LAE Controllers

Company Details LAE electronic is a benchmark in electronic temperature control. Millions of refrigerators, furnaces, incubators and air-conditioners, work because of their quality controllers

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LAE Controllers Parts
SUPERSEDED LAE Fridge Controller BS6E-AG - replacement
Thermocouple Probe to suit LAE controller
Probe - LAE controller SSD90B34E-A
PTC probe 2001602 for LAE Temperature control
Probe for LAE controller - Bare Wire version
SUPERSEDED Hot Cupboard LTR5TSRE Digital
LAE Controller Box - Ref BIT20B11E
LAE AT2-5BS4E-AG(P) refrigeration controller
LAE Controller- BIT20B11E Replacement
Multi-functional thermometer - LAE
SUPERSEDED LAE digital controller - AT2-5BS4E-AG(P)
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller MTR11/T1RES. 230-240volts.
LAE Controller Display Only - BIT12RU
LAE X5 12v Controller LTR15T1RD-G
LAE Digital Controller AC1-5JS2RW-A(P)
LAE X5 Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
LAE controller - c/w PTC probe
Display - LTH1500 Chiller SSD90B35E-C
Controller/Power Unit - LTH HO1100DEM 1500 Chiller
LAE Controller AC15JS2RW
LAE Controller ACI-5TS2RW-A comes with probe
Probe - LAE controller SSD90B34E-A
LAE Controller Probe - AT1-5BS6E-AG
LAE Controller - AD2-5C24W-BG
LAE Controlller - LAE-5TSRD-A
Controller - LAE XA4311 Controller
LAE Controller SSD90B34EA
Front Display LAE LTH3RU-A
LAE Controller & Probe - MTR11 T1RES 240V
LAE Digital Controller AC1-5JS2RW-A
K-Type thermocouple - LAE LTW151K1RD
LAE Controller AC1-5A52RW
LAE Controller - AC1-5JS2RW-A
PTC Probe LAE 2 Wire, 1K Sensor, 5M Long, T1
Lae ID975LX-12V 12V Electronic Controller
Controller - LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A
Ribbon cable - LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A Controller
Display - For the AD2-28B1T5E-AG controller
Ribbon cable - For LAE controller and display
LAE Controller - AD2-28B1T5E-AG
LAE Controller RL3 Adande VCS2 Fridge
LAE Digital Controller 12v - LTR5TSRDA
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller - PTC Range 50-150 Degrees
LAE Controller AT1-5BQ6E-AG
LAE Controller - LTR-5TSRE-B
LAE Controller - LTR-5TSRE-A [P]
LAE Display Unit SMD34RU
LAE Controller For Use With SMD34RU
Ribbon Cable 2M
LAE Controller AD2-5C24W-AG(P) 230V
LAE Digital Controller 230v AT1-5BQ6E-1PS
LAE controller probe - Blue sensor
LAE Probe - SN2B35P2
LAE SSD90 Controller - T1 5 mtr Cable & Probe
LAE SSD90 Controller - T2 5 mtr Cable & Probe
LAE Controller AT1-5BS4E c/w 2meter NTC10K
LAE Controller - AC1-5J2M-WA
Probe /w plug connections - LAE CDC122TIR3B
LAE Controller - AD2-5C13W-AG
PTC Probe 2000mm with connector
LAE controller LCD32Q4E-C 230v
LAE Controller - LCD32S4E-C
LAE Controller - AT15BS6E
LAE Temperature Display - LT6CTD-2
LAE controller AT1-5AS1E-G
LAE TMR15E-A Countdown Panel Timer
LAE LTR15T1REG Controller - Thermostatic Controller
LAE MTR11 T1RES Controller 230v
SUPERSEDED 230v Thermostat AT2-5BS4E-AG - LAE Controller
LAE Digital Controller AD2-5C24W-AG
Probe for LAE Controller - AC1-5JS2MW-A
SUPERSEDED Probe - LAE AD2-28C1S4E-A Controller
LAE Controller - AT25BS4EAG
NTC Probe (2m) 2KOhm - LAE
LAE Controller CDC122T1R2
LAE Controller 107 x 95 x 47 230v
Load Module LAE BD1-28C1S5W-B
Display Remote LAE DU5S
Defrost Control Box - LAE Controller
Keypad Unit - LAE - LCD5-S
Connection Cable - LAE - FC06-20M01