LTH Refrigeration

Company Details LTH is a range of self-contained low-temperature glass-door display units. LTH Refrigeration units provide reliable freezer performance with maximum merchandising space and a removable refrigeration cassette for quick, easy service.

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LTH Refrigeration Parts
SUPERSEDED Evap Fan Motor for LTH H01500DEM
SUPERSEDED Top Switch Fan Control LTH Fridge 20TK20ER
Evaporatar and Lines - LTH
LTH Fridge ZOTK2.OSB-ERGB Evaporator
Controller c/w Keypad LTH Fridge Jelka130
LTH HG2.0 KU Gasket - Obsolete
Refrigerated drawer door gasket 180x425mm for
LTH HG2.0 KU-SB Evaporator Coil
LTH HG20KU-RF/ER Condensor Coil
Condenser Coil - LTH HG2.0KU
SUPERSEDED Door seal - LTH Fridge HG2.0 KUG/ER
Evaporator coil - LTH HG2.0 Fridge
Handle - LTH HG20KU Fridge
Door Seal 550mm x 750mm - LTH HG2.0 KU Fridge
SUPERSEDED LTH H0500 Fridge LAE Controller
Condenser Fan Motor - Levin Capricorn LTH
Evaporator Probe - LTH H01500DEN Fridge
Thermostat (temp) Probe- LTH H01500DEN Fridge
Heater - LTH ZO-TK Fridge
Evaporator - LTH HG2.0KU Fridge
Probe - LTH HO1300DEM Fridge
Connection Cable - LTH ZO700DEZ ZO500DEZ Freezer
Controller display - LTH ZO700DEZ Freezer
Circuit Board HO 600/1300 (No Fascia) - LTH ZO700DEZ Freezer HO700DEM
Controller Module- LTH HO700DEM Fridge
Blue Oval Display - LTH - Freezer - Z0500DEZ
Evaporator Coil - LTH PHM3/IR PHM3/1R-1R-1R Fridge
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Coil - LTH - Fridge - HG2.0KURF/ER
Controller LTH HO-1500DEM Fridge
Evaporator Coil LTH PHZ4/1R-1R-1R-1R Fridge
Display unit to match PCB SSD90B34E-A - LTH
Shelf Runner - LTH ZO_1500DEZ
White Door Handle - LTH HG20KU Fridge
LTH HG2.0 Door Seal 550mm x 750mm
Lock Assy - LTH Freezer ZO500 DEZ
Door Gasket - LTH HO1300 DEJ HO600DEM
LTH HO500DEM Fridge - Defrost Heater
T2 Probe - LTH H01500
Evaporator Coil - LTH Fridge HO-700DEM HO-500DEM HO-600
Evaporator Fan Motor for LTH HG2.0KU
LTH Door HG5 12RF
Door seal - LTH HG2.0KU/G/ERGB Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal (1500 X 620)- LTH H01500DEM/DEJ
Evaporator Coil - LTH ZOTK2.0RF/ER Fridge
SUPERSEDED LAE Controller - LD1-15B4E-G - LTH Chiller
Front Night Blind - LTH - Fridge - JELKA 150
Condenser Fan Motor - LTH HG2.0KU-SB
Evaporator Fan Motor - LTH HG2.0KU-SB
Fan Blade - LTH HG2.0KU-SB
Stat Probe - LTH - Freezer
Coil Probe - LTH - Freezer
Defrost Heater - LTH - Fridge - HO-600DEM
Stainless Steel Door - LTH - HO1100DEM
Condenser - LTH - Fridge - PHM-3/IR-IR-IR
Condenser - LTH - Fridge - HO1300DEM
Evaporator/Defrost Heater - LTH ZO700DEZ Fridge
White Bottom Door Hinge - LTH HT2.0KURF
Controller - LTH HG2.0KU/ER
Door (White) - LTH - HO1100DEM
Condenser - LTH - Fridge - 20-600DEZ
Drip Tray - LTH - Fridge - JELKA130
Defrost Heater - LTH HZO600DEZM
Hinge- LTH Z0-1500DEZ - Fridge
Axial Fan Motor- LTH HG2.0KU-RF/ER- Fridge
Control Unit Motherboard - Levin HO1100BEM
Control Display - Levin HO1100BEM
Controller Connecting Cable 2m - Levin HO1100BEM
Probe Thermostat - Levin HO1100BEM
Probe Evap 2m - Levin HO1100BEM
SUPERSEDED Evap Fan Motor for LTH H01500DEM
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