Company Details E and R Moffat is one of the most respected brand names in the catering industry, with an enviable reputation for quality and innovation built over 40 years. Moffat is one of the worlds leading catering equipment manufacturers producing food displays, servery counters, backbar and kitchen equipment with bespoke manufactured products and a range of standard equipment

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Moffat Parts
Moffat Hot cupboard 3V3 4V3 Control Knob
Element - Moffat Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Thermostat for Moffat E26 E25
Grill Element - Blue Seal Moffat E92 Grill
Plug part 1 (inner) - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
Plug Part 2 Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
SUPERSEDED - Moffat G50D Spark Electrode
SUPERSEDED HT Lead - Moffat G50D
Socket Part 1 - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
Fan & Element - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
Green On/Off Switch - Moffat VCHT3 VEGEN299 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Main Switch - Moffat FTG3 Focus Hot Top
SUPERSEDED Glass Door - Moffat Hot Cupboard E84L
Element - Moffat 1900ELEC H/CB-M
SUPERSEDED Handle - Moffat Hot Cupboard E84L
Thermal Cut Out - Moffat V1 Series Grey
Control simmerstat Knob - Moffat Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Oven Control Knob - Moffat 2FHCM MH9 Oven
Door Roller Moffat HB1 SE
Thermocouple top / bottom burner - Moffat
SUPERSEDED Motor Timer - Blue Seal Moffat E32 Max Oven
Spark Lead - Moffat G59-6
SUPERSEDED Electrode - Moffat G59-6 G50D G570 GT46
SUPERSEDED Piezo Ignitor - Moffat G50D Oven
Black Warming Plate/ Hotplate 200W - Moffat
Electrical Socket Part 2 (outer) Moffat Hot cupboard Special H/C
SUPERSEDED On/Off Switch - Moffat Bain Marie 1900
Top Element - Moffat ZERDTOP3
Door Latch / Catches (on the body) - Moffat VGEN
LAE Controller - AC15JS2RWA1208 -50 to 750c
Sneeze Screen c/w Fixing Screws - Moffat FTTG4 Hot Display
Hot Cupboard Blower Fan - Moffat HB19E
Hinge to suit Tray Slide for model No U164009
Pilot Assembly - Moffat NG /LPG Chargrill G596
Door Handle - Moffat CR10 2GG VG2GG-SS Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED 200 watt halogen Lamps for Moffat Hot Trolley
Element - Moffat 4175 Oven Element 1600wt 240v
Castor - Moffat 4V5B Display Chiller 125mm
Castor- Moffat 4V5B Display Chiller Castor 100mm
Charcoal filter - Moffat MCH662G Cooker Hood
SUPERSEDED - Oven Range Burner Ring - Moffat G506DF
SUPERSEDED Hotplate (Right Hand Side) Moffat Hot Top
Dimmerswitch - Moffat GTC 182/98 Bain Marie
Lamp holder - Moffat VGEN2GG Oven
Hot Plate Seal - Moffat VCHT3
New Style Element - Moffat 125HC2000 HC16E8DBS Hot Cupboard
2kw Element - Moffat V-gen V900299 V16400G Oven
LAE 122D/2 Controller - Moffat V299 Oven
Baffle Tray - Moffat G50 Oven
Bulb for Moffat Gantry
SUPERSEDED Temperature control Thermostat - 3FHCM
Heating Element - Moffat V-TOP 2 Plus Gantry
