Company Details Since 35 years Leventi has been offering a wide and deep range of ovens for professional usage in the hospitality, retail and catering markets. Leventi ovens are manufactured with the best components and materials and are equipped with the latest innovative technical and operational features. This makes the Leventi ovens user friendly, reliable, durable and of the best cooking and baking performance. The high quality Leventi technology and innovation also result in low cost of ownership because of impressive low energy and water consumption. Leventi manufacture combi steamers and bake-off ovens for the catering trade. Levanti have had great success with their Combimat and Bakermat ovens which are available in various sizes and models, both manual and fully programmable units

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Leventi Parts
Door Lock - Leventi Junior Oven Bakermat DGT
Solenoid Valve & Water Flow Sensor Assy - Leventi Bakermat
Air Inlet Valve - Leventi Bakermat Mastermind
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Leventi Oven
Handle for Leventi Bakermat Mastermind Oven
Door Handle - Leventi Bakermat Oven
Motor reverse timer - Leventi BM4K6 MONO Oven
Hook for door - Leventi Junior Bakermat Oven
SUPERSEDED Leventi MM3 D1 Oven Door Seal / Gasket
Solenoid block - Leventi Bakermat DGT2010
Door Seal Leventi LKS Oven - 575 x 505
SUPERSEDED Door Catch - Leventi Bakermat 3.1 Oven
Lever door handle (black) - Leventi Bakermat Mastermind 3.1 MMD16PL Oven
Door Gasket - Leventi DGTDI6PL MK3.1 Oven
Door Seal - Leventi - Fridge - MM3B4PL
Door handle - Leventi Bakermat Basic Oven
Door latch - Leventi Bakermat Basic Oven
On/Off Switch - Leventi Bakermat Basic Oven
Inner Rack - Leventi - Oven - MM3DI
Door seal - Leventi Combimat Mastermind
3kwt Element - Leventi Bakermat Basic
T-piece - Leventi CM MM Q2 DI Oven
Solenoid cleaning system - Leventi CM MM Q2DI
Door Catch - Leventi Booster Combimat MK3.1 Oven
Internal Temperature Probe - Leventi Bakermat
Fan Motor Leventi BMBasicJ8 Oven
Door Catch - Leventi Door Catch - DGTDI2PL
Door Handle (Black) - Leventi CombiMasterMind
Door Catch - Leventi - Oven - DGT2010
Baking Tray Aluminium - Leventi Combimat
Roasting Tray Lipped - Leventi Combimat MM3DI
Motor - Leventi - Oven - DGT2010
Overload - Leventi - Oven - DGT2010
Hi Limit Thermostat - Leventi - Oven - DGT2010
Oven Thermostat - Bakermat DGT2010
Motor thermal overload - Bakermat DGT2010
Dry Heat Element - Leventi 5 Rack Oven
Door Catch - Leventi Junior Oven Bakermat DGT
Frequency Controller - Leventi - Oven - COMBIMAT MK4
Door Catch (on oven itself) - Leventi Bakermat Basic Oven
Door Catch (on oven itself) - Leventi Bakermat Basic Oven
Controller Conversion Kit - Leventi 2D1MM Oven
Fan Blade - Leventi Bakomatic Mastermind Oven
On/Off Switch - Leventi DGT Bakermat
Temperature Dial and Probe - Leventi LKS Oven
Control Thermostat - Leventi LKS Oven
Door Seal 530x520mm - Leventi MK3 Oven
Door Seal (this will need to be cut to size) - Leventi - Oven -
Door Gasket - Leventi Quadro2
Door Handle - Leventi Oven
Temp Probe - Leventi - Bakermat BGT
Door Gasket (1173mm x 515mm) - Leventi
Door Catch - Leventi
Motor - Leventi Bakermat MK3 DGT DI2PL Oven
Door Seal- Leventi Baker Mat Compact- Oven
Door Seal 645x275mm - Leventi Bakermat Junior (2 tray) Oven
Element Convection 9kw - Leventi - Oven - L-K-S
Solenoid Valve Triple 24V - Leventi
Contactor OMK LC2K0910B7 24V - Leventi
Element- Leventi Combi Mat Slim- Oven
Door Catch with Roll- Leventi MK3 DGT- Oven
Handle - Leventi - MM1.10 Combi Slim
Fan Blade - Leventi Oven
Handle - Leventi LKS Oven
Outer Window Yellow - Leventi Quadro2
9kw Element - Leventi - Bakermat DGT - MK3.2
Contactor - Leventi - Bakermat DGT - MK3.2
Computer Carrier - Leventi - Oven - QUADRO 4
Retrofit Motor Kit - Leventi - Oven - QUADRO 4
Halogen Bulb 12V 20W - Leventi - CMMQ2
Light Gasket 12V 20W - Leventi - CMMQ2
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