Company Details Lang cooking equipment delivers durability and performance in commercial cooking catering equipment, including marine gas and electric ovens and deck ovens

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Lang Parts
Pilot Lamp - Lang CLT36 Hop Top
Element Bushing - Lang DO36M Marine Oven
Capacitor - Lang ECSF-ES Range
Circuit Breaker - Lang D-F3573 Oven
3 Pole Contactor Lang
2-pole Contactor - Lang
Contactor - Lang Oven
Contactor - Lang
Contactor (3-pole) - Lang C28 Fryer
Hotplate - Lang RT36B-440VM Galley
Inner Element 3kwt 480v - Lang RT36D-440VM
Hot French Plate - Lang Oven
Outer Element - Lang RT36D-440VM Oven
Hotplate 480v 5000w - Lang RT36B Range
Oven Element 480v - Lang Oven
Oven Element 480v - Lang Oven
Element - Lang MDL CG-60 Griddle
SUPERSEDED Plate french 480v 2600w - Lang Marine Range
Heating Element 2600watt - Lang French Plate 480v
Heating Element 208V AC 3Kw Lang Oven
Wire Lead Element Lang MM24 Cheesemelter
2.6kwt Heating Element - Lang ECSF-ES Range
3kwt Heating Element - Lang D-F3573 Oven
2kwt Heating Element - Lang D-F3573 Oven
11kwt 240v Element - Lang Oven
Element Lang Oven
Element Lang Oven
Top Heating Element - Lang CLR-36R Hot Plate
Element Assembly (MARINE) - Lang 130F
Element 480v 11kwt - Lang
Element 11kwt - Lang
Hot Plate - Lang - Oven
Element 208v 11kwt - Lang
Inner Element - Lang Baking Oven
Outer Element - Lang Baking Oven
4kw 480v Element - Lang Fryer
Element, Oven - Lang
Element - Lang Range
Element - Lang Range
Element - Lang Range
Element - Lang Range
Element - Lang Range
Heating Element 240v 3000w - Lang 2BC24S
3amp Fuse - Lang 130F
Fuse 15a - Lang
Fuse 20a - Lang
Fuse Holder - Lang
Fuse Holder - Lang C28 Fryer
Fuse 15 amp - Lang C28 Fryer
Knob - Lang RT36B-440VM Galley
Knob Assembly Black - Lang Oven
Knob Assembly Red - Lang Oven
Thermostat Knob - Lang SS Range Oven
Thermostat Control Knob Lang Oven
Knob 6 Heat Switch Lang Oven
Knob Assembly - Lang
Temperature Control Knob - Lang
Knob Assembly Induction Lang- Lang Star RT36E-440VM
Black Control Knob - Lang 130F
Knob Assembly - Lang 130f-480VM - Fryer
Control Knob Assembly - Lang Boiler
Stat ADJ-550O - Lang Range
Knob Assembly Manual Timer - Lang DO36L Oven
SUPERSEDED Knob Assy - Lang CLF-15-1 Fryer
Knob Damper Black Plain - Lang DO36 Oven
Knob Assembly - Lang Oven
Knob Assembly - Lang 130f-480VM - Fryer
Knob Assembly - Lang Oven
Knob - Lang Range
Knob - Lang Range
Knob - Lang Range
Bulb Holder - Lang Range
Bulb Holder - Lang Range
Lamp Globe - Lang
Lamp; 250v Fixture - Lang ECSF-ES Range
Pilot LT 480v - Lang RT36B-440VM Gall
250v Bulb - Lang
Amber Pilot Light 250v 6-lead - Lang 130F
Green Pilot Light 250v 6-lead - Lang 130F
Red Pilot Light 250v 6-lead - Lang 130F CLF-15-1
Circuit Breaker - Lang
Tension Disc - Lang DO36 Oven
Rack for 1/2 Size Bakers Oven - Lang ECOH-2APM
