Company Details Lincat were established in 1971 and specialises in the production of medium to heavy duty catering equipment. Lincat make over 400 products and is a world leader in commercial catering equipment. The Lincat product range includes fryers, griddles, grills, ovens, combi steamers, beverage equipment, hot cupboards, water boilers, trolleys and food display merchandisers

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Lincat Parts
Stone Brick / Base - Lincat PO89X Pizza Oven
Basket - Lincat OG7102/P Fryer Basket 33x21x14cm
Fryer Basket - Oval Type - Lincat
Fryer basket - Lincat J10 Fryer
Basket - Lincat Chip Fryer Basket - DF33
Fryer Basket Lincat Double Fryer LDS2
Fixed roller - Lincat CT10 Toaster
Door Bush - Lincat ECO7 ECO76 Oven
Door Bush - Lincat - LMR9N
Pilot Jet NG (Natural) - Lincat
Pilot Jet - Propane / Injector Lincat Oven OG7401 OG7101
Injector- LINCAT Hob Injector Nat Gas
Burnner Jet - Lincat GR3P Grill
Burner Jet - Lincat J10P Fryer (LPG)
Complete burner - Lincat GR3 Grill
Burner - Lincat - Fryer - J10/P
Burner Jets - Lincat OG7201 Griddle
Burner jet - Lincat OG402N Grill
Pilot jet - Lincat OG402N Grill
LPG Burner Jets - Lincat SLR6P Oven
Oven Burner Jet - Lincat CG4 Chargrill (NG)
Burner Injector (Hob) - Lincat OG7005 Range
NG Injector - Lincat OG7002N Oven
Complete Burner - Lincat GR7N GR7/P Salamander Grill
Burner Cap - Lincat SLR9 Oven
Burner Body Lincat SLR9 Oven
Gas Burner Lincat OG7301/N Grill
Burner - Lincat OG7301/N Fryer
Burner for Lincat Salamander Grill
Hob Burner Complete - Lincat - Oven - LNR9/N/A002
Burner Cap - Lincat - OG7002/N
Double pan support - Lincat OG7002 Oven
Burner cap / flame retention ring - Lincat
SUPERSEDED Pan Support - Lincat OG7002 Range
Mounting plate for castor - Lincat GBM3 Hot
Braked Castor - Lincat OG7002N Oven
Un-Braked Castor - Lincat OG7002N Oven
Swivel Braked Castor - Lincat OG7002/P Oven
Castor -Lincat GBM3 Hot Cupboard Unbraked Castor
Brake Castor - Lincat GBM2 Hot Cupboard
Lockable Castor - Lincat GM3 Hot Cupboard
Descaler powder - Lincat EB4 EB3 Water Boiler
Descale Inhibitor - Lincat Boiler
Compressor - Lincat Display Fridge
Compressor - Embraco Compressor - Lincat D6R75S Fridge
Compressor Lincat C6R-130BR Display Fridge
Compressor- Lincat GW1600 - Chiller
1/3 Gastronorm Tray - Lincat Saladette
Condender Unit complete - Lincat D6R1003
Digital Temperature Display - Lincat GBM3
Controller and Probe - Lincat C6R-75CU Chiller
Speed controller - Lincat CT10 Toaster
Clock - Lincat SCH705 Pie Warmer Digital Clock
Controller & Probe -Lincat FPB7 Food Prep Bar
Control Unit & Probe - Lincat Display
Dixell XR10CX Controller - Lincat P6B3
Control Thermostat- Lincat DF33 - Fryer
500deg Dial Thermometer - Lincat
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Lincat - Oven - OG7002N
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Lincat OD7007N Oven
Injector - Lincat CG6 Grill (LPG)
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Lincat - Oven - OG7002/N
LPG - NG Conversion Kit - Lincat - Oven - OG7005/P
Conversion Kit (NG - LPG) - Lincat Griddle
NG-LPG Conversion Kit - Lincat OG7107N Fryer
NG - LPG Conversion Kit - Lincat OG7111N Fryer
Conversion Kit - NG-LPG Lincat 6 Burner Range
Conversion Kit - NG-LPG Lincat 6 Burner Range
Mains terminal connection block - Lincat EB3
Thermostat Gland- Lincat Water Boiler
Fryer - Wire Basket Support Boss -
Element connector - Lincat LPC LSC Grill
SUPERSEDED Fryer Element/Thermostat Clip - Lincat
SUPERSEDED Contactor - Lincat EB4 Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Contactor - Lincat various models & machines
