Company Details Scandinavian Appliances develops, manufactures and markets solutions for the storage of food and drinks under the trade name Norcool. Noorcool are a leading supplier of cold rooms, corner fridges, refrigeration drawers, wine cabinets and wine cellars

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Norcool Parts
Door - Norcool - Fridge - SUPER 5
Display Curved Plastic Cap - Norcool S66
Door Seal - Norcool S88 S-5 Bottle Cooler
Door Seal - Norcool S-76 Chiller
Light Tube Cover - Norcool S88 Fridge Light Tube Cover / Defuser
Light Switch - Norcool S66 Bottle Cooler
Door Seal - Norcool Super 800 Display Fridge
Fluorescent Interior Tube - Norcool
Thermostat Norcool S33 Display Fridge
Evap Fan Motor Assy. Norcool 55 Single Door
Door Springs - Norcool S-88 Fridge
Door seal - Norcool Super 76SL Fridge
White Condenser Drip Tray - Norcool S-88
Black Evaporator Drip Tray - Norcool S-88
Door Return Spring - Norcool S-78SL
Door Gasket - Norcool S-5 Fridge
Evaporator Fan Norcool S66 Bottle Cooler
Thermostat - Norcool S-76 S-66 Fridge
White Plastic Coated Shelf 492x410 - Norcool
Door Handle Norcool S76SL
RH & LH Lower Hinge - Norcool S88 S76 Fridge
Hinge- Norcool Fridge Door Hinge Top Super 76 SI
Door - Norcool S88 Fridge
Shelf - Norcool Fridge S-75
SUPERSEDED Evaporator fan motor - Norcool S66
Light Diffuser - Norcool Bottle Cooler Supa
Evap Coil - Norcool - Fridge - S5
Wine Shelf - Norcool - Fridge - SUPER 7
Shelf - Norcool - Super 5
SUPERSEDED Temperature thermostat - Norcool S5 Chiller
Temperature thermostat - Norcool S5 Chiller
Internal Dividers - Nortcool ALFA 1100
Shelf - Norcool S88 Fridge Shelf White
Plain Logo - Norcool Super 66 SD
Lock only - Norcool SUPER76SL Fridge
Pair Of Keys - Norcool SUPER76SL Fridge
Lock & Key - Norcool S88 Fridge
Shelf - Norcool - Bottle Cooler - S57HC
Shelf Clip - Norcool - Bottle Cooler - S57HC