Company Details Lamber designs, manufactures and sells avant-garde dishwashers all over the world. Newscan is one of their most popular ranges.

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Newscan Parts
External Gravity Drain Hose 34mm Dia - 2000mm - Newscan DSP5
Magnetic Switch - Newscan DSP5 Dishwasher
Fibre Gasket - Newscan DSP5 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Push Button for Cycle Switch Oval -
Drain Switch - Newscan DSP50 DishWasher - Drain Switch
Wash Arm -Newscan 050FED2000 Upper Wash Arm
SUPERSEDED Newscan N22 Ice Machine Wash Pump
Timer - Newscan Dishwasher
Drain Plug - Newscan NS400 Glasswasher
External drain pump hose - Newscan DSP5
Emergency Stop Button - Newscan/Quattro FM20 Mixer
Full Plastic Glass Tray - 450mm x 450mm
Black switch - Lamber Newscan DSP2 Diswasher
Orange switch - Lamber Newscan DSP2 Dishwasher
Rinse Aid Pump - Newscan DSP10 DSP4 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Newscan NSG455 DishWasher - Detergent Pump
SUPERSEDED Water Pump -Lamber Newscan Dishwasher L21 VS
Nut for Detergent Injector - Newscan DSP50
Rinse Aid pump - Newscan NS200 Dishwasher
Complete door - Newscan M4MN240 Pizza Oven
Complete door - Newscan M4 Pizza Oven
Door Hinge - Newscan M4 Pizza Oven
On/off switch - Lamber Newscan NS506
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Thermostat-Ranco SL60
Rotary Switch - Newscan NSP1200
Drain Plug/Overflow Pipe - Newscan NSP1200
Disc For Wash Arm Support - Newscan DSP4 DSP5 Dishwasher
Disc - Newscan DSP4 Dishwasher
Hexagonal screw - Newscan DSP4 Dishwasher
Halogen Lamp (Bulb) - Newscan Smart 66
Light Bulb Glass - Newscan Smart 66
Lamp Holder - Newscan Smart 66 Pizza Oven
Mechanical Timer 5 Cam 12 minute 230v - Newscan Lamber NS1200
Light Switch 0-1 Red OMEG I4613 - Newscan
Formed Hose S-Shape - Newscan DSP5
Washer - Newscan NS456 NS500 Dishwasher
Upper Boss - Newscan NS456 DSP5 Dishwasher
Wash Pump - Newscan NS500 Dishwasher
Thermostat Newscan Forno Small 3T
On/ off switch - Newscan NS1506 dishwasher
SUPERSEDED 2 metre Gravity Drain Hose - Newscan NSP1200
SUPERSEDED Door Hinge - Newscan Pizza Mast
On/Off Switch - Newscan F85EK0NS506 NSG505
Defrost Timer - Newscan NCM350A Ice Machine
Drain Plug (L-366mm) - Lamber Newscan NS1505 L25 Dishwasher
Inlet Hose L-shape - Lamber Dishwasher L25EK
SUPERSEDED Wash Pump Outlet Housing -
Rinse Booster Pump - Newscan
Bowl - Newscan Quattro FM20 Mixer
Slicing Disk - Newscan Veg.Prep. Machine
Cubing Disk - Newscan Veg.Prep. Machine
Door Handle - Newscan DSP4 DSP40 Dishwasher
Bulb - Newscan MD4+4NN
Square Bulb Casing - Newscan MD4+4nn
Thermocouple - Newscan B50 Chargill
Oil Baffle Newscan FM20 Mixer
Oil Baffle Newscan FM20 Mixer
Element- Newscan D6x6 Pizza Oven Elements