Contactor - Lincat J6 Fryer
Contactor- Lincat IMO MB09-F-00 Electrical Contactor Water Boiler
LC1K0910U7 Contactor - Lincat EB4 Water Boiler
Contactor - Lincat OE7209 Oven
Complete Door - Lincat D6R100B Display Cabinet
Door Assembly - Lincat ECO9 Oven
Sliding roller - Lincat CT10 Toaster
Door Runner - Lincat Panther
Bottom Door Runner - Lincat LPWLR Pie Warmer
Complete Door Lincat EC08 Oven
Upper Door Hinge Lincat EC08 Oven
Lower Door Hinge Lincat EC08 Oven
Glass door - Lincat LPW/LR Pie Warmer
Top Hinge - Lincat G1 G2 Hot Cupboard
Mounting plate - Lincat G1 G2 Hot Cupboard
Door c/w Seal & Hinges - Lincat OG7502 Steamer
Front RH Sliding Door - Lincat GBM2 Hot Cupboard
Door Runner/Wheel - Lincat C6R/100BU D6R Display
Sliding Glass Door - Lincat D3R100
Glass Door - 560mm(W)x466mm(H) - Lincat
Door Catch - Lincat EC09 OG7502-N Oven
Inner Door Glass Lincat EC09 Oven
Top Hinge - Lincat ECO7 Oven
Bottom Hinge - Lincat ECO7 Oven
Top / Bottom Door Hinge - Lincat ECO7 Oven
Door Catch Plate - Lincat Oven
Plastic Door-Stop c/w Rivet - Lincat GM2 Hot Cupboard
Door Ball Catch - Lincat V6F Oven
Oven Door Pin - Lincat SLR9 Oven
Door Runner - Lincat Pie Warmer LPWLR - Door runner (top)
Door Clips - Lincat Panther JBM3 Hot Cupboard
FAS252 Door Catch - Lincat Trolley
Door Catch - Lincat SLR9 Oven
Counter Support Hinge- Lincat V7/4 HR7 V7
Glass Door - Lincat LPW/LR Pie Warmer
Glass Door - Lincat Pie Warmer C6H75B
Sliding glass door - Lincat D6R100S Fridge
Door glass - Lincat LPWLR Pie warmer
Inner Door Glass - Lincat
Inner Door Glass - Lincat ECO8
Inner door glass - Lincat - Pizza Oven
Bush for Hinge - Lincat - Oven - EC08
Screw In Drain Tap Attachment - Lincat OG7106/N Gas Fryer
Drain Valve - Lincat OG7102P Fryer
Drain valve - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Drainage Tap Assembly - Lincat
Drain Tap Assy - Lincat Fryer J5/N J5/P
Opus OG OE Drain valve - Lincat Gas Fryer
Screw In Drain Tap Attachment - Lincat OG7111/N Gas Fryer
Drip Tray - Lincat GS6 Griddle
Drip Tray - Lincat LGR2 Griddle
Drip tray - Lincat EB6T Water Boiler
Water Boiler Spillage Tray - Lincat EB3
Complete Drip Tray - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Drip Tray - Lincat EB3FX EB6FX Water Boiler
Drive belt - Lincat CT10 Toaster
Coiled mains electric lead - Lincat GBM3 GB2A
Mains Lead & Plug Assy - Lincat GS6FL Griddle
Sensor Loom - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Plug & Lead Assembly - Lincat - Bain Marie
Wiring Loom - Lincat LRG
HT Lead - Lincat OG7504 steamer
Cable Gland - Lincat DF33 GBM2 Fryer
Ignitor Lead - Lincat - Fryer - J5N
Plug and Lead - Lincat
LH Heating Element - Lincat PB66/FL Pasta Boiler
Lifting Mechanism c/w Element & Stats - Lincat DF33 Fryer
Element - Lincat LD3 Heated Display Unit
Element - Lincat GR3 Grill
Element - Lincat OE7105 Fryer
SUPERSEDED 2 kwt Element (front / 2kw) - Lincat
2kwt Element - Lincat Water Boiler/Bain Marie
3kwt Water Boiler Element- Lincat LWB2 LWB4
3kwt Element (circular). Lincat Oven Element
Element - Lincat GS6/T GS3 GS3C GS6C/T
3 Kwt Element EB3 EB6 EL178 Water Boiler
1.1kw Element - Lincat CT10 Toaster
Bottom Element - Lincat CT10 Rotary Toaster
Element - Lincat Griddle Element LGR2
Middle Element - Lincat LT6X Toaster
Element - Lincat GBM3 GBM2 Bain Marie
Element - Lincat EB4 Water Boiler
Element - Lincat HC6 Chip Scuttle Element
3kwt Element - Lincat DF66 DF33 Fryer
6kwt Element - Lincat DF/J Fryer
8kw Element - Lincat ECG6 Chargrill
Heating element (6kw) - Lincat DF46 Fryer
Element - Lincat SCH1085 Heated food display
