Company Details Nelson’s 35-year history gives them an extensive experience in all aspects of commercial dishwashing and glasswashing with the solution for every warewashing requirement. Nelson provide an exclusive range of high quality commercial glass and dishwashers

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Nelson Parts
Capacitor - Nelson SC40A11 Dishwasher
Complete Boiler Tank - Nelson SC50AWS-3 Dishwasher
Salt Container - Nelson SC50AWS Glasswasher
Rinsing Arm Lock - Nelson HS15/6 dishwasher
Door Bumper - Nelson HS15/6 dishwasher
Door stay - Nelson SC45AWS11 Dishwasher
Door Catch - Silanos V50 Nelson HS13SD Dishwasher
Door Stop Pin - Nelson HS15/6 dishwasher
Drain Plug Overflow Pipe - Nelson Glasswasher
Drain Plug - Nelson - Dishwasher - SC40A/11
PVC Drain Plug - Nelson SC50ADPBL
Drain Plug - Nelson SC50AW/P Dishwasher
Drain Pipe - Nelson SC40AWS SC45AWS-11 Dishwasher
4.5kwt Rinse Tank Element & Seal - Nelson
Wash Tank Element - Nelson Glasswasher
Wash Tank Heating Element c/w seal for Nelson
Rinse Tank Element - Nelson SC40AWS-11 SC40AWS-3
Wash Tank Element - Nelson SC50A-11 Dishwasher
Filter - Nelson NW500WS Dishwasher
O-Ring for Wash Tank Element - Nelson - SC50A3
O-ring for Wash Tank Element - Nelson - SC45A-3
O-Ring for Top Rinse Elbow - Nelson - 45AWS
Handle - Nelson - Dishwasher
Gravity Drain Hose - Nelson S350A-3 Dishwasher
Impellor - Nelson - Dishwasher - SC50AWS3
Wash Pump Impellor - Nelson SW1300 Dishwasher
Impellor for Wash Pump - Nelson SC40A Glasswasher
Screw In Rinse Nozzle - Nelson SC40AWS-11 SC45AWS/3 Dishwasher
Filter Manifold Wash Sump - Nelson SW1300
Rinse Elbow Nut - Nelson - 45AWS
Top Rinse Elbow (w/ washer) - Nelson - 45AWS
Tube Weight for Rinse Aid/Detergent - 45AWS
Electrical Terminal Bar - Nelson - NW511SD
Salt Tank Seal - Nelson - Dishwasher - SC50AWS-3
Wash Sump O-Ring - Nelson SC50AWS-3 Dishwasher
Rinse Element Seal - Nelson SC50A-3 SC40AWS-3 Dishwasher
Fascia Seal - Nelson SC50A dishwasher
Timer PCB Nelson SC35AWS Dishwasher
PCB - Nelson F50A Glasswasher
PCB - Nelson - Dishwasher - SW1300ATB
Pressure Switch - Nelson SC-45A-11 Dishwasher
Peri Tube for Detergent Pump - Nelson 45AWS SC40A/11 Dishwasher
Rinse Pipe Tubing (per metre) - Nelson - 45AWS
Pressure Switch (60/25) - Nelson SW1300/3
Detergent dispenser - Nelson SC40A Dishwasher
Detergent Pump Weight & Foot Nelson SC40AWS
Drain Pump - Nelson - NWG410MSD
Drain Pump - Nelson 3C45A/IT Glasswasher
Drain Pump & Motor - Nelson Glasswasher FC40A
Wash Pump - Nelson SC45A-003 Glasswasher
Main Wash Pump - Nelson SC40A DC40 Glasswasher
SUPERSEDED Wash Pump - Nelson SW1300 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Wash Pump - Nelson - Glasswasher - SC35A
Wash pump - Nelson / Mach SC40A SC40A3 Glasswasher
Wash Pump - Nelson SC50A-11 Glasswasher
Rinse Aid Pump - Nelson SC.45ADP SC40A-11 HS15 Dishwasher
Rinse Booster Pump - Nelson NW511SD Dishwasher
Rinse Booster Pump - Nelson SC50AWS-11 Dishwasher
3-Pin On/Off Switch - Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
6-pin on/off switch- Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
Door Rod Assy - Nelson HS15/6 dishwasher
Safety Temperature Switch Boiler - Nelson NW500WS
Nut door stay - Nelson SC45AWS11 Dishwasher
Wash Sump Lock Ring - Nelson Speedclean 50
Double Solenoid Valve - Nelson SC50AW/S SC40AWS-3
Triple Solenoid Valve - Nelson SC40AWS Glasswasher
Spring - Nelson NW500WS Dishwasher
Magnetic Reed Switch - Nelson - Dishwasher - SW1300EBT
1-2min Cycle switch- Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
6-pin Drain switch- Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
On/Off Switch - Nelson C50A Glasswasher
On/Off Switch - Nelson SC50A/11 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED 2-pin Cycle switch- Nelson SC35A Glasswasher
Door Switch - Nelson SC45AWS3 Dishwasher
2-Pin Cycle Switch - Nelson SC035 Dishwasher
3-Pin On/Off Switch - SC035 Dishwasher
Drain pump switch - Nelson Glasswasher
Nelson Glasswasher On Off Switch - Yellow
Timer - Nelson Glasswasher SC45AWS-3
Timer - Nelson - SC50A3
20min Timer - Nelson SC458WS Glasswasher
Timer - Nelson SC50AWS/11 Dishwasher
Cycle Timer Motor - Nelson Glasswasher
Timer - Nelson NW500WS Dishwasher
Cycle Timer Motor - Nelson SW90
Thermostat - Nelson NW500WS Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Rinse tank thermostat - Nelson SC50A-3
Wash Tank Thermostat - Nelson SC50A-3
Wash Tank Thermostat - Nelson SC50A-3
Boiler Tank Safety Stat - Nelson SC-45A-3
Rinse Tank Thermostat - Nelson SC50A-3
Wash Tank Thermostat- Nelson SC40A Dishwasher
Rinse Tank Thermostat - Nelson SC40AW-S Glasswasher
Rinse Aid tubing (per metre) - Nelson
Hose pump outlet - Nelson DW1000 Dishwasher
Black Air Switch Tubing (per Meter) - Nelson SC50A-3 Dishwasher
Supply Tube - Nelson - Dishwasher - SC50A3
Lower Rinse Arm - Nelson SC50A Dishwasher
Rinse Arm End Caps Nelson HS11Special
Wash Arm Complete Nelson GC45AWS/3
Rinse Arm Complete Nelson GC45AWS/3
Nelson Equipment Types
Dishwasher & Glasswasher Spare