Mondial Elite

Company Details Mondial Elite an Italian company have concentrated on making refrigeration units for commercial use. Founded in 1996 in 2006 Mondial Elite joined the brand Framec, establishing the Mondial Group

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Mondial Elite Parts
SUPERSEDED Digital Thermometer - Mondial Elite PR60
SUPERSEDED Mondial Elite LED Temp Display
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor - Mondial Elite KICPRX40
240v Thermostat - Mondial Elite KCNX60
White Plastic Door Handle - Mondial Elite
Grey Handle (26cm) - Mondial Elite KICPR40 KICPR40 KNX40
Top Hinge Bush - Mondial Elite KICPRX60EV
Door Fixing Strip - Bottom . Mondial Elite
390mm x 360mm x 100mm White Evaporator Cover - Mondial Elite Fridge
Vaporising Tray - Mondial Elite Slim 190
180mm Wheel 60mm Dia - Condensor Fan Motor - Mondial Elite Fridge
Tangential Condenser Fan Motor - Mondial Elite ICEN40
Evaporator - Mondial Elite Fridge KICPRX40 KICPRX60
SUPERSEDED Mondial Elite Door Gasket - KICPRX40 Pentland
Push In Fridge Door Seal 1705 x 755mm -
Glue In Fridge Door Seal 1710 x 745mm
Bottom Door Pivot / Spacer - Mondial Elite KICPRX60EV Fridge
Complete Lock & Key - Mondial Elite PR40 Fridge
Glass Lid - Mondial Elite SRL
Glass Lid - Mondial Elite SRL
Door - Mondial Elite KICPRX40 Chiller
Left Hand Hung S/S Door - Mondial Elite
SUPERSEDED Internal Fan Motor - Mondial Elite KICPR60
Compressor - Mondial Elite KICNX60 - R404a Compressor (MP12-FB)
Internal Fan -Mondial Elite Tall Wine Cabinet
Push In Fridge Door Seal 1699 x 562 mm - Mondial Elite PR40
Grey 18cm Handle - Mondial Elite Fridge
M8 X 38mm H Foot - Mondial Elite Fridge
White door - Mondial Elite 60 range
Lower Lid - Mondial Elite IGLOO94 GT91 Chest Freezer
Upper Glass Lid - Mondial Elite IGLOO94 GT91 Chest Freezer
RH & LH Bottom Door Hinge - Mondial Elite PRX60EV BEVPR40
Top Pivot for Mondial Elite Fridge models
Glue In Fridge Door Seal 570 x 1700mm
Evap-Plate Mondial Elite KIC PR40
330mm x 350mm x 80mm Evaporator Coil - Mondial Elite KICPV60
Evap Fan Motor Assy -Mondial Elite KICPVX40 KICPVX40M
Vaporiser/Condensate Boil Off Tray - Mondial
Condensor Drip Tray 210mm x 140mm x 90mm - Mondial Elite Pentland
Bottom Door Fixing Strip - Mondial Elite
Top Door Fixing Strip - Mondial Elite PR60 Fridge
Front Fascia Panel Insert- Mondial KICPVX60M
Front Fascia Panel (grey) - Mondial KICPVX60M
19mm Dia Bottom Door Hinge Bush - Mondial Elite KICPRX60EV
TLY29 Digital Temp Display 240v - Mondial
Mechanical Thermostat - Mondial Elite N60
Tangental Evaporator Fan Motor - Mondial
Door Microswitch - Mondial Elite PVX60 Fridge
Compressor - Mondial Elite KILNX60
Key (112) - Mondial Elite Fridge KICPRX40
Shelf - Mondial Elite Fridge KICPVX40 PR40
Glass Upper Lid - Mondial Elite Igloo Plus
Glass Lower Lid - Mondial Elite Igloo Plus
Evaporator Fan Motor Cover - Mondial KPRX40 KICPRX60LT
Gasket - Mondial Elite E2103 Fridge Door Seal 571 X 722mm
Push In Door Seal Gasket 1705mm x 745mm
Push In Fridge Door Seal 1705 x 580mm -
Plastic Front Fascia (white) - Mondial Elite
Black Complete RH Door Roller - Mondial Elite KICNX60
Roller Holder Bracket - Mondial Elite KICNX60
SUPERSEDED Digital Thermometer - Mondial Elite KICPRX60
SUPERSEDED Ice Machine - Water Pump
Water Evaporation Tray 410mm x 470mm - Mondial Elite SLIM60
SUPERSEDED Door Handle - Mondial Elite KICNX40
Condensor Fan Motor - Mondial Elite LXX60