4.5kw Element - Lincat AS4
2kwt Element - Lincat V6 / HR7 Oven Range
Infra Red element - Lincat Silica Grill
Infra Red Tube Element - Lincat QG6 Grill
Element (6kw) - Lincat J5 J6 Fryer
Element - Lincat EC09 Oven
Base Element Lincat LCG2 Grill
Bottom Element Lincat P0430-2 Double Deck
Element - Lincat J6 Fryer
Element - Lincat GS6 Griddle
1.4kwt Top Element Lincat P0430-2 Double Deck Oven
Top Element Lincat LCG2 Grill
11kwt Element - Lincat OE7108 Fryer
Element - Lincat - Pie Warmer - LPW/LR
3Kw Element - Lincat Fryer LDF2-A001
Lifting Mechanism - Lincat GF36 Fryer
Element - Lincat End Element 0.4KW
Heating Element - Lincat OE7008 Oven
Inner Heating Element - Lincat GB3 Hot Cupboard
Outer Heating Element - Lincat GB3 Hot Cupboard
Element - Lincat - CS6
2kwt Hotplate Element - Lincat HT6 HT7 Boiling Top
12kwt Element - Lincat OE7112 OE7113 Fryer
4kwt Element - Lincat OE7205 OE7206 Griddle
1.25kw Element - Lincat G1 G2 GX2 GBM3A GBM3B
1.5kw Element - Lincat PO49 Pizza Oven
1.75kw Element - Lincat PO49X PO89X Pizza
Element - Lincat DF33 DF66 Fryer
2.8kw Element - Lincat GR3 GR3SL Grill
3kw Element - Lincat LDF2 Fryer
Element - Lincat SHD1050 Hot Cupboard
Element - Lincat Oven LCO 2.5kwt Element
Element - Lincat EB4F Water Boiler
1kwt 230v Element - Lincat BS4W Bain Marie
3.5kw Element - Lincat OE7206 Griddle
Bottom Element - Lincat CT1 Toaster
Top Element - Lincat CT1 Toaster
Top Element Lincat GG1 Panini Grill
Bottom Element Lincat GG1 Panini Grill
Element (2.8kwt) - Lincat GS9 Griddle
Element - Lincat PB66 Pasta Boiler 3kwt Element 240v
3kwt Element - Lincat DF66 DF33 Fryer
3kwt Element - Lincat EB3F Water boiler
8kw Element - Lincat Silverlink ECG6 Chargrill
4kwt Element - Lincat V7/4 Oven
Infrared Tube Element - Lincat/Cougar Grill LPC LSC
GS4 Griddle Element 2.7kwt
Element Switch - Lincat LT8 LT4X LT6X Popup
Element - Lincat G1 Hot Cupboard
Hotplate (1.5kw/round) - Lincat HT3 HT7 Boiling Top
Element - Lincat LGG2 Double Griddle
Element - Lincat V6/F V6FD Oven
Element - Lincat BS7 Dry heat Bain Marie
Element (6kw) - Lincat DF66 Fryer
Heating Element - Lincat Electric Grill Opus
9kwt 240v Element - Lincat Fryer J9 A004
Element 750w - Lincat for Hot Cupboards
Element - Lincat OE7103 / OE7104 Fryer
Element 3kwt - Lincat EB3 EB6 EB6T Water Boiler
Lincat OE7103 Fryer Element
End Element - Lincat Toaster
6kwt Element - Lincat ECO76 Oven
Element - Lincat LPO Pizza Oven 0.75kwt
3Kw Element - Lincat OD7007N Fryer
Element (3kw) - Lincat DF33 Fryer
Element - Lincat GS7 Griddle
Element - Lincat GS6FL Griddle
Element - Lincat LDF2 LDF Fryer
Element - Lincat Water Boiler
Element - Lincat - OE7702
2kw Element - Lincat - Hot Cupboard - G3
Element - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
Element - Lincat - Grill - OE7304-4001
Element - Lincat G2 Hot Cupboard
Element - Lincat - Oven - EC08
0.95kw Bottom Element - Lincat
Right Hand Element- Lincat Grill
SUPERSEDED 3kw Element - Lincat - Oven
Frame Heater - Lincat D6R/125B Fridge
6Kwt Element - Lincat DF612 Fryer
9kwt Element - Lincat Fryer
Evaporator - Lincat RFR150B Fridge
Evaporator - Lincat C6R/125BU Display Cabinet
Evaporator - Lincat C6R130BL Display Chiller
Adjustable Foot - Lincat DF36 Fryer
Universal Foot - Lincat - Pie Warmer - LPW/LR
Foot/Leg - Lincat FPB5 Saladette
Foot - Lincat Water Boiler
Filter Flow - Filter Cartridge - Lincat Water Boiler
Filter to Tank Pipe Top Elbow - Lincat - Water Boiler - EB3F
Filter Head - Lincat EB6T EB3 EB4 EB6 Water Boiler
Filter Head - Lincat EB6F Water Boiler
Filter - Lincat OCV61G Combi Oven Air Intake Filter
