Company Details Omniwash is one of the leading providers of commercial warewashing equipment and accessories to the trade offering reliability, durability and value for money with products used everyday by the licensed, hospitality, leisure and public sector

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Omniwash Parts
Support Tube for Wash Arm - Omniwash - Dishwasher
Wash Tank Element c/w Seal Omniwash 61PK-V/DD Dishwasher
On/Off Button Cover Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Switch Impulse Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Bolt M6 Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Wash Pump Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
O-Ring 1.78x6.75mm Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Blue Back Plate Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Blue Door Handle Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Wash Cycle Button Omniwash N500 Dishwasher
Rectangular Filter For Wash Pump - Omniwash
Peristaltic Rinse aid tube - Omniwash
Cycle Switch Omniwash K50E/DCV/DD/PS
Small Spray Jet Omniwash K50E/DCV/DD/PS
Large Spray Jet Omniwash K50E/DCV/DD/PS
Rinse Tank Element Oring Sowebo Cinnabar
Wash Tank Element Omniwash 50VDDPS
Wash Pump Omniwash 50VDDPS Dishwasher
Wash Pump Impellor - Omniwash K40VBDD Dishwasher
Impellor Seal - Omniwash K40VBDD Dishwasher
Program Start Button - Omniwash - K50E
Wash Tank Thermostat - Omniwash JOLLY Dishwasher
Wash Arm Support - Omniwash - Dishwasher
Slide Ring - Omniwash - Dishwasher
Rinse Arm Shaft - Omniwash - Dishwasher
Wash Arm Support Omniwash JA350 Glasswasher
Spigot & Surclip - Omniwash JOLLY Dishwasher
PCB - Omniwash JOLLY Dishwasher
Spring for Microswitch - Omniwash JOLLY Dishwasher
Wash Pump - Omniwash JA400ZDCVDD Dishwasher
Filter Surface RH 538x290mm - Omniwash Dishwasher
Tubing Connectors (pack of 5) - Omniwash JOLLY 40VDDPS Dishwasher
Drain Pump - Omniwash - Dishwasher - ED50030D
PCB - Omniwash JOLLY4000EVO Dishwasher
Complete Wash Arm Assembly - Omniwash PK61 Dishwasher
Grey Door Handle - Omniwash - ED500/13
Brass Nut ø 3/8" - Omniwash SEL1PK Dishwasher
Spring Coupler - Omniwash SEL1PK Dishwasher
Hood Lifting Spring 880mm - Omniwash SEL1PK Dishwasher
O-Ring/Washer - Omniwash SEL1PK Dishwasher
Tie-Rod for Cover S/S - Omniwash SEL1PK Dishwasher
Hexagonal Nut M10 Medium - Omniwash SEL1PK Dishwasher
Nut Hexagonal Self Blocking M10 - Omniwash SEL1PK Dishwasher
Washer Flat M10 - Omniwash SEL1PK Dishwasher
Rinse Aid Pump - Omniwash JOLLY50VDD Dishwasher
PT Hood Lid c/w M/P Bracket - Omniwash EMPEROR SIX1PCQA Dishwasher
Main PCB - Omniwash AT400 Dishwasher
Rinse Aid Pump - Omniwash - 824X/DCV/DD16A
Rinse Jet - Omniwash - 824X/DCV/DD16A
Rinse Jet Nut - Omniwash - 824X/DCV/DD16A
Wash Jet Nut - Omniwash - 824X/DCV/DD16A
Wash Jet LH (marked S) - Omniwash - 824X/DCV/DD16A
Wash Jet RH (marked D) - Omniwash - 824X/DCV/DD16A
Wash Pump - Omniwash AT513DP Dishwasher
Capacitor - Omniwash - 61PKNDDB
Wash Pump - Omniwash 61PKNDDB K50EDCVDD Dishwasher
Motor Bearing Ring - Omniwash - 2ACSQVDDPS
Motor Bearing - Omniwash - 2ACSQVDDPS
Rinse Jet Ring - Omniwash - 824X/DCV/DD16A
On/Off Button - Omniwash
Heater Indicator Button (round, blue) - Omniwash
Impellor for Wash Pump - Omniwash
Gasket for Wash Pump - Omniwash
Timer Fiber P26 engines 1 chambers 3 operation time 2 min 230v
L/H Jet - Omniwash - Dishwasher - JOLLY4000ST/V/DD
R/H Jet - Omniwash - Dishwasher - JOLLY4000ST/V/DD
Wash Pump - Omniwash - Dishwasher - JOLLY4000ST/V/DD
Wash Tank Element - Omniwash Dishwasher
2.2kwt Rinse Tank Element - Omniwash Dishwasher
Rinse Aid Pump(not electric) - Omniwash JOLLY40V/00
Omniwash Equipment Types
Dishwasher & Glasswasher Spare