Company Details Based in Portugal and founded in 1965, Mafirol manufactures refrigeration units with an elegant, sleek design and a complete range of finishes, sizes and extra options.

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Mafirol Parts
Shelf Reiforcement - Mafirol M Kronus M3 FVLC Display Cabinet
Shelf - Mafirol M Kronus M3 FVLC Display Cabinet
Water Level Control - Mafirol HeliosM2 FVBTL-C
Rear Door c/w Gasket & Hinges - Mafirol Eros2000 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Gasket -Mafirol Euromini 1500 Display Fridge
Curved Front Glass - Mafirol Safira 1000 1900 2800
Top Evaporator - Mafirol 1300FE/VCR Euromini VEUROMINI1310
Drip Tray Element - Mafirol MAG3E M-Cronus
Shelf bracket - Mafirol Cronus 100 Fridge
Door Seal (480x351) - Mafirol Euromini 1000 L2000 ERM25 Fridge
Shelf (stainless steel) - Mafirol Cronus 100
Front condensor grill - Mafirol Cronus 100
Door Seal - Mafirol Veros 1920 VECO1420
Curved Front Glass Panel - Mafirol Euromini
Condensor Heater - Mafirol Chiller Eros 1500
Condensor Fan Motor - Mafirol - Euromini2020
Night Blind - Mafirol Cronus Plus Mod 2
Fridge Evaporator Tray Heater Mafirol M Kronu
Evaporator (Lower) - Mafirol Euromini I2520FEVPK
Evaporator Coil (for lower section) - Mafirol
Compressor MS26TB - Mafirol Mural Cronus Fridge/Frost-Tec WD60-120
Shelf bracket - Mafirol M Kronus+
Re-Evaporation Tray - Mafirol
Top Evaporator - Mafirol Euromini1500 Fridge
Glass Panel Mafirol M Cronus M3FVL Fridge
Double Metal Track For Sliding Door Mafirol
Evaporator Heater Mafirol Veros2840 Fridge
Evaporator Mafirol Veros2840 Fridge
Aluminium Profile - Mafirol Euromini 1000
Drip Tray Heater - Mafirol Mural Agueda
Glass Bracket - Mafirol M-Kronus1350 Chiller
Front glass - Straight - Mafirol Euromini 1
Sensor (Two pronged) - Mafirol - 7CRONUS PLUS
Front Curved glass - Mafirol Display cabinet
Right Hand Side Panel Mafirol MCronus Fridge
Orange Switch - Mafirol - Fridge - MCRONUSM
Side Glass L/H and R/H - Mafirol - VEUROMINI
Carel Controller PJ32S2H00K - Superceded to; PJEZS0G000
Night Blind Kit Mafirol M Cronus 1550FVL-C
Front Curved Glass Mafirol Display Unit
End Glass Panel - Mafirol - Refrigerated Display - FVBT-TVCR BECO1420
Water Level - Mafirol
Metal Strip for glass panel - Mafirol -
Front Glass - Mafirol - Fridge -
Left Hand Door - Mafirol - EUROMINI1500 EUROMINI2000
Castor for Drawer - Mafirol SAFIRA1900 NIVEL4 Fridge
Lock for Glass - Mafirol SAFIRA1900 NIVEL4 Fridge
Evaporator - Mafirol 9271051 MAG 1-5E Fridge
Curved Front Glass - Mafirol VECO2840FVBT-TVCR Display
Side Glass Panel - Mafirol VECO2840FVBT-TVCR Display Chiller
Night Blind - Mafirol - Fridge - MCRONUS M2FVLC
Plastic Locking Clip - Mafirol - MCRONUS M3FVL-C
Defrost Heater - Mafirol EROS2840 Fridge
Door with Hinges - Mafirol V EUROMINI 2000 FV-VPR
Shelf Bracket - Mafirol Mural Cronus MCR3E Display Chiller
Shelf - Mafirol - MCRONUS HCM3FBL-C
Front Curved Glass - Mafirol - VB3000
Evaporator Storage Compartment - Mafirol Euromini1100
Shelf Clip - Mafirol - Fridge - VRAVAL1420TOTFEVCR
Shelf Bracket - Mafirol M CRONUS PLUS M 1.5 FVBT L-C Fridge
Upper Evaporator - Mafirol EUROMINI2000 EUROMINI2020
Front Glass - Mafirol - Fridge - VECO1920FV-TVCR
Capillary Tube - Mafirol EUROMINI2000 EUROMINI2020
Light Frame Assy - Mafirol 960PQ-VCR VEROS1420 Fridge
Night Blind - Mafirol - M Cronus M1.5 FVL-C
Shutter - Mafirol MURAL 1320FV
Bulb Cover Fixing - Mafirol 960PQ-VCR VEROS1420 Fridge
Heat Lamp - Mafirol Ravel1420BMVCR Heated Display
Heating Element - Mafirol RAVEL1420BMVCR Heated Display
Evaporator - Mafirol - Fridge - VECO1920
Night Blind Lock & Key - Mafirol MURAL ESTORE MANUALI1520FV
Roller Shutter Mafirol MURAL ESTORE MANUALI1520V
Float Switch - Mafirol VRAVEL1210 Display Chiller
Elastic Rubber Wheel for Door - Mafirol VRUBEL1400SCVCE Chiller
Electrics Box - Mafirol CANTO1NT.VEUROPAGBB
Door Gasket - Mafirol V-RAVEL1920TOT Display Chiller
Bulb Holder - Mafirol VEROS1420 Fridge
Hydro Lift Spring - Mafirol Veros 2840 FBVTTVCE
Fixing Rod Damper - Mafirol Veros 2840 FBVTTVCE
Lamp and Casing - Mafirol RAVEL1420TOT/FE/VCR Hot Display
Fixing Screw Kit for Glass - Mafirol - EUROMINI 1310FE
Right Hand Door - Mafirol EUROMINI1500 EUROMINI2000
Ticket Strip/Plastic Price Profile - Mafirol Cronus Plus 2600 Fridge
Condensor - Mafirol - Fridge - VECO-1920
Light Assembly - Mafirol - Fridge - VECO-1920
Evaporator - Mafirol VECO2420FV-TVCR
Door Seal (storage area) - Mafirol
Shutter- Mafirol 9271017 - Display Chiller
Side Glass (4 Holes) - Mafirol - FVBT-TVCR