Company Details Metcalfe is a fourth generation family run business and was established in 1928 by the Great Grandfather of their present Managing Director. Metcalfe manufacture an industry leading range of mixers, slicers, peelers, chippers, vegetable preparation units and waste disposers.

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Metcalfe Parts
Rumble Base Plate - Metcalfe GU8 28LB Peeler
Abrasive/Rotor Plate - Metcalfe Potato Peeler
Base Plate - Metcalfe FPVP Potato Peeler
Centre Peeling Plate - Metcalfe Slicer - XS220
Bearing - Metcalfe 14 & 28LB Rumbler
Bearing - Metcalfe EPUO 111827 Potato Peeler
Bearing Set - Metcalfe F12 Slicer Bearing Set
Bearing 6203Z - Pantry Mixer - SP80
Bearing (Retaining/washing)- Metcalfe E PUO
Spacer - Metcalf E PUO 10 Potato Peeler
End Device Complete - Metcalfe F10 Slicer
Seal- Metcalfe EP10 Potato Peeler Water Seal
Bearing / Drive Shaft Assy - Metcalfe EPUO
Bearings for Drive Shaft - EP45 - Metcalfe
Bearing - Metcalfe GV8 Potato Rumbler
Bearing - Metcalfe - Mixer - SP200
Blade Assembly - Metcalfe - Ice Machine - V100
Knife Block Frame & 14mm Blade Set - Metcalfe Hand Potato Chipper
Dicing Grid, D20 x 20 - Metcalfe CJ24 Food Processor
Knock Knife - Lockhart Metcalfe Mixer
4-Bladed Knife - Metcalfe 200-B Mincer
Blade- Metcalfe XS220 Meat Slicer Blade
Bladed Knife Metcalfe SP200 Mincer
14mm Blade Set - Metcalfe Hand Potato Chipper
14mm Block, Frame and Knives - Metcalfe HPC12/2271/4H
Agitator blade - Hamilton beach Blender
Stainless Steel Knife - Metcalfe TCR22 Mincer
300mm Blade - Metcalfe EURPOA300F Slicer
Sharpening Stone - Metcalf F10 Slicer
Finishing Stone Metcalf F10 Slicer
Metcalfe F10 Slicer Sharpening Stone pair
Sharpening Attachement - Metcalfe Slicer
Sharpening Stones(Pair) - Metcalfe F10 Slicer
20qt Bowl - Metcalfe NMH026 Mixer
Ice Tray (Container) - Metcalfe - Ice Crusher - V100
Jug- Hamilton Beach IG916-05-UK Jug
Flexible Coupling - Metcalfe - Potato Rumbler
Bowl casting support - Metcalfe M10-166-5E
Contactor - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Tun dish - Metcalfe GU4 Potato Rumbler
Waste Outlet Gasket - Metcalfe
Drive Belt A890/A34 V 215 - Metcalfe EPJ5 Potato Peeler
Drive Belt Metcalfe Europe 300F Slicer
Metcalf SP30H Mixer Timing Belt
Motor Belt - Metcalfe F10 Slicer
SG12 Slicer Motor Drive Belt
V-belt - Metcalfe GU8 Potato peeler
Drive Belts- Metcalfe F12 Slicer Drive Belts
Main Shaft - Metcalfe Mixer
Drive Shaft Assy - GU8 23329
Planetary Shaft and Pin - Metcalfe - Mixer - SP200
Pin for Drive Coupling - Metcalfe
Plug and Mains Lead - Metcalfe - Mixer - 200B
Rubber Foot - Metcalfe F10 Slicer
Rubber Foot c/w Screw - Metcalfe EPUO/13712/P9 Potato Peeler
Rubber Feet - Metcalf F10 Slicer
Rubber Foot - Metcalfe V90 Ice
Rubber Foot - 10lb Metcalfe Peeler
Pack Of 4 Rubber Feet - Metcalfe SP-30 Mixer
Oil Seal - Metcalfe - Mixer - SP200
Door Gasket - Metcalf - Patato Peeler
Oil Seal - Metcalfe GV8 Potato Rumbler
Adaptor Gasket Metcalfe Pedestal BUB23126/01
Spindle Housing Gasket Metcalfe Pedestal
650mm Door Seal - Metcalfe Potato Peeler
Door Seal Square - Metcalfe 15B Veg. Prep.