Rear Burner Thermocouple - Moffat G54 G506 Oven
1kw Element & Fan - Moffat 2FHCM6-03
Glass Sneeze Screen Panel - Moffat BCHT3T Hotplate
Condensing Unit - Moffat SO23452 Fridge
Perspex Sneeze Screen Moffat Versicarte Hot
Fan Motor - Moffat CHB15ES Hot Cupboard
100mm Braked Castor - Moffat GV3 13 Hot
SUPERSEDED Moffat ZV1 Hot Cupboard Glass Element
Element - Moffat ZV1 Hot Cupboard Bain Marie Element
SUPERSEDED Heat Lamp Moffat VGEN2GG Oven
Complete Fan Unit - Moffat 5FHCM Hot Cupboard
1kw Element - Moffat V-gen V900299 Oven
SUPERSEDED Drip Tray Element - Moffat MM12LSA Multideck
Heating Element Moffat VT G3 Hot Plate
2.4Kw Element - Moffat HC2000 Hot Cupboard
Top Element Moffat VTG3 Hot Plate
Door hinge - Moffat Regen V16400G Oven
SUPERSEDED Cable - Moffat 1258C200 Hot cupboard
Glass Panel - Moffat D5HD Display Unit
NG-LPG Conversion Kit- Moffat G59/4 Chargrill
Halogen Lamp Moffat MHB157 Bain Marie
Conversion Kit (NG-LPG) - Moffat Bakbar
Hob Control Knob Assy - Moffat CR9DF Oven
Oven Injector LPG Moffat CR9DF Oven
Ring Nut for Thermostat - Moffact HC18ES7 H/C
Curved Glass Holder - Moffat VC8M5 Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED - Lamp Holder - Moffat Bain Marie
Complete Drip Tray c/w Elements - Moffat VCRW5FC
Drip Tray - Moffat - Hot Cupboard - MM12
Curved Glass (1416mm) - Moffat MHT15+GH CHB15ES
Door Seal Moffat Hot Cupboard
Temperature Controller Moffat VCRW4C Display
Pilot Burner Assembly - Moffat GT46 Fryer
Switch -Ego Selector Switch - Moffat/Blue Seal E44 Fryer
Black Coiled Flex Cable 1.5mtr - Moffat 3FBM
Fan Cable - Moffat 2FBM Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED 200w 120mm Bulb - Moffat VG1C Hot Trolley
Fan Blade - Moffat Hot Cupboard HC13E8
Sunon DP200A Fan Display Unit - Moffat
Tap - Moffat Water Boiler - X6AB6
Nut for Tap - Moffat - X6AB6
Clip for Tap - Moffat - X6AB6
Plate- Polar Plate (Tray for freezing) - Moffat -
Relay - Moffat
Relay - Moffat CMS26
Heat Lamp c/w fitting - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Gas Valve - Moffat HBG168L Bain Marie
Pilot Burner, Gas Valve - Moffat Bain Marie
HT Lead - Moffat HBG168L Bain Marie
Electrode - Moffat HBG168L Bain Marie
Thermocouple 1000mm- Moffat SCEP19 Bain Marie
Gas Valve Pilot Burner - Moffat HBG16 8L Bain
Screw For Black Clamp Curved Glass VCBM3 Bain
Black Holder Curved Glass VCBM3 Bain
Black Clamp Curved Glass (Top Gantry) Moffat VCBM3 Bain Marie
Drip Tray - Moffat MD15 Bain Marie
Float Switch - Moffat MD15 Bain Marie
Glass Front (1416mm x 310mm) - Moffat CHB15ES Hot
2kw Element/Fan Assembly - Moffat - HC2000
Silver Edging (2 required) - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Evaporator Coil - Moffat - Fridge - DELI 1900
Glass Sneeze Screen - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Condensate Heater - Moffat RCA13/96 Hot Cupboard
Trim - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Element - Moffat HC16E8DBS Hot Cupboard
5 Amp Fuse - Moffat Hot Cupboard