Removable Filter - Lincat GW1200 FPB5 Fridge
Thermal Fuse 10amp - Lincat GBM3 Hot Trolley
Seal- Lincat
Door Seal 420mm - Lincat Oven
Door Seal - Lincat EC076 Convection Oven
Door Seal - Lincat ECO9 Oven
Top Door Seal - Lincar LCO Convection Oven
Door Seal - Lincat OE7505 Steamer
Door Seal - Lincat - OSC101
Lid gasket (rubber) - Lincat EB6 / EB6T Water
Element Gasket - Lincat DF66 Fryer
Door Seal - Lincat ECO8 Oven
Lid Seal - Lincat - Water Boiler - EB4
Door Seal / Gasket - Lincat OCV61G Combi Oven
Internal bulb gasket - Lincat OCS61 Oven
External bulb gasket - Lincat OCS61 Oven
Blanking-Off Nut c/w Bung - Lincat DF66 J12 Fryer
Tap Washer - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Door Seal - Lincat ECO76 Convection Oven
Door Gasket - Lincat EC07 OE7008 OG7002 Oven
Lifting Mech. Gasket - Lincat DF66 Fryer
L-Shaped Lid Gasket - Lincat EB3 water boiler
SUPERSEDED Door seal - Lincat / Rational OCM61 Oven
Lid Gasket - Lincat EB6 Water Boiler
Lid Gasket - Lincat Water Boiler
Door Seal - Lincat - OSCWE201
Door Seal - Lincat - Steamer - OG7502/N
Solid Top Gas Valve - Lincat 7005/M Oven
Minisit 0.820.303 Gas Valve - Lincat OG7102N
Gas tap assembly - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
Gas Valve - Lincat Salamander Silverlink 600
Gas Control Valve - Lincat OG7203N Griddle
Valve- Lincat J10N Fryer Gas GIST Valve
Gas Pressure Governor - Lincat OG7005 Range
Hob Gas Valve - Lincat - LMR9N
Hob Gas Valve Lincat OG7002/N Oven
Hob valve - Lincat SLR9N Oven
Gas Valve - Lincat OCV61G Oven
Hob Burner Valve - Lincat Oven
Gas Control Valve - Lincat GS7 GS7N Griddle
Gas Valve - Lincat SLR9 Ovens Boiling Tops
Gas Tap - Lincat OG710NP Fryer/Oven
Gas tap - Lincat OB7402N Chargrill
SUPERSEDED 1/2"" Gas Hose - Lincat OG710NP Fryer
Main Gas Feed/Middle Pipe - Lincat SLR9/P 6 Burner Oven
1/2"" BSP Taper 16MM - Lincat SLR9/P 6 Burner Over
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Lincat OG7201 Grill
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Lincat LMR9N SLR9 Oven
SUPERSEDED Spark Ignitor - Lincat SLR9N Oven Sparker
Piezo Gas Igniter for Lincat Units
Ignitor- Lincat Fryer Piezo Ignitor
Piezo Ignitor - Orange top - Lincat Oven -
Electrode & Lead - Lincat Oven
Electrode - Lincat OG7002N-A005 Cooker
Piezo Ignitor (post 2005) - Lincat OG7002N OG7204
Spark electrode - Lincat
Automatic Ignition Controller - Lincat OSCWE201G
HT Lead - Lincat SLR9 OG7204 Oven
Lava Rock - Lincat Chargrill Lava Rock 3kg Bag
Handle Assembly Lincat LCG2 Grill
Handle Lincat GM3 Hot Cupboard
Lifting Strap - Lincat Silverlink 600 AS3 Salamander Grill
Lid Knob - Lincat - for models LCM - LCM2
Door Handle - Lincat OG7001/P Oven
Door Handle - Lincat C6H75B Pie Warmer
Door handle - Lincat V6FD Oven
Water supply hose - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
L/H Rear Burner Tube - Lincat Oven
Filling Tube (Per Metre) - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Elbow Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
1m External Hose - Lincat LMR9N
Conduit Assembly Lincat LCG2 Grill
Drain Tube - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Drip Tray Moulding - Lincat Water Boiler
Thermostat Control Knob - Lincat - CT1
Selector Knob - Lincat - Toaster - LT6X
Hob Knob - Lincat - Oven - LNR9/N/A002
Oven Knob - Lincat - Oven - LNR9/N/A002
Hob Control Knob - Lincat Cooker
Thermostat Control Knob - Lincat LDF Fryer
Oven Control Knob - Lincat OE7008 Oven
Hob Knob Lincat V6 Oven
Energy Regulator Control Knob - Lincat OE7304 Grill
Control Knob - Lincat LGR2 Griddle
Thermostat Knob - Lincat SLR9 Oven