Top Insert - Mondial Elite KICNX60 Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite KICPRX60 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Shelf Clip Mondial Elite KICPRX40 Fridge
Thermostat Knob - Mondial Elite KICPR60 Fridge
Grinding Burrs Pair - Eueka Mondial - Grinder
TR6211 - 11mm x 62mm Dial Thermometer - Mondial Elite KNX40
Temperature Probe - Mondial Elite KICNX40 Freezer
Evaporator Probe Mondial Elite 240V
Upper Sliding Lid Mondial Elite EB539803
Lower Sliding Lid Mondial Elite EB539803
Glass Door (RH Hung) -Mondial Vinum PR40 Nero
LH Door Rollers Mondial Elite KIKNX60 Fridge
Compressor - Mondial Elite Fridge JollySL14
Condenser Fan Motor - Mondial/Infrico NX40 Freezer
8" 200mm Fan Blade - Mondial Elite ICEN40 Chest Freezer
Evaporator - Mondial Elite KICPV60M Chiller
SUPERSEDED Door Plexi Glass Mondial J9 Freezer
Bottom shelf grid - Mondial Elite KICPRX60MLT
Tangential evaporator fan - Mondial Elite
50ml Glue for Door Seal - Mondial Elite KICPRX40 PR60 Chiller
Upper Hinge Pivot - Mondial Elite - Fridge
Shelf Bracket - Mondial Elite SLIMLXX110 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Thermometer Display & Probe - Mondial Elite
Condensor Coil Mondial Elite KICNX60 Fridge
Digital thermostat - Mondial Elite KICPVX60N
Timer - Mondial EXPO 1100
Defrost PCB + Probe - Mondial 0000014711000
Complete White Door - Mondial Elite - N40/PR40/PV40
Vapouriser Tray - Mondial Elite Slim180 Fridge
Lower Lid - Mondial Elite - Fridge - GT94
Upper Lid - Mondial Elite - Fridge - GT94
Door Trim - Mondial Elite KPRX60
Insulating Glazed Door Mondial BEVPR40 Fridge
Condensate Tray - Mondial Elite JOLLYSL14
Night Blind Mondial SLIM90LXX Fridge
Lamp Screen Blind Box - Mondial Elite SLIM90X
Vapouriser Heater - Mondial Elite SLIM110LXX
Condenser - Mondial J9EXTRA Ice Cream Freezer
RH Hung Stainless Steel Door Mondial KICNX60 Fridge
White Door (RH Hinges) - Mondial Elite
Condenser - Mondial SL19 Fridge
Digital Controller - Mondial Elite Slim LXX110 Chiller
DIG.Y39SE KIC Light Touch Electronic Controller - Mondial KICPRX60 Chiller
Light Touch Electronic Controller - Mondial KICNX60 Freezer
Front Fascia Grill - Mondial - Fridge - EXPO430NV
Hinge (Triangular) - Mondial Elite TOP7 J7
Basket - Mondial Elite VISUALCS18GTC Freezer
Thermostat - Mondial Elite SLANT510 Ice Cream Freezer
Shelf Clip - Mondial EXPO1100NVUK Fridge
Lamp 6W - Mondial E1916S26C32 CT65 Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite Slim60LXX
Night Blind - Mondial - Fridge - JOLLY SL14
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Door Switch - Mondial KICPVX60M
Half Shelf - Mondial Elite KICPRX40 Chiller
Top Door Trim - Mondial Elite KICPRX40 S/S Fridge
Nightblind - Mondial SLX10
Left Hand Canopy - Mondial - EXPO 1100 NV
Right Hand Canopy - Mondial - EXPO 1100 NV
Bottom Door Trim S/S - Mondial Elite 60 Freezer
Night Blind Small (L=598 H=1500)- Mondial Elite Slim 60X
R/H Shelf - Mondial EXPO1100NVUK Fridge
L/H Shelf - Mondial EXPO1100NVUK Fridge
Tangential Blower180 mm Left with Cable
SUPERSEDED Vaporiser Tray - Mondial - Display Unit - SUNNY SL7T
Vaporiser Coil Slim - Mondial Elite
Complete Plexiglass Door with 2 Translucent Plastic Handles - Mondial
Compressor - Mondial JOLLYSLX10 JOLLYSL10
Evaporator Heater - Mondial - EXPO 500 NV
Bush Door Frame - Mondial Elite EXPO1100 Freezer
Compressor NT6226GK - Mondial Elite E6144M0276 Fridge