Handle - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Handle Backplate - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Track Wheel - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Track Stop - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Glass - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Draught Excluder - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Edging - Moffat D3MD MD12 Chiller
Rod Shelf - Moffat 3FHCM Hot Cupboard
Heated Ceran Top with Element - Moffat VGEN2GGW
Overheat Thermostat - Moffat COBRA CF4 Fryer
Drain Valve - Moffat Bain Marie
Teflon Washer - Moffat Bain Marie
Jam Nut - Moffat Bain Marie
Drain - Moffat Bain Marie
Divider for Gastronorm Trays - Moffat CHC9E5GH Bain Marie
Short Divider for Gastronorm Tray - Moffat CHC9E5GH Bain Marie
Door Gasket - Moffat E32D4 Oven
Seal Moffat Hot Cupboard
Mains Lead Moffat Hot Cupboard
Door Roller Pin - Moffat HB18E Hot Trolley
Thermostat - Moffat 2FHCM 5FHCM Oven
Fan Motor - Moffatt Hot Cabinet HB15ES GH
Thermostat - Moffat Blue Seal CR9DF Oven
SUPERSEDED - Lamp Holder - Moffat Hot Trolley
120mm Mesh Guard - Moffatt Hot Trolley
On / Off Switch 22mm x 30mm - Moffat 3FHCM/3V304 Hot cupboard
Power Neon Green - Moffat 3V1B Hot Trolley
SUPERSEDED Bulb for gantry - Moffat VCHT3 Heated Displ
Thermostat- Moffat Hot Trolley BF210 Digital
Element - Moffat 3V304 Bain Marie Element
Probe - Moffat BF210 Hot Trolley
Fan & Element Assembly - MOFFAT HC2000
Temperature Controller / Indicator - Moffat 2FBM Bain Marie
SUPERSEDED Sneeze Screen - Moffat - Carvery Unit - VCCV4
Perspex Sneeze Screen - Moffat - VGEN2GR
Perspex Sneeze Screen - Moffat 4FHCM Hot Cupboard
Roller Shutter Replacement Lock - Moffat VCRA4RLSA Fridge Counter
75mm Braked Castor - Moffat VCBM4B Hot Trolley
Complete Strip Light Fitting - Moffat VCRW4R
Door Handle ONLY - Moffat
Fuse Moffat VGEN2GGCYN Hot Plate
Fan & Element 1.5kwt - Moffat Hot Cupboard
Element Moffat HB4EW Wet Well Bain Marie
Single Door Skid - Moffat
Double Door Skid - Moffat
6.5kwt 240v Heating Element - Moffat E32D4 Oven
Liquid Line Drier - Moffat VCRW33R Fridge
Capillary Line - Moffat VCRW33R Fridge
Sealant - Moffat - Hot Plate - VCHT3
Top Lid Hinge - Moffat - Oven - BF2B
Element - Moffat D5BMG
3-Way Switch - Moffat
Cupboard Fan - E & R Moffat
Green Neon - E & R Moffat
Amber Neon - E & R Moffat
Digital Control LDU - E R Moffat
Relay - Moffat
Fuse - E R Moffat
VCRW4R Door Gasket (Size4) - E & R Moffat
Door Gasket (Size3) - E & R Moffat
Cupboard Thermostat - E R Moffat
Water Sensor Kit - Moffat - Fridge - MISTRAL
Curved Glass 1448mm - E&R Moffat
1kw Fan & Element Assy. - 125HC2000
Glass Sneeze Screen Panel - Moffat - Chiller - MD12
Sahara Fan & Element Unit - Moffat VCHT5 Hot Cupboard
1 Kwt Heating Element - Moffat HC13X8.E Hot Cupboard
Straight Element - Moffat HC13X8.E Hot Cupboard
Unbreaked Castor - Moffat 3V 4FHCM Hot Cupboard
Sneeze Screen - Moffat HB/126S Hot Cupboard
Glass Panel - Moffat MD15 Bain Marie