Rack Slide - Lang ECOH-2APM
SUPERSEDED Hot Plate Assembly - Lang SS. Range Oven
Sap Bushing, Cap Tube - Lang 130f-480VM - Fryer
Evaporator motor 115v - Lang Marine Range
Blower Wheel - Lang Oven
16"" Dia Fan- Lang ECSF-ES Range
6"" Fan Blade - Lang ECSF-ES Range
Motor AC; 480v - Lang ECSF-ES Range
Motor - Lang
Motor - Lang A4S46DB8A Oven
Blower Wheel - Lang Oven
Blower Wheel F-6 - Lang
Blower Wheel - Lang Oven
Motor Mount Assy 440/480v - Lang Oven
Control Panel - Lang RT36D Range
Panel - Lang
Control Board - Lang
Control Card - Lang Oven
CB 480v 50A 3-pole - Lang Oven
Pilot Light 250v - Lang C28 CLF-15-1 Fryer
Pilot Lead - Lang DO36 Oven
Pilot Light - Lang Hotplate
Vent Pipe Assembly - Lang DO36 Oven
Door Pipe - Lang DO36 Oven
Hot Plate 240v 5000w - Lang - Oven - R30S-M
Relay - Lang 130F
Door Rod - Lang DO36 Oven
Safety Thermostat - Lang
Element Clip - Lang DO36M Marine Oven
Element Clip Long - Lang DO36M Marine Oven
Screw Set - Lang DO36 Oven
Thermostat Bulb Bracket - Lang CLF-15-1 Fryer
Nut - Lang DO36 Oven
Over Temperature Bulb Bracket - Lang CLF-15-1 Fryer
Temperature Sensor - Lang ECSD-EZ Oven
Temperature Sensor - Lang - CLR36R-G-S
Temperature Probe Sensor Lang CLR36R-H
LH Spring - Lang DO36 Oven
RH Spring - Lang DO36 Oven
On/Off Toggle Switch - Lang 130F
Heat Selector Switch - Lang 36S-2 Oven
Toggle Switch - Lang
SUPERSEDED 3-Heat Rotating Switch - 240/480V 20Amp
Selector Switch - Lang DO36M Marine Oven
Door Switch - Lang
Temperature Switch 240V AC 15A Lang Oven
Switch Control Lang Oven
Switch 3 Heat 240/600VDC Lang Oven
2 Position Rotary Switch - Lang C28 Fryer
Power Switch - Lang C28 Fryer
Switch Rotation 3 Heat - Lang S33827R Convection Oven
Rotating 6 heat + off switch - Lang Marine Range 36S-3AM Oven
SUPERSEEDED - 3-Position Rotary switch - Lang S33827R Oven
Temperature Control Switch - Lang - CLR36R-G-S
Terminal Block - Lang
Terminal Block 125A Lang Oven
Terminal Block - Lang
Strip Terminal - Lang
Mechanical Timer - Lang
Buzzer Mechanical 240v with Wire - Lang 130F
5hr Mechanical Timer - Lang Oven
Timer 1hr 24v - Lang
Transformer 480/24VAC - Lang
Transformer - Lang Oven
Transformer - Lang S33827R Convection Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Lang CLG-36A Oven/Grill
Thermostat - Lang C28 F28M Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Lang CLT36 Hop Top
Thermostat 550f - Lang S33827R Convection Oven
Thermostat (fixed temp) - Lang C28 Fryer
Thermostat - Lang RT36B-440VM Hotplate
Thermostat - Lang C28 Fryer
Control Thermostat - Lang RT36D-440VM Oven
Temp Control - Lang
Control Thermostat - Lang CLF-C15
Thermostat FXD 500Deg - Lang Oven
Thermostat 450Deg - Lang Oven
Stat - Lang 130f-480VM - Fryer
Temp Control - Lang
Overtemp Stat Spacer - Lang 130f-480VM - Fryer
Overtemp Stat - Lang 130f-480VM - Fryer
Thermostat - Lang Oven
Thermostat - Lang Oven
Thermostat - Lang - Oven