Control Knob - Lincat LP21B Hot Plate
Temperature Control Knob - Lincat BA/BS4 Bain Marie
Hob Control Knob - Lincat OG7005/N Oven
Knob- Lincat Oven Stat Including Control Knob
Control Knob - Lincat GR7N Grill
Control Knob - Lincat LMR9P Oven
S/Link Fry Thermostat Knob - Lincat J12 (new
Control Knob - Lincat Griddle & Chargrills
Lincat Fryer Control Knob
Lincat Control Knob
Temperature control knob - Lincat LDF Fryer
Selector knob - Lincat
Control Knob - Lincat SLR9 Oven
Timer control knob - Lincat DF66 Fryer
Heat Control Knob - Lincat BS4W Bain Marie
Selector switch Knob (6 position) - Lincat ESLR9/C oven
Thermostat Knob (VA13) - Lincat
Control knob - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
Lincat J6 Fryer Control Knob
Pilot knob - Lincat
Control Knob - Lincat HT7 Boiling top
Speed controller knob - Lincat CT10 toaster
Control knob - Lincat LDF Fryer (pre 1996)
Thermostat Control Knob - Lincat Grill
Oven Control knob - Lincat OG7502N / OG700IN
Spindle Sleeve Adaptor - Lincat SLR9 Oven
Control knob - Lincat OG7201 Griddle
Burner Control Knob - Lincat LMR155 Oven
Hob Control Knobs - Lincat OG700IN Cooker
Control Knob - Lincat LPWLR Pie Warmer
Control Knob For Hob - Lincat
Control Knob for Oven - Lincat
Griddle Control Knob - Lincat
Fryer Control Knob - Lincat
Oven Thermostat Knob - Lincat SLR9 Oven
Control Knob -Lincat Oven/Grill/Fryer/Boiling
Control Knob - Lincat OE7303 Grill
Oven Knob - Lincat ESLR9C Oven
Bain Marie Control Knob - Lincat GBM2 GBM3 Bain
Hot Cupboard Control Knob - Lincat GBM2 GM2 GBM3 Hot Trolley
Oven thermostat knob - Lincat OG7002 Oven
Burner control knob - Lincat OG7002 Oven
Oven thermostat knob - Lincat OG7002 Oven
Thermostat Knob - Lincat G2 Hot Cupboard
Knob Lincat GR7N Grill
End Cap - Lincat RFR75B-A001 Display Fridge
Lamp Holder - Lincat GBM3 Bain Marie
Neon bezel - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Fluorescent Tube - Lincat RFR75B-A001 Display
Green Neon - Lincat GM2 GR3 GBM3 Hot Cupboard
Green Neon - Lincat Oven/Fryer/Griddle/
Amber Neon - Lincat Oven/Fryer/Griddle/
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp (Wire In) - Lincat Gantry GM3, Chip
Heated Bulb Holder (Wire In)
Lamp - Lincat OCM61 Combi-oven
Amber Neon - Lincat DF612 J12 GS9 Fryer
Amber Neon - Lincat BS6W GM2 GBM2 GBM3 GS3 Bain Marie
Lamp Assembly - Lincat EC07 Oven
Heat lamp (push-in type) - Lincat GBM3 LD3 Bain
Display Bulb - Lincat EC08 Pie Warmer
Lamp assy - Lincat LCO Convection Oven
Amber Neon- Lincat Water Boiler
Green Neon - Lincat BM6W DF612 Bain Marie
Light tube- Lincat D6R/125S - Fridge
40w Bulb - Lincat ECO76 MW1 MW3 ECO7 Oven
18w Bulb - Lincat D6R-75BA000
Amber Neon Lincat V6F Oven
Green Neon Lincat V6F Oven
Bulb - Lincat- P6P4
Lid Insulation - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Outer Lid Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Outer Lid - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Elbow fitting for filter pipe
Adaptor Push Fit / Tube Adaptor
Plate Scraper - Lincat GS6/TR Griddle
Bezal - Lincat oven
Drain Container Bucket - Lincat DF66 Fryer
Water Drawer - Lincat - SCH1085
Gastronorm - Lincat - SCH1085
Gastronorm Divider - Lincat - SCH1085
Food Scraper - Lincat OE7405 Chargrill
Inner Tank - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Control Panel Box for Lincat DF33 Fryer
End Louvre - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
Middle Louvre - Lincat CG4 Chargrill
Control Panel Box for DF33 Lincat Fryer
Outer louvre - Lincat CG6 Chargrill
Middle louvre - Lincat CG6 Chargrill
Rubber Bung - Lincat DF7N Fryer