Condensor Coil - Mondial Elite JOLLYSLX10 Display Chiller
Thermostat Defrost 3000mm Cable - Mondial EXPO500NV
400w Heater S/S - Mondial EXPO500NV
Defrost Heater - Mondial EXPO1100 E1793M0700 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Push Fit Door Seal - Mondial Elite BEVPR40 Chiller
Condenser Fan Motor- Mondial E1793M100 - Fridge
Switch- Mondial Switch E17245S1500 - Freezer
Fasica Panel - Mondial Elite KICPRX40
RH Lamp Holder - Mondial Elite BEVPR40
Drain Connector Mondial JollyCP19 Display Fridge
Controller - Mondial - Fridge - JOLLY CP10
Nightblind - Mondial - Fridge - JOLLY SL19
Complete Top Flap/Lid - Mondial/Framec TOP7CSM Display Chiller
Coin Cell Battery LR44 - Mondial Elite KICPRX60 KICNX60
Hinge Pin Lower - Mondial Elite EXPO1100 Freezer
Hinge Lower - Mondial Elite EXPO1100 Freezer
Condensor - Mondial Elite EXPO110 EXPO500NV Fridge
S/S Door - Mondial Elite NX40 PRX40 PVX40
Condenser Fan Motor - Mondial - CT65
Upper Hinge - Mondial - EXPO 500 NV
Cond Fan Motor- Mondial E1916526C32 - Chiller
6" Fan Blade - Mondial Elite KICPVX40M
Lamp Cover - Mondial Elite/Framec J7 Fridge
Gasket - Mondial E1724502C32 - Fridge
Drain Hose - Mondial SUNNYSL10 T.
Vaporiser Coil - Mondial Jolly SL10
Thermostat - Mondial E1724502C32 EXPO500 BEN&JERRY Fridge
200w Heater S/S - Mondial EXPO500NV
Microswitch - Mondial EXPO500NV
Screw Set Glass - Mondial Elite/Framec TOP7 TOP6
Lid Tilting Plexiglass - Mondial Elite TOP7
Holder Plate (Stainless) - Mondial Elite TOP7
Handle J7 Plexiglass- Mondial
Lamp 36w - Mondial/Framec EXPO Fridge
LH Lamp Holder - Mondial Elite BEVPR40
Fascia Insert - Mondial Elite - KICPRX60
Fascia Panel Black - Mondial Elite - KICPRX60
Vaporising Coil - Mondial Elite SMALL110XUKT Chiller
Gasket - Mondial CT65NC Fridge
L/H Bracket - Mondial JOLLY SL.14 Fridge
R/H Bracket - Mondial JOLLY SL.14 Fridge
Delayer Calipso - Mondial - Fridge - E1793M1200
S/S Door - Mondial - Fridge - KICPRX40
Night Blind - Mondial - Fridge - SLX14
Start Capacitor- Mondial E6143N0276- Langar Chiller
Silicone Heater - Mondial E1793M1200- Chiller
Shelf - Mondial Elite SL7 Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite SL14 Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite SL19 Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite Slim90LXX
Shelf - Mondial Elite Slim110LXX Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite SLX14 Fridge
Shelf Mondial Elite SLX19 Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite SLX10 Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite Slim60L Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite Slim90L Fridge
Shelf - Mondial Elite Slim110L Fridge
Lamp Screen - Mondial Elite Ice Plus N40 Freezer
Evaporator Clips -Mondial Elite 60's Range
Heater Cartridge 110W - Mondial - PR60
Defrost Heater - Mondial Top7 Freezer
Vaporiser Coil - Mondial E6144M0276 - Chiller
Evaporator Coil - Mondial - Fridge - SLIM90
Condensate Tray - Mondial - E1793M0700
Thermostat - Mondial Elite - CT65 B&J
Controller, Digital Y39SE - Mondial EXPO 1100NV
Lamp Cover - Mondial - J9 EXTRA
Lamp Cover - Mondial - Fridge - EXPO500PT
Left Corner Piece - Mondial Elite TOP 6 R507 Display Freezer
Night Blind - Mondial - Fridge - SLIMLXX110
Water Drain Internal - Mondial E1793M26C3 Freezer
Evaporator Coverl - Mondial E1793M26C3 Freezer
Torsion Bar Spring- Mondial - Fridge
200w Drain Pan Heater - Mondial - EXPO500NV
Lid - Inomak ZNV999+PTL