Company Details Mercatus was established in 1995. Mercatus specialises in the production of commercial refrigeration, mainly refrigerated counters, cabinets and cold rooms.

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Mercatus Parts
1/3 Drawer - Mercatus - Fridge - L2 1320
Controller - Mercatus L5-1320 L62490 Fridge
Door seal - Mercatus L4-1980 Chiller
Top Hinge Plate Mercatus L6D2 Fridge
Top Hinge Spring Loaded Mercatus L6D2 Fridge
Door - Mercatus - Fridge - L41980
Evaporator Tray & Heater - Mercatus L2/IARP STOK70BT
Water Collector with Resistance - Mercatus - Fridge - L2-1435
Condensate Tray Heater - Mercatus - Fridge - L6-1470
Evaporator Drip Tray - Mercatus L2
Evaporator 445 x 355 x 68 - Mercatus L21320 L21765 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Mercatus L21755 Fridge Evaporator
Evaporator - Mercatus L2-1320 Fridge
Drawer Seal 420x290mm - Mercatus L2-1320 Chiller
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Mercatus Fridge 400mm x 630mm (outside-edge)
Door Seal - Mercatus L2 Chiller 485x630mm
1410mm x 545mm Door Seal - Mercatus X3 Fridge
Door Seal Mercatus L6-1980 Fridge
Door seal - Mercatus M1-750 Fridge
Drawer seal - Mercatus L2-1755 Fridge
Door Gasket - Mercatus
Door Gasket 660x1500mm - Mercatus M1-750
Door Gasket 480 x 620mm - Mercatus L2.1580 19 L62490 Fridge
Door Gasket 415mm x 625mm - Mercatus L2-1320 L2-1755 Fridge
Door seal - Mercatus Q1600 Fridge
Door Gasket (570x395mm) - Mercatus
Door Seal - Mercatus - Fridge - R2-880
Drawer Seal - 420x180mm - Mercatus - L21755
Door Seal - Mercatus R2-880 Fridge
Door Gasket 480x300mm - Mercatus
Lighting - Mercatus - Fridge - L1-1980
S/S Drawer Runner (pair) - Mercatus- Fridge - L2 1320
Evaporator Fan Motor- Mercatus L2-1320 Fridge
Condenser Fan Motor - Mercatus L2-1320 Fridge
Keypad Membrane Interface - Mercatus Blast Chiller
Panel - Mercatus - Fridge - L1-PROFI
NTC Probe - Mercatus L5-1320
Wire shelf racks c/w runners - Mercatus S1
Metal support (Side) - Mercatus chiller S1
Metal support (Rear) - Mercatus chiller S1
Shelf 530mm x 325mm - Mercatus L2-1320 fridge
Shelf runner (price for a pair) - Mercatus L2
Shelf Runners (Pair) - Mercatus Fridge
Shelf - Mercatus Fridge - L2-1320
Door Spring- Mercatus L2- Right hand Door Spring
Door Spring- Mercatus L2-Left hand Door Spring
On/Off Switch - Mercatus L21320 undercounter
Yellow Fan Switch Mercatus L22190 Fridge
On/Off Switch - Mercatus - Fridge - L1-PROFI
Fan Switch - Mercatus - Fridge - L1-PROFI
On/Off Rocker Switch Green - Mercatus L5-13 L62490
Mercatus Equipment Types
Fridge & Freezer Spares