Company Details Lec produce commercial cabinets from ice makers to glass door freezers. Lec Commercial forms part of Glen Dimplex which supplies commercial refrigeration for use in bars, cafés, restaurants and small retail outlets.

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Lec Parts
LEC ET350BW Door Upper Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor Lec L-CV508VP Fridge
Ice Bucket - LEC Ice Maker
Shelf - LEC BC6007K
Evaporator Fan Motor - LEC PG902 Medical Fridge
Door Gasket - Lec Chiller CV5081P / CV508NP
Door Seal -LEC Bottle Cooler CV508P
Door with Seal - Lec Ice Maker Auto 1770
LEC ET350BW Door Lower Freezer
Thermostat - LEC - L5526W
Condensor Fan Motor LEC PE202 Fridge
Upper door assy - LEC ET450BW Freezer
Temp Control Box - Lec - PE500
Controller - LEC PE502 Fridge
Lock - LEC PE102 Fridge/Freezer
Controller - LEC LR507 Fridge/Freezer
Drip Tray Assembly LEC EL1551AW Fridge
Lock and key - LEC PE202 Fridge
Door Seal - LEC BC9097ST BC9007G Bottle Cooler
Light tube - LEC PG902 Fridge
Door seal - LEC PG902 Fridge
Controller Panel - LEC LR507 Fridge/Freezer
Door Handle Lec TUN6018W Fridge
Drain gutter - LEC CL350S fridge
Lamp Tube - LEC BC6007G BC9027G BC9027K Bottle Cooler
Door Handle - LEC Fridge BC12007K
Digital Controller - LEC PE102 Freezer
Door lock - LEC CL157S
Stainless Steel Door LEC CL157S Fridge
Controller w/Probes - LEC BC9097ST Bottle Cooler
Compressor - LEC BC9027K Bottle Cooler
Controller Kit- LEC PE502 PE902 Fridge
Door Gasket (790x420mm) - LEC BC9007K BC9097ST
Door Hinge LEC CL157S Fridge
Door Hinge LEC CL157S Fridge
Thermostat - LEC Bottle Cooler BC9004G
Upper Shelf - LEC CRS600W Upright Fridge
Drum lock c/w key - LEC LR507 Fridge
Door light ballast - LEC BC9007K Bottle
Door Seal - Lec - Fridge - BC909.7ST
Probe - LEC CL157 Fridge
Light Switch - LEC BC6097ST BC9007GLED BC9027K Bottle Cooler
Door Seal - LEC BC6097ST Bottle Cooler
Door handle - LEC BC9097ST Fridge
Water Inlet Valve - LEC 1770 Ice Machine
Door LEC L6046W Fridge
Door Seal - LEC CRS600W CFS600W CFS600ST Fridge
Lock & Key - LEC BC6097ST Bottle Cooler
Complete Door - LEC WR507 Chiller
Door handle - Lec - Fridge - BCH901SV
Door Seal LEC T5059W Freezer
Door Seal LEC T5059W Fridge
Lec Front Evaporator Cover CU3575 Freezer
Fridge Defrost Heater - LEC CUGN1400ST
Drip Tray - LEC CL157S
Thermostat - LEC L5026W Undercounter Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Lec CRS400W Fridge
Locking Pin LEC PE207 Fridge
Door Seal - LEC BC6007K BC6057ST Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - LEC PE202 Drugs Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Lock & Key - LEC BC9007GLED Fridge
Door Seal - LEC CL3575 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Light Switch - LEC - BC9057ST
Door Lock & Key - LEC CL157S
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - LEC BC9007K Fridge
Complete Door and Seal - LEC L2504 Chiller
20 wt Condensor axial Fan Motor - Lec BC6097K Fridge
Ice Bin - Lec - Ice Machine - 1770
SUPERSEDED Probe - LEC PE102 Freezer
Front Display - LEC - Fridge - CL3575
Door Seal - LEC BCH601BL Bottle Cooler
Main Display / PCB - Lec - Fridge
Controller Board - Lec - Fridge - BC9007K
Probe - LEC CRS400W Fridge
Controller - LEC CRS400W Fridge
Top RH Door Hinge - LEC BC1350L
Door Lock and key - LEC BC6007G Fridge
Compressor - LEC - Fridge - BC6007G
Evaporator Fan Motor - LEC PE109 Medical Fridge
Door Assembly - Lec - Fridge - R5009W
Complete Door Assembly - LEC - L5026W
Door Seal - LEC CRS400S CRS400W CFS400ST Fridge
Lock Assembly - LEC BCH901SV CV721
Door - LEC - Fridge - DF50B
Door - LEC PE102 Fridge
Gasket - LEC/Artica HE708 CLGN700ST HEA708 Fridge