Pizza Stonebase - Newscan - FORNOD441NOX
Pizza Stonebase - Newscan - FORNOD441NOX
Pizza Stone Base - Newscan MD44SX4X4 MD4+4MN MD4+4NR2
Container filter hose connector 4mm - Newscan DSP44 Dishwasher
Perastaltic Hose - Newscan DSP44
Detergent Filter - Newscan - DSP44
Detergent Tubing - Newscan DSP44
Hose - transparent per metre - Newscan -DSP44
Door Hinge (post 2008) - Newscan FORMD44MN Pizza Oven
Outer Door Glass - Newscan FORMD44MN Pizza
Control Thermostat Newscan Forno D44 Pizza
Door Seal/Gasket - Newscan KF723 Oven
Lamp Holder c/w Bulb - Newscan - Pizza Oven
Switch for light 230v - Newscan Pizza Oven -
SUPERSEDED Newscan NS36MASE1 Ice Machine Bin Thermosta
Thermostat - Newscan KF723 Oven
Timer With Electronic Buzzer Newscan KF723
Bowl Lid - Newscan L30MN Dough Mixer
SUPERSEDED Hand Guard - Newscan FS300 Slicer
Wheel - Newscan Dough Mixer
Gear Shaft - Newscan FM20 Mixer
Middle Speed Gear - Newscan FM20 Mixer
Inner Door Glass Top Door Newscan Pizza Oven
Inner Door Glass Newscan MD4X4 Oven
Door Handle Insert Newscan MD4X4 Oven
Door Handle Newscan MD4X4 Oven
SUPERSEDED Door Hinge - Newscan - Pizza Oven -
Remote Control Switch Card - Newscan SMART6
Timer - 5 Cam Mechanical - Newscan - DSP20
Door Magnet Lead - Newscan NSP1500 Dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Door Magnet - Newscan NSP1500 Dishwasher
Blade Deflector - Newscan FS250 Slicer
E4 Blade - Newscan TVECUJMN240 Veg Prep
E10 Blade - Newscan TVECUJMN240 Veg Prep
E12 Blade - Newscan TVECUJMN240 Veg Prep
E6 Blade - Newscan TVECUJMN240 Veg Prep
E8 Blade - Newscan TVECUJMN240 Veg Prep
E5 Blade - Newscan TVECUJMN240 Veg Prep
Oven Element - Forno Small Pizza Oven
Motor - Newscan FS300 Slicer
Control Box with PCB Board (VC6) - Newscan
Switch complete 230v (1pole/Impulse) - Lamber
SUPERSEDED Blade guard - Newscan FS250CE Slicer
Blade Guard - Newscan FS250CE Slicer
Electronic Timer - Newscan Lamber DSP33 Glasswasher
Timer c/w mechanical bell - Newscan KF723
Condenser - Newscan MS140 Ice machine
Complete Transmission Shaft - Newscan FM20
Upper Chain - Newscan A30 Mixer
O Ring - Newscan - Dishwasher - DSP30
Element and O Ring for Rinse Tank - Newscan -
Glass lamp cover - Newscan Pizza Oven
Complete Planetary Shaft - Newscan FM20 Mixer
SUPERSEDED Meat Press Knob (Black) - Newscan Slicer
Door Hinge - Newscan KF723 Oven
Spiral hook - Newscan A30 Mixer
Drain Pump Conversion Kit Lamber Newscan F85
Glass Tray Newscan NS400 Glasswasher
Control Switch (for old style) - Newscan -Slicer - FS250
Straight Slicing Blade E2 Newscan Veg Prep Unit
Round filter - Newscan DSP5 Dishwasher
Straight Slicing Blade E3 Newscan Veg Prep
Hinge Assembly - Newscan BX4+4 MD4+4I Pizza Oven
Meat Press Knob - Newscan - Slicer - FS250CE
Blade 300 - 40/4/254 CE - Newscan -
