Company Details OMAS manufactures slicing machines for butchers and the meat industry.

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OMAS Parts
Blade - OMAS GL300 Slicer
Indication light - Omas Spa GL Matic 30E
Complete switch assembly - Omas Spa GL Matic
Belt - Omas MSL25B6 Slicer
Guard for Blade - Omas C35E Slicer
SUPERSEDED Mincer Blade - Omas TS8E Mincer
Capacitor - Omas Slicer
Electrical motor - Omas Slicer
Blade Removal Tool - Omas C35E Meat Slicer
Shaft - Omas TS8E Mincer
Handle - OMAS OMT250 Bandsaw
Stainless steel hardened tooth blade 1980mm
Blade - OMAS E300 Slicer
Central Heating Element 3200w - OM Gas Bratt
RH Heating Element 3200w - OM Gas Bratt Pan
LH Heating Element 3200w - OM Gas Bratt Pan
Foot Omas VS25C Slicer
Shaft Omas VS25C Slicer
Handle Omas VS25C Slicer
Rotary On/Off Switch - Omas VS25C TS22 Slicer
PCB Omas VS25C Slicer
Capacitor - Omas VS25C Slicer
Knife Omas VS25C Slicer
Turning screw shaft - OMAS TS12E Meat Mincer
Lifting Base & Spindle - Omas OMBT13 Burger Press
10" Blade - Omas VS250 Slicer
Pusher - Omas T58E Mincer
Knife - Omas TS12E Slicer
Capacitor (80mf 250v) - Omas TS12E Slicer
Bearing B-7203 - Omas TS12E Slicer
Handle - Omas TS12E Slicer
Electric Motor - Omas - Slicer - GL30E
Motor - Omas C35E Slicer
Base Enclosure - Omas TS22E
Overload Switch - Omas TS22E
Motor - Omas TS22E
Gear Wheel - Omas TS22 Mincer
Auger - OMAS TS12E Meat Mincer
Stainless Steel Band - Omas
Complete Sharpener - Omas - Slicer - C35F
Blade - Omas - Slicer - C35F
Gear - Omas TS22 Mincer
Cover for PCB Box - Omas VS30F Slicer
Switch 7A - Omas TS12E Mincer
Foot - Omas TS12E Slicer
Circuit Board 220VAC - Omas VS30F Slicer
Blade Scraper Assy - Omas
On/Off Switch - Omas
Blade - Omas
Left Blade Scraper - Omas
Right Blade Scraper - Omas
Start /Stop - Omas038Start/Stop - Omas C35E - Dishwasher
Base - Omas TS22E Mincer
Knob - Omas VS30F Slicer