Door Gasket - LEC L5010
White Handle - LEC L6046W Fridge
Evaporator - LEC CRG400W Fridge
Shelf Strip (2 req'd per shelf) - LEC BC6007K
Shelf Clip (2 req'd per shelf) - LEC BC6007K
Front Door - Lec - Fridge - BC9027G
Condenser Fan Motor - Lec - Fridge - CRS600ST
Door Seal 565x725 - LEC CRS200W HEA702 Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - LEC CL357 Fridge
Hinge Plate - LEC CL1575
Evaporator Coil - Lec CLGN1400ST Fridge
Door Handle - LEC CRS200ST
Fluorescent Lamp Choke (Holder) - LEC BC9027G Chiller
Fridge Door c/w Seal - LEC T5576W
Freezer Door c/w Seal - LEC T5576W
PCB Display & Buttons - LEC PE507 Fridge
Lamp - LEC BC9027G Chiller
Complete Door - Artica / LEC CSC161S
Complete Door - LEC - TL5142W
Controller Lec PE207 Fridge
Thermostat - LEC CL150 Chiller
Door Seal - LEC - Fridge - CF100LLW
Condenser - LEC - Fridge - CUGN700ST
Pair of Silver Sliding Doors - LEC BC9027G
Internal Fan Assy - LEC PSR151UK Fridge
Shelf - Lec BC9027G Fridge
Mechanical Thermostat - LEC T2404W Fridge
Silver LH Door LEC BC9007G Bottle Cooler
Fan Motor - Lec - Fridge - BC9007GLED
Controller PCB - Lec - Fridge - HEA701
Braked Castor - LEC CRS400ST Fridge
Light Tube c/w starter - LEC - BC6007L
Glass Door - LEC BC12007GLED Fridge
Seal - LEC CF200CW Chest Freezer
Door / Lid - LEC - Chest Freezer - CF200CW
Temperature Probe - LEC PGR273UK Fridge
Door Frame - LEC BC9027K Fridge
Compressor - LEC HEA705
Door Lock - LEC PG907 Fridge
Door - LEC - Fridge - CRS400ST
Evaporator - Lec - Fridge - BC9027G
Door Seal - LEC - Fridge - CU3575
Lock and Key - LEC 31000017 Chiller
Drip Tray - LEC CSC160S Fridge
Controller - LEC PSR151UK Fridge
Shelf Clip - LEC CRS600W Fridge
LH Opening Door - LEC BC9007K Fridge
Transformer - LEC - BC6007G BC9097
Door Seal - Lec - Fridge - R50052W
Tangential Fan - LEC - Fridge - PSR151UK
Evap Fan - LEC - Fridge - PSR151UK
Condenser Fan Motor - LEC - Fridge - BC6007K
Electric Controller 5F-1045-2 - LEC - HEA707
Door Seal - LEC - BCH401BR
Pillar - LEC BC9097ST Fridge
Black Sliding Door - LEC - Fridge - BC9027K
Discharge Tube - LEC CLGN1400ST Fridge
Evaporator Water Tray - LEC CLGN1400ST Fridge
Evaporator Tray - LEC HEA701 Fridge
Evaporator - LEC HEA701 Fridge
Console Cover - LEC PSR151UK Fridge
Tray - Lec - Fridge - PE109C
Door c/w Gasket - LEC TL55142W Fridge
Fascia Sticker for Controller - LEC PSR151UK Fridge
Starter - LEC - Fridge - BC1200712
Support Evaporator LH - LEC CFS600ST
Shelf Trim - LEC CFS600ST
Support Evaporator RH - LEC CFS600ST
Controller - LEC PSR151UK- Chiller
Lower Shelf - LEC BRS600ST
Door with Seal- LEC- BRS 200ST
Compressor Protector- LEC BC9007KLED- Bottle Fridge
Glass Door (LH Hinges) - LEC BC12007K
Upper Hinge - Lec CFS400W Fridge
Self Closing Hinge - Lec CFS400W Fridge
Left Hand Bottom Hinge - Lec CFS400W Fridge
Right Hand Bottom Hinge - Lec CFS400W Fridge
Shelf - LEC BC6007K
Vent Trim / Top Cover - LEC CFS200W
LED Transformer - LEC HEA701 Fridge
Door Lock & Keys - LEC CUGN700ST
Ballast - Lec BC9007K- Fridge
Lamp Starter Holder - BC9007K- Chiller
Light Diffuser Cover- Lec BC9007K- Chiller
Door - LEC - Fridge - PE102
Drip Tray - LEC - Fridge - PE102
Evco EV3X2IN7VXRX01 Controller - LEC HEA703
Unbraked Castor - LEC - CRS600ST
Compressor - Lec BC9097ST Fridge
Evaporator - Lec CLGN700ST Fridge
Capillary - Lec CLGN700ST Fridge
Lock and Key- LEC DR418- Chiller
Compressor - LEC HEA708 Fridge
Handle - LEC 44444372 Fridge
Lock Pin - LEC - Fridge - PE102
Hinge Upper R/H - LEC CLGN 700ST- Chiller
Thermostat - LEC - Fridge - CSC161S
Wheel - LEC CUN00ST Fridge
Door Seal - LEC L50263W
Spring Door Close - LEC CLGN 700ST - Fridge