Company Details Modular specializes in designing and manufacturing cooking, washing and refrigerating equipment. Modular are suitable for restaurant kitchens and hotels are they are robust and heavy duty.

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Modular Parts
Modular Oven L/H Hinge Pin
Modular Oven Block Pin
Modular Oven Internal Pipe / Inner tubing
Modular Oven Hinge Spring
Hi-Limit Stat - Modular 90/80BRE Bratt Pan
Microswitch - Modular 90/80BRE Bratt Pan
Three Phase Thermostat - Modular 90/80BRE Bratt Pan
Cut Off Switch - Modular 90/80BRE Bratt Pan
Changeover Switch - Modular 90/80 PEI
Operation Switch - Modular CF4-78ET Oven
Green Pilot Light - Modular CF4-78ET Oven
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Modular CF4-78ET Oven
Operation Switch - Modular CF4-78ET Oven
Hotplate 2.6kwt - Modular CF4-78ET Oven
Contactor - Modular Excell Oven
Electric element for Modular Salamander grill
Pilot Burner Nozzle (NG) - Modular LT65-40
Gas Nozzle (NG) - Modular LT65-40 Griddle
Rotary Switch 2 Poles Item 139 on Diagram
Modular CPT1310 Heating Element 4.5 Kw
Rotary Switch 4 Positions 17mm Item139
Door Catch - Modular Oven
Micro Switch - Modular CF4-78EI Oven
Control Thermostat - Modular 50-300°C Oven
Heating Element - Modular CF4-78ET Oven
Control Knob - Modular
Fan Motor - Modular EMDA6T Oven
Fan Blade - Modular EMDA6T Oven
8.4kw Element Modular EMDA6T Oven
Selector Switch 6 Pos - Modular 90/120CFE
Selector Switch 6 Pos - Modular 90/120CFE
Electric Hot Plate - 3Kw 230v
Electric Hot Plate - 4Kw 230v
Orange Pilot Light - Modular 90/120CFE Oven
Gasket - Modular Dishwasher
Rinse Fitting - Modular Dishwasher
Green indicator lamp - Modular Oven
Suppressor Modular Oven
Door Seal Modular 1400TN Fridge
Door Seal - Modular 1400TN Fridge
Gas valve - Modular 65/70 FTGPCR Griddle
Thermostatic gas valve - Modular 65/70
Element 2500w 230v - Modular 70/70 FRE 10+10
Gasket - Modular
8.4kwt 230v Heating Element - Modular
Shaft Seal - Modular Oven
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Modular 70/70CFEQ Range
Pilot Burner Assembly - Modular
LPG Pilot Jet - Modular
1500mm Thermocouple - Modular
7x44mm Spark Electrode - Moduar
Thermocouple Screw Connection - M9x1
2.2kwt 240v Heating Element - Modular
Impellor - Modular Dishwasher
Wash Pump - Modular/Nelson SW1300BT Dishwasher
Timer - Modular EC056A Dishwasher
Axial Fan - Modular DEO06MX Oven
Round filter - Modular ECO47A Glasswasher
Drain plug - Modular ECO47A Glasswasher
Ignition Cable - Modular 70.70 Char Grill
Modular Oven R/H Hinge Pin
Element - Modular Excell Oven
3-phase Thermostat - Modular
TR29319 Thermostat - Modular Dishwasher
Drawer Seal - Modular - Fridge - TR2-2
Connecting Bow - Modular Oven
Hot Air Fan - Modular - Oven - BER443ECO
Door Seal- Modular TRA3TN- Chiller
Oven Gasket Upper - Modular CFGE 70 Series- Oven
2000mm Oven Door Gasket - Modular
Door Seal - Modular - 70/70CFGE
Hob Control Knob - Modular - 70/70CFGE
Thermostat (Single Phase) - Modular Oven
Circular Heating Element 1600w 230v - Modular Oven
O-Ring - Modular Dishwasher
Wash Arm - Modular Dishwasher
Timer - Modular Dishwasher
Exhaust Filter - Modular Dishwasher
Rinse Impeller- Modular Dishwasher
Splitter - Modular Dishwasher
Connector - Modular Dishwasher
Lower Washing Spindle - Modular Dishwasher
Upper Washing Pin - Modular Dishwasher
Splitter - Modular Dishwasher
Door Seal - Modular - Oven - EMD10T
Heating Element 2500W 230V - Modular
Element - Modular 10.5 FRE - Grill