Company Details Menumaster is formerly known as Litton and based in America. Menumaster is a long-standing brand making both compact and combination microwave models for light and large heavy duty use.

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Menumaster Parts
Micro-switch (MF5000) - Menumaster Microwave
Door safety switch - Menumaster U1600I Microwave
Screw - Menumaster - Microwave
Nut - Menumaster - Microwave
Roof Liner/Stirrer Cover - Menu Master 3100
Internal Light Bulb - Menumaster
Capacitor - Menumaster V1600I Microwave
2M229K(A) Magnetron - Menumaster UC14E Microwave
HV Board - Menumaster UCA1400 Jet Wave
Temperature sensor - Menumaster UCA1400
Control panel - Menumaster UMLD510 Microwave
Touch Pad - Menumaster UMLD510 Microwave
Touch Panel - Menumaster UC11E Microwave
Keypad Touch Panel - Menumaster - DFS18E
Pizza Stone - Menumaster - Oven - MXP5201
Obsolete Shelf - Menumaster - Oven - MXP5201
Top Antenna Assembly - Menumaster MDC182
Ceramic Base Plate - Menumaster - Microwave
Blower Fan Motor - Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
Stirrer Cover - Menumaster DEC14E2 Microwave
PCB - RFS518TS - Microwave - Menumaster
SUPERSEDED Touch Pad Assembly - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
SUPERSEDED Membrane Board - Menumaster UC18E Microwave
Triac - Menumaster UC18E Microwave
Blade - Menumaster UCA1400 Microwave
Blade Screw - Menumaster UCA1400 Microwave
Turntable Motor - Menumaster - RFS511TSW
Base Plate & Seal - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
SUPERSEDED Touch Pad - Amana - RFS518S Microwave
Stirrer blade kit - Menumaster Microwave
2M246-35GKH Magnetron - Menumaster - Microwave - RFS518TS
Triac 25a - Menumaster
Stirrer Glass - Menumaster MOC5241 - Microwave
Window, Outer - Menumaster UC11E Microwave
Internal Lamp Assembly - Menumaster RCS511TS Microwave
Outer Door - Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
Transformer Menumaster RCS511DS Microwave
Transformer - Menumaster - RFS518TS
Capacitor - Menumaster DS1400E Microwave
Door Switch Assy - Menumaster DS1400E Microwave
Door Handle & Frame - Menumaster UMLD510D Microwave
Base Plate - Menumaster RFS518TS- Microwave
Door Catch Kit - Menmaster RCS511TS P2002405M Microwave
Base Pan Assembly - Menumaster - Microwave - RFSS18TS
Fine Fuse - Menumaster Microwave
HV Transformer Primary - Menumaster Microwave
Ceramic Plate - Menumaster - Microwave - RFSS18TS
Shelf 328mm x 375mm - Menumaster - Microwave - UCA1400
Tension Spring for Door Latch- Menumaster DFS18E - Microwave
Latch- Menumaster DFS18E - Microwave
HV Diode - Menumaster
PCB - Menumaster
Fan Wheel - Menumaster
Ceramic Plate 327x297mm - Menumaster
Magnetron - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
Magnetron - Menumaster - Microwave - UCA1400
Light Bulb - Menumaster RFS518TS Microwave
Lower Motor 7EK24FUN02 - Menumaster Microwave HDC514 HDC518
PCB - Menumaster - Microwave - RFS511TSW13
Inner Door 415mm x 325mm x 28mm - Menumaster RFS518TS
Fine Fuse 12a Fast Acting 250v
HV Capacitor - Menumaster Microwave
Repair Kit (Ceramic Plate & Support) - Menumaster Microwave
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