Frame for Glass - Moffat MD15 Bain Marie
Door Handle - Moffat - Bain Marie - 3FBM2010FF2
Glass Hotplate - Moffat VCHT3 Hot Cupboard
2.4kwt Element - Moffat
Carvery Plate - Moffat HB215ES Hot Cupboard
1kw Fan - Moffat HCBM1000 Bain Marie
700w Recon Element - Moffat HB15E Carvery Unit
Reflector for 2238A lamp - Moffat
Burner - Moffat
Fan Unit, Plug & Socket - Moffat - HC2000
Cooling Fan - Moffat - Hot Cupboard - VGEN16
Sneeze Screen - Moffat
Lockable Door Handle - Moffat Regen VG2GG
Castor - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Drip Tray Assembly (w/ elements) - Moffat - MRF18T
Divider - Moffat Hot Cupboard - EBEHT
High Limit Thermostat - Moffat GT60 Fryer
SUPERSEDED Temp Probe- Moffat E31D4 - Oven
Element 4kwt - Moffat Bain Marie
Condenser - Moffat - Fridge - BK12R
2kw Sahara Heater Assembly - Moffat
4m Mains Lead - Moffat VERSICARTE 1500
Piezo Igniter - Moffat
Compressor- Moffat - Fridge - BK12R
Lamp Assembly - Moffat
Night Blind - Moffat MD12 Chiller
Brackets - Moffat MD12 Chiller
SUPERSEDED Evaporation Heater- Moffat MD15T- Chiller
Glas Lug- Moffat VCHT4- Hot Servery
Door Seal - Moffat CR10
Black Door Handle - Moffat 3FHCM Hot Cupboard
Evaporation Heater Element - Moffat VCRDFCLSA
Foot - Moffat
Evaporator Finned Coil - Moffat MD157
Lamp Fitting - Moffat - VTG1
Infra Red Lamp - Moffat - VTG1
Igniton Box - Moffat - Oven - G32D4
Cooling Fan for PCB - Moffat G32D4 Oven
Main PCB - Moffat - Oven - G32D4
Bump Ons - Moffat ST64
Black Silicone - Moffat Hot Cupboard
Gasket - Moffat - Hot Cupboard - FTTG3
2kw Focus Sahara Fan Unit with socket
Control Knob- Moffatt HP2 - Heated Plate
4m Mains Cable - Moffat - Food Trolley - VCHT5
Capillary - Moffat VCRD4
Mains Lead - Moffat Food Trolley - HP2
Door Roller - Moffat Hot Trolley
Temp Display - Moffat Regen VG2GG
Evaporator - Moffat DRD2
Evaporation Tray - Moffat DCD3
Drip Tray - Moffat - Display - VCRW4
SUPERSEDED Door Wheel - Moffat CHB18GH - Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Pin For Wheel - Moffat CHB18GH - Oven
Fan & Heater Assembly - Moffat 3FBM - Hot Trolley
Complete PCB Kit - Moffat - VG2H
Condensing Unit Complete - Moffat VCRW5
Inlet Solenoid - Moffatt X6AD6 - Hot Unit
Top Lid Seal - Moffatt X6AD6 - Hot Unit
Element- Moffatt X6AD6 - Hot Unit
Low Sensor - Moffatt X6AD6 - Hot Unit
High Sensor - Moffatt X6AD6 - Hot Unit
SUPERSEDED Fan & Element - Moffat Oven
Thermostat - Moffatt X6AD6 - Hot Unit
Sensor Assembly - Moffatt X6AD6 - Hot Unit
PCB - Moffat - Water Boiler - X6AB6
900 watt Sahara Fan With Socket - Moffat
Sahara Fan - Moffat - Hot Cupboard
Sneeze Screen - Moffat
Roller Shutter Bottom - Moffat - Display - VCRD5LSA
1.5KW Sahara fan with front facing socket - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
Element 750w - Moffat - Oven
Condenser - Moffat - Oven
Fan & Element - Moffat Hot Cupboard Special H/C
Fan & Element - 155HC2000 Moffat Hot Cupboard
Riser Spring - Moffat HP2/10 Plate Warmer
Glass Support Bracket - Moffat VCRD4 - Display