaze Door Gasket
4kwt 400v 300mm x 300mm Hotplate - Kupperbusch
2.5kwt 400v 300mm x 300mm Hotplate - Kupperbusch
Temperature Limiter - Kuppersbusch PEP338
MN10 Microswitch - Kuppersbusch PEP338 Bratt Pan
Contactor - Kuppersbusch PEP338 Bratt Pan
Energy Regulator - Kuppersbusch PEP338
Contactor - Kuppersbusch PEP338 Bratt Pan
1.8kwt Heating Element- Kupperbusch Bratt Pan
Radiation Heater - Kupperbusch Bratt Pan
Radiation Heater - Kupperbusch Bratt Pan
Thermostat - Kupperbusch OGP500 Bratt Pan
Door Handle - Kuppersbusch CPE106
Contact Block - Kupperbusch Bratt Pan
Single Phase Thermostat - Kupperbusch Bratt Pan
500w 230v Heating Element - Kupperbusch
PT1000 Detecting Probe / Device - Kupperbusch CPE110
Meat Probe - Kupperbusch CPE110 CXE110
Relay - Kupperbusch CPE110 Oven
Spark Head - Kuppersbusch Gas Range
Junction Terminal - Kupperbusch
Junction Terminal - Kupperbusch
Isolating Plate - Kupperbusch
Pipe Heating Element - Kupperbusch
Safety Clamp - Kupperbusch
Junction Terminal - Kupperbusch
Protective Conductor Plate - Kupperbusch
Gasket Cord - Kupperbusch
Threaded Pin - Kupperbusch
Isolating Plate - Kupperbusch
Dual Circuit - Kupperbusch
Hot Plate - Kupperbusch
Temperature Limiter - Kupperbusch
Power Control Element - Kupperbusch
End Holder - Kupperbusch
Stop Plate - Kupperbusch
Fine Wire Fuse - Kupperbusch
Detecting Device - Kupperbusch
Detecting Device - Kupperbusch
1800w 235v 570mm Heating Element -Kupperbusch FEG620- Grill Plate
Front Sticker - Kuppersbusch - Boiling Pan - NNS100
Controller - Kuppersbusch - Boiling Pan - NNS100
Terminal Box - Kuppersbusch - Boiling Pan - NNS100
Drain Tap - Kuppersbusch - Boiling Pan - KCF0042
Temperature Probe - Kuppersbusch - FES080
Drain Tap - Kupperbusch
Heating Element 3000w 230v - Kupperbusch
Element - Kupperbusch