Oil Seal Housing - Metcalfe Potato Rumbler
Oil Seal - Metcalfe Potato Rumbler
Door Seal 6" x 5" - Metcalfe Potato Rumbler
Rubber lip seal - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Aluminium Gear - Metcalfe LM-7 Mixer
Brass Gear - Metcalfe Mixer
Clutch (Female) - Metcalfe - B98 - Blender
Internal Gear Selector - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Metcalf B5c - SM5 Mixer PVC Gear Wheel
Door handle, bolt and bush - Metcalfe -
Handle - Metcalfe Euro250/567/K9 Slicer
Bowl Latch Assembly - Metcalfe - SP100
Handle and Stud Metcalfe Globus Slicer 300
Door handle, bolt and bush - Metcalfe -
Water Inlet with nut & washers -Metcalfe 14lb
Hose Connector- Metcalfe 10lb Potato Peeler Hose Connector
Length of Waste Pipe, Elbow & Coupling - Metcalfe Peeler
Upper Housing - Metcalfe - Blender - HBB250S-UK
Spray Nozzle - Metcalfe Potato Peeler
Centre Plate Knob - Metcalfe FIAMAX30 Slicer
Centre plate knob - Metcalfe F10 Slicer
SG12 Slicer Blade Spindle Knob
Centre Plastic Lid Insert - Metcalfe
Outer lid - Metcalfe CEADO V90 Ice cream freezer
Lid (Rubber) - Metcalfe 10lb Potato Rumbler
Lid Assembly - Metcalfe Potato Peeler
Filler Cap- Hamilton Beach HBB250S-CE Blender
Container Cover - Hamilton Beach HBB250SCE
Perspex Lid - Metcalfe MC8 Food Processor
Grease 400Gm Tube - Metcalfe GV8 Potato Rumbler
Slice Deflector - Metcalfe - Slicer - NS250
White Plastic Section for End Device - Metcalfe - XS220
Aluminium Cover Knob - Metcalfe - Slicer - NS250
Planetary Holder - Metcalfe SP80 Mixer
Box Spanner - Metcalfe - Peeler - EP15
Lifting Hook - Metcalfe - Peeler - EP15
Bottom Runner Locking Mechanism - Metcalfe - Slicer - M300
Filler Cap - Metcalfe CEADO V90 Ice cream freezer
Back Cover- Metcalf SM5 - Mixer
Planetary Casting - Metcalfe - Mixer - SP200
Drive Peg - Metcalfe Pedestal Peeler
Blade Removal Tool - Metcalfe - XS020/1105/OC
Sausage Filler - Metcalfe SP200
Transmission Case - Pantry Mixer - SP80
Oil Seal - Pantry Mixer - SP80
Bearing 6202Z - Pantry Mixer - SP80
Complete Back Cover - Pantry Mixer - SP80
Waste Outlet Casting - Metcalfe Potato Peeler
Knife Scraper - Metcalfe Slicer
Bottom Runner Locking Mechanism - Metcalfe GLOBUS250 Slicer
Shifter Complete - Metcalfe SP200
Bottom Runner Knob Assembly - Metcalfe - Slicer - M300
Blade Screw Remover -Mecalfe F10 Slicer
Fixing Screw - Metcalfe 10lb Bench Top Potato
Collar - Metcalfe FIAMAX30 Slicer
Mincing Attachment - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Dough Hook - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Whisk - Metcalfe SMS/1091/2F Mixer
20L-10L Conversion Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Whisk - Metcalfe 200-B SP200 Planetary mixer
Whisk - Metcalfe / Hobart 100B Mixer
Beater - Metcalfe Mixer - SP100
Hook - Metcalfe Mixer - SP100
Whisk - Metcalfe 800A-B Mixer
Beater - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Beater - Metcalfe SM7/7633/SE Mixer
Beater - Metcalfe SM5 Mixer
Beater - Metcalfe 800A-B Mixer
Paddle Beater - Metcalfe SP80 8 Litre Mixer
Motor Brush Set - Metcalfe - Mixer - HMD400
Motor- Metcalfe SP30 Mixer Single Phase Motor
Motor Metcalfe Potato Peeler BU4
