Company Details Maestrowave make commercial and Combi microwaves ovens. Maestrowave has become a highly regarded brand within the foodservice market integrating design, functionality and innovation providing equipment solutions for every part of the catering operation

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Maestrowave Parts
Thermostat - Maestrowave Panini Grill
SUPERSEDED - Self adhesive plastic sheet - Maestrowave
Convection Fan Motor - Maestrowave
Oven Element - Maestrowave Combi Chef 4 5 6
Tube - Maestrowave MEX6 Fly Killer
Exhaust Fan - Maestrowave Combi Chef 5
Knob- Maestrowave Combichef 4 Control Knob
Gasket/Seal for Glass - Maestrowave
Inner Door Glass - Maestrowave Combichef 4
Door front - Maestrowave Combi-Chef IV 4
Fuseable Link Maestrowave Panini Grill 1605X
Magnetron - Maestrowave MWS1200 Microwave
Temperature control knob - Maestrowave
Push rod - Maestrowave Combi 4
Mesh - Maestrowave Combi 4
Top door panel - Maestrowave Combi 4
Handle - Maestrowave Combi 4
Door choke no glass grey - Maestrowave
Inner door panel c/w inner glass -
Main door frame (brown) - Maestrowave Combi 4
R/H Hinge - Maestrowave Combi 4
L/H Hinge - Maestrowave Combi 4
Element - Maestrowave MEMT18051 Toaster
Tube 15W 18Inch Maestrowave MEX50White Fly
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat Maestrowave MSF8 Fryer
Top Air Grid - Maestrowave Microwave
SUPERSEDED Grill element - Maestrowave Combichef 4 Oven
Glass Dome Stirrer Cover - Maestrowave Microwave Combichef
Complete Upper Tap - Maestrowave MWB3 Water Boiler
Magnetron - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Door handle - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Handle cushion - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Handle lever - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Membrane Switch - Maestrowave Combi-Chef V
770w 230v Top Element - Maestrowave MEMT1605X Panini Grill
White Ceramic Base Tray - Maestrowave - MW1000
Thermostat Knob - Maestrowave MEMT1605X Panini Grill
Bendy Element - Maestrowave 18061 Toaster
Straight Element - Maestrowave 18061 Toaster
Knob- Maestrowave Milton Toast Double Griddle
Door Glass Seal - Maestrowave Microwave
Door Seal - Maestrowave Combi-Chef Mk4
SUPERSEDED Maestrowave Combi-Chef IV Seal
50-300c Control Knob - Maestrowave Pannini Grill
Sensor - Maestrowave - Rice Cooker - MRC5L
Thermal Cut Out with Connecting Wire - Maestrowave -
Metal Working Coil - Maestrowave Induction Hob
Main PCB - Maestrowave Induction Hob - MC30L4B
Control Panel Membrane - Maestrowave Induction Hob
Top Grill Element - Maestrowave Combi Chef - 3,4,5,6
Top Element - Maestrowave MEMT1603X Panini Grill
Steam Packing/Gasket - Maestrowave MRC5L Rice Cooker
Stirrer Support - Maestrowave Combichef 4 Microwave
Main Board - Maestrowave MWB3PLUS Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Temperature Sensor - Maestrowave MWB3PLUS Water Boiler
SUPERSEDED Overheat Protector Element - Maestrowave MWB3PLUS Water
Overheat Protector Overflow - Maestrowave MWB3PLUS Water
Top Ribbed Plate - Maestrowave - Panini Grill - MEMT17011
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Door Microswitch - Maestrowave Combichef IV
Mains Cable with Plug- Maestrowave MSF8 - Fryer
Inner Bowl - Maestrowave MRCL Rice Cooker
145deg Cut Out Thermostat - Maestrowave MW1200 Microwave
Lever Grip Handle - Maestrowave Panini Grill
Bearing - Maestrowave MS250SG Slicer
Fine Emery Wheel - Maestrowave Slicer - MS220SG
Sharp Front Foot - Maestrowave ME1000 Microwave
Safety Thermostat - Maestrowave MDF88 Fryer