Male Adaptors for Thermostat - Lincat OG7102P
Hob Burner Assembly - Lincat OG7005/N Range
Midddle Louvre - Lincat - Oven - OG7401
Control Knob - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
Adjustable Leg - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
Junction Box - Lincat - Fryer - CS4G
Flue Top Stainless - Lincat - Oven
Manual for model OSC101 Lincat
Mains Power Block - Lincat ESL9C Oven
Dipstick EBM25/S - Lincat Water Boiler
Middle Louvre - Lincat Chargrill - OG7402
Oven Fan Motor - Lincat LCO-0001 Oven
Condensor Fan - Lincat FPB7/FPB5 Saladette
Motor - Lincat CT10 Rotary Toaster
Fan unit - Lincat HD1050 Bain Marie
Extractor Fan Motor
7wt Condensor Fan Motor - Lincat C6R75BU D6R75S
Fan (without motor) - Lincat CT10 Toaster
Condenser Fan Motor - Lincat - D5R1005A001
R61-230H Fan Motor Assembly - Lincat V6FD Oven
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor (& blade) - Lincat D6R75S
Consenser Fan Motor Lincat SCR1085 Fridge
28wat Evaporator motor with blades - Lincat D
Cooling Fan Lincat ECO9 Oven
Motor Lincat CT1 Toaster
Fergas 260130X - Hot Air Fan 230v 50hz - Lincat
Washer - Lincat LWB4 Water Boiler
Element Seal - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Lid Gasket - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Spacer - Lincat Water Boiler
Glass Cover - Lincat LD3 Heated Servery
Main Front Control Panel - Lincat - Oven - OSC101
Front Glass - Lincat - Pie Warmer - LPW
Lincat JF-36 Control Panel Assembly
Fascia - Lincat Oven
Control PCB - Lincat Opus OCM102E Steamer
PCB c/w panel, decal & solenoid valve - Lincat EB3F Water boiler
PCB - Lincat EB4F Water boiler
PCB - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Relay PCB Lincat SCC101 Oven
PCB - Lincat WMB3F Water Boiler
Control PCB - Lincat
PCB - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6 EB6T Water Boiler
PCB - Lincat EB6F Water Boiler
PCB - Lincat EB4F Water boiler
Burner - Lincat - OG7115
Main PCB - Lincat - OG7115
PCB - Lincat Water Boiler
PCB (Secondary) - Lincat Water Boiler
LPG Pilot Injector - Lincat OG7107/P Fryer
Pilot Injector - Lincat OG7504 Steamer
Pilot Asembly - Lincat Oven Pilot Assembly (no jet included)
Pilot Injector - Lincat - Bain Marie - BS4WP
NG Pilot Jet Lincat DF7N Fryer
Pilot Assembly Lincat DF7N Fryer
Pilot Assembly - Lincat OG7002N Oven
Pizza Stone(640x620x15mm) - Lincat PO430-2 Pizza Oven
Radiant - Lincat Chargrill
Branding Plate - Lincat
Reset Button - Lincat Panini Grill
Power Relay - Lincat Griddle GS6FL GS65
Relay - Lincat LWB4 V7 V6/4 V7/4 Oven
Spindle Repair Kit - Lincat Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermostat Probe Phial clip - Lincat J10
Phial Clip - Thermostat to Element Clip -
Fixing Screws, Nuts & Washers to fit Sneeze Screen Glass to Lincat GBM3
Screw for Door Catch - Lincat Oven
Locking Nut for Element- Lincat LWB4 - Water Boiler
Tap Nut - Lincat - Water Boiler - EB3F
Tap Circlip - Lincat - Water Boiler - EB3F
Lower Level Sensor - Lincat Water Boiler
ECO Level Sensor - Lincat Water Boiler
Lower Level Sensor - Lincat Water Boiler
Lower Level Sensor - Lincat WMB3F/B Water Boiler
Food probe - Lincat
High Level Short Probe - Lincat Water Boiler
Level Sensor Lincat SCC101 Oven
Level Sensor Insulator - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Upper Level Sensor - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Water Lower Level Sensor - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Lower level sensor - Lincat Water Boiler
Long Probe/Sensor - Lincat EB4 EB3 Water Boiler
Spark Electrode Probe (VA13) - Lincat Fryer