Optional Meat Press Guard - Newscan FS250
Element - Newscan B66 Pizza Oven
Bulb Newscan B66 Pizza Oven
Door Glass Newscan B66 Pizza Oven
Plexi-Glass Hand Guard - Newscan FS250CE
SUPERSEDED Limit Switch Seat - Newscan DFM12 Mixer
Orange Cycling Switch - Newscan - DSP1
Plastic Lid - Newscan - IHPASTATA30HN
Last Slice Device / Food Pusher - Newscan - Slicer - FS250CE
Rubber Pipe Fitting - Newscan - Dishwasher
Self Locking Nut - Newscan - Dishwasher
Ejector Plate - Newscan TEGLIAVERDURA Veg Prep
Knob for Thermostat - Newscan - Pizza Oven - MD44
Reduced Sleeve - Newscan - DSP4
Clamp - Newscan - DSP4
Drain Pump Support - Newscan - DSP4
Base Spacer - Newscan - DSP4
Motor and Impellor 50W - Newscan - KS723 - Oven
Shelf Grid - KS723 - Newscan (420mm x 340mm)
Motor - Newscan FS220CE Slicer
Rinse Cap/Jet - Newscan DSPS Dishwasher
Rinse Jet - Newscan DSPS Dishwasher
Rinse Jet 1.2mm - Lamber - NS500 NSP1500
Lower Wash Arm Boss - Lamber MS505 DSP44 Dishwasher
Button Housing - Newscan DSP10 Dishwasher
100mm Drain Plug (Main) - Newscan NS500 DSP5
SUPERSEDED Drain Assembly - Newscan NSG500
Grating Disc V - Newscan Veg Prep
Wash Arm -Newscan 050FED2000 Upper Wash Arm
Switch for Oven - Newscan Pizza Oven - LFORNOMD44GD
Hinge - Newscan KF723 Oven
Complete Bowl Lifter - Newscan - Mixer - FM20
Wash Tank Element (2kw) - Newscan - DSP44
External Door Glass - Newscan Pizza Oven - LFORNOMD44GD
Sharpening Cap - Ital/Newscan - FS300
3mm Slicing Disk - Newscan Taglia Verdura Veg Prep
4mm Julienne Blade - Newscan Taglia Verdura Veg Prep
Wash Pump Impellor - Newscan - NSP1206
Elbow Rubber Pipe Fitting - Newscan - Dishwasher
Grey Tie Rod for Blade Guard - Newscan FS250CE Slicer
Inlet Valve - Newscan - DSP50
Pizza Stone (520x500x17mm) - Newscan BX4.4 Pizza Oven
Push Button Body 17x13mm - Newscan - DSP MONO
E8 Slicing Disc - Newscan Veg Prep
Ejector Plate 200mm - Newscan - Veg Prep
Spiral Hook - Newscan / Imperial - Dough Mixer - L30
Motor- Newscan FM40 - Mixer
FM30 Start Capacitor- Newscan FM40 - Mixer
Gas Burner - Newscan LATODX Chargrill
Cable - Newscan LATODX - Chargrill
Rinse Tank Thermostat- Newscan DSP50- Dishwasher
Gas Pipe - Newscan LATODX Chargrill
PCB Board - Newscan F85EK- Dishwasher
Complete Planetary Head - Newscan FM20 Mixer
Thumbscrew- Newscan FM30- Mixer
Bearing For Lifiting Rod - Newscan Lamber NS1200 Dishwasher
Lifting Rod Pin - Newscan Lamber NS1200 Dishwasher
Lifting Rod L20-21 1214 - Newscan Lamber NS1200 Dishwasher
Rectangular Magent- Newscan NSP1206 - Dishwasher
Grating Disc Z4 - Newscan Veg Prep
Grating Disc Z7 - Newscan Veg Prep
Temperature Gauge- Newscan Forno MD44 - Pizza Oven
20x20 Dicing Grid - Newscan Veg. Prep
E14 Slicing Plate for 20x20 Dicing Grid - Newscan Veg. Prep
Stone Base 696X348X11 - Newscan FORNOHD4 Pizza Oven