Motor - Metcalfe V90 Ice Crusher
Motor Shaft and Core - Pantry Mixer - SP80
Motor - Metcalfe NA15/1958/OI Peeler
Motor - Metcalfe Peeler 10lb
Motor - Metcalfe B5C Mixer
Motor & Pinion PCB 1PH - Metcalfe GV8 Potato Rumbler
Motor - Metcalf - Universal Items
Oil Seal Ring - Metcalfe GV8 Potato Rumbler
Fibre Washer for chamber blanking bolt - Metcalfe EP10
Oil Seal Ring - Metcalfe GU8 Potato Peeler
Waste Outlet Gasket - Metcalfe Potato Peeler
Oil Seal - Metcalfe EPUS Potato Peeler
Water Outlet Gasket - Metcalfe 14lb Potato
Engraved plate - Metcalfe Mixer 200/B
Transmission Cover - Metcalfe Mixer 200/B
Electronic Pad - Metcalfe CEADO V90 Ice Crusher
PCB - Metcalfe - Mixer - SM5
6mm Extrusion Plate - Metcalfe TS22 Mincer
Rotor Plate - Metcalfe Potato Peeler
Centre Plate with bar - Metcalfe F10R/5225/36
Agitator Plate/Sweeper Assy - Metcalfe EP10 Potato Peeler
Pulley (under bearing assy) - Metcalfe 14lb
Complete Knife Pulley Metcalfe Slicer
No Volt Relay Assembly - Metcalfe Potato
Centre plate spindle - Metcalfe F10 Slicer
Spindle Metcalfe Bench Peeler EP10 EP15
Centre Plated Spindle Insert - Metcalfe
SG12 Blade Guard Spindle - Goes though machine
127mm Centre Plate Spindle & Knob - Metcalfe Slicer - XS220
Centre Plate Spindle & Knob - Metcalfe EUR300N/661/3K
Pinion - Metcalfe - Mixer - SP200
Knife Screw - Metcalfe Slicer - XS220
Screw for Bearing (Retaining/washing)- Metcalfe EP10
Screw x 2 - Metcalfe - Slicer - NS250
Nut - Metcalfe - Mixer - SP200
Nut and Brass Insert - Metcalfe M10/12115
Thumbscrew for attachment hub - Metcalfe - Mixer - 200B
SUPERSEDED Blade Screw - Metcalfe Meat Slicer
Counter Sunk Blade Screw -Mecalfe F10 Slicer
F10 Slicer Fixing Stud 1/4"" BSW
F10 Slicer Knurled Nut 1/4"" BSW
12"" Blade Guard PVC SG12 - Metcalfe
Left Hand Bowl Locking Mechanism - Metcalfe
Bowl Guard - Metcalfe 200B Mixer
Blade Removal Tool -Metcalfe SG10 Meat Slicer
Perspex guard - Metcalfe MAX300 Slicer
M10 Right Hand Bowl Locking Mechanism
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe SP800AB Mixer
Plastic Bowl Cover - Metcalfe SM523905G
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe - Slicer - SL350-S
Back Knife Guard - Metcalfe - Slicer - SL350-S
Safety Guard Ball Catch - Metcalf - Mixer
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe EUROPA 250 Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Metcalfe - Slicer
Guard - Metcalfe - Slicer - LUX300
Perspex Safety Guard - NS250 Slicer
Perspex Safety Guard - Metcalfe GLOBUS220 NS250 Slicer
Perspex Guard - Metcalfe 800-AB SP80/946/IE Mixer
Plastic Guard - Metcalfe EUR300N Slicer
Perspex Slicer Guard - Metcalfe F1OR/4296/67
Blade removal tool - Metcalfe MAX300 Slicer
Guard- Metcalfe XS220 Meat Slicer PVC Guard
Flow control - Metcalfe GU4 Potato Rumbler
Spring - Metcalfe HPC Chipper
Rocker switch - Metcalfe XS250 Slicer
On Switch - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Bowl Switch - Metcalfe Mixer SP100
Off switch - Metcalfe EPUO/144S1/3H Peeler
On switch - Metcalfe EPUO/144S1/3H Peeler
Safety Switch - Metcalfe 200B SP100 Mixer
Emergency Off Switch - Metcalfe SP200 Mixer
Mechanical Timer - Metcalfe Mixer