SUPERSEDED Lower Water Level Sensor-Lincat Water Boiler
Wire Shelf - Lincat OG700N Oven
Shelf SEAL O/C Fridge Display RFR100B
Shelf - Lincat RFR75B-A001 Display Fridge
3 Tiered Rack Lincat UMS50 Pie Oven
R/H Oven Rack - Lincat - Oven - OCV61G
L/H Oven Rack - Lincat - Oven - OCV61G
Wire Grill Rack - Lincat GR3 Grill
Wire Rack - Lincat Coveyor Toaster
Shelf (540 x 360mm) - Lincat ECO7 V7/4 ECO76O
Shelf - Lincat V6FD Oven
Shelf (1000mm W x 650mm D) - Lincat C6R130SL
Stand for Pizza Oven - Lincat PO430-2 Pizza Oven
Shelf - Lincat SLR9N Oven
Shelf c/w Handles & Grill Pan Complete - Lincat GR3 Grill
Side Rack - Lincat OE7008 Oven
Gas Valve- Lincat J10N- Fryer
Drain Valve - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Gas Valve- Lincat - Bain Marie - BS4WP
Solenoid Valve - Lincat D6R7SB
Water Solenoid Valve - Lincat EB4 EB3 Water Boiler
Control Valve - Lincat - Chargrill - OG7401/N
Water Solenoid - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Solenoid Valve w/ inner hose - Lincat Water
Fill Solenoid - Lincat OG7502 Steamer
SUPERSEDED Solenoid Valve - Lincat EB3/4 Water Boiler
Solenoid Valve (Long Hose Type) - Lincat EB3
Ferrule Spring & Screw - Grill LSC-LPC -
Spring For Knob - Lincat
Door Hinge Spring for upper door hinge O
Spring For Handle Arm - Lincat LCG2 Grill
Spring -Lincat Tap Spring
Microswitch - Lincat DF33 Fryer
On/Off Switch - Lincat - LD4A002
Rocker switch (red neon) - Lincat HC3 HC4 HC6
SUPERSEDED - Gantry Light Switch - Lincat Bain Marie
Interlock Switch - Lincat J9 J6 J12 DF46 J12 DF46 Fryer
Element Microswitch - Lincat DF46 DF66 DF33 Fryer
On/Off Switch - Lincat HC6 Hot Cupboard
4Pole Rotary Switch - Lincat P0430-2 Double Deck Oven
Microswitch RetroKit - Lincat DF66 DF33 Fryer
Dispensing Switch - Lincat EB3F/PB Water Boiler
Rocker switch - Lincat GWH1200 Hot Food
Green On/Off Switch - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6 EB6T
Over-temperature Steam Safety Switch - Lincat
Oven / Fan Switch - Lincat ESLR9C Oven
Copper Float - Lincat OG7502/N Steamer
Float Valve - Lincat OG7504N Steamer
Mechanical float system kit - Lincat OG7502 Steamer
Gantry Light Switch - Lincat LPWLR Bain Maire
On/Off Switch - Lincat FPB5 AS4 Fridge/Salad
Green Main Switch - Lincat Salamander Grill
On / Off Switch - Lincat CT10 EB3 Toaster
Switch C/W Neon - Lincat RS334 N583 Water
Plunger Micro Switch - Lincat - Oven
Tap Assembly - Lincat - WMB3FW
Tap Assy Black - Lincat EB3 EB6 Water Boiler
Blue Upper Tap Assy - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6 Water Boiler
Complete Blue Tap Assy - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6
Grease Drain Drawer - Lincat OG7401 Chargrill
Tap Assembly - Lincat EB3F Water Boiler
Black Upper Tap Assy - Lincat EB3 EB6 LWB2
Tap Shank Extension- Lincat Water Boiler
Tap Shank - Lincat LWB4 Water Boiler
Thermocouple - Lincat Oven
Thermocouple - Lincat - Bain Marie - BS4WP
Thermocople Nut - Lincat J10 Fryer
Thermocouple 360mm - Lincat CG4 CG6N Griddle
Rear Thermocouple - Lincat SLR9N Gas Hob
Front burner thermocouple - Lincat OG7002
700mm Rear Thermocouple - Lincat
600mm Thermopile - Lincat OG7111P OG7504/N Fryer
Thermocouple - Lincat DF79 DF7N Fryer
Thermocouple for solid top hob - Lincat
Rear Thermocouple - Lincat Gas Hob
SUPERSEDED Thermopile - Lincat OG7102N Fryer
Interrupted Thermocouple - Lincat Fryer
Thermocouple - Lincat GR3-GR7 N Grill
Thermocouple - Lincat J10 Fryer & Chargrill
Thermocouple interrupter lead - Lincat
Thermocouple - Lincat OG7504/N Steamer
1500mm Oven Thermocouple - Lincat OG7002N
Burner Thermocouple - Lincat OG7002/P Oven
Thermocouple - Lincat DF4P Fryer
Oven Thermocouple - Lincat LMR9N SLR9N Oven
Thermocouple - Lincat
Terminal Block - Lincat EB3 Water Boiler
Terminal Connection Block - Lincat EB6 Water
Terminal Box - Lincat J9 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Mechanical Timer - Lincat J6 Fryer
Timer Lincat P0430-2 Double Deck Oven
60Min Timer Lincat ECO9 Oven
180Min Timer Lincat ECO9 Oven
Timer - Lincat LSC Grill
Mechanical Timer - Lincat Toaster Models
Oven Timer- Lincat EC07 EC076 Convection Oven Timer
LT Timer Knob - Lincat - Toaster - LT6X
Safety Cut out Thermostat - Lincat OE7601- Bain Marie
90' Thermostat - Lincat Water Boiler
Safety Thermostat - Lincat LDF2 LDF Fryer
SUPERSEDED Thermostat- Lincat Hot Cupboard Thermostat
Thermostat - Lincat LPWLR Pie Warmer
Thermostat - Lincat GBN3 Hot Cupboard / Bain
Overheat Thermostat on Tank - Lincat EB3F Boiler
Control thermostat - Lincat OG7100/N OG7100/P
Control Thermostat - Lincat All Electric Griddles
Thermistor Probe - Lincat EB4F EB3F WMB3F Boiler
Safety Thermostat Lincat OGC7111N-AC001
Control Thermostat - Lincat OGC7111N-AC001 OG7111P
Hi-limit thermostat - Lincat OG7504-M Steamer
Thermostat retrokit - Lincat J10/P J10/N
Minisit Working Thermostat - Lincat DF7N Fryer
Thermostat - Lincat GS65 Griddle
Control Thermostat - Lincat LDF J6 Fryer
Thermostat - Lincat HCL6 Hot cupboard
High Limit Thermostat -Lincat OG7102N Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Lincat OD7007N ESLR9C-001 Oven
Control Thermostat - Lincat OE7108 Fryer
Control Thermostat Pizza Oven PO49X
Thermostat - Lincat SLR9 SLR6 Oven
Control thermostat - Lincat BM6W Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Lincat GBM3 Hotcupboard
Safety Thermostat - Lincat DF33 DF36 DF39 DF49
Oven Thermostat - Lincat SLR9N Oven
Thermostat - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6 EB6T CB1
Thermostat - Lincat OG7101N Fryer
Rotary Switch - Lincat HT6 HT3 Boiling top
File Clip - Lincat - File Clip
Control thermostat - Lincat/Cougar DF33 Fryer
130-190c Working Thermostat - Lincat Fryer ( Old Type )
Thermostat & Control Knob - Lincat SLR9N/P
Working Thermostat- Lincat OG7102 Gas Fryer Working Thermostat
Thermostat Bracket - Lincat GM2 Hot Cupboard
Energy Regulator - Lincat Electric Salamander
Thermostat - Lincat LWD4 Boiler / Chargrill
Safety Thermostat - Lincat DF4 Fryer
Thermostat - Lincat Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat Lincat EC09 Oven
Control Thermostat Lincat P0430-2 Double
Safety Thermostat Lincat P0430-2 Double
Thermostat - Lincat G1 LPWLR Hot Cupboard / Pie Warmer
Oven Thermostat - Lincat - OG7001
Safety thermostat - Lincat J12 DF612 DF66 LDF J6
Energy Regulator Retro Kit - Lincat OE7303
SUPERSEDED Control Thermostat - Lincat Griddle
SUPERSEDED Working Thermostat - Lincat Fryer
SUPERSEDED Safety Stat - Lincat J12 Water Boiler
Safety Thermostat - Lincat DF4 DF7 J5 J10
Thermostat - Lincat V6 V7 Oven
Overheat Thermostat - Lincat Fryer
Control Thermostat - Lincat OD7007N EC07 WEEFG0049TZ Oven
Control thermostat - Lincat OE7105 OE7104
Safety thermostat - Lincat J10 Fryer
Safety Thermostat - Lincat OE7113 Fryer
Thermostat - Lincat OE7112 OE7113 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Boil dry cut out stat - Lincat EB3 EB4 EB6
Thermal Cut Out - Lincat P6P4 Hot Cupboard
Thermal Cut-Out - Lincat OG7502 OG7504 Steamer
Control Thermostat - Lincat - Pasta Boiler - PB33/FL
Oven Thermostat (NG) - Lincat OG7002 Oven
Thermostat 90°-190°C Lincat Fryer
Thermostat Assy - Lincat OG7101/N Oven
AP2-C405 Water Filter Cartridge - Lincat EB3F EB6F Water Boiler