Company Details Oscartielle manufacture supermarket cases, wall cabinets and refrigerated islands, cabinets for the food and beverage industry, serve-over cases, plug-in cases and catering cases for the display of both cold and hot food

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Oscartielle Parts
Shelf brackets - Oscartielle L200 Display fridge
Universal Capillary (suitable for)
Capillary - Oscartielle Banco Mira
Wheels Kit (2 wheels, 2 brackets, 16 screws)
Compressor T6226GK Oscartielle Banco Argus
Compressor - Oscartielle - Fridge -Bancaomira
Compressor - Oscartielle Banco Mira Fridge
Compressor - Oscartielle BANCO MIRA-2 MPG1L26
Condenser Fan Motor - Oscartielle Bano Mira
Condenser Coil - Oscartielle Bano Mira
Condensor - Oscartielle Banco Mira Chiller
Condenser Coil - Oscartielle 1/A24048 Display Fridge
Controller - Oscartielle Banco Argus H150MP XPGIL20P
Controller + PCB - Oscartielle Banco Argus H150XP
Control Board - Oscartielle BANC.ARCHE'XP*GSK*GIL80 Fridge
Controller - Oscartielle Banco Minor 200
Controller complete - Oscartielle G1LT200
Night Blind - Oscartielle - Fridge - Banko
Roller Shutter Night Blind- Oscartielle Banco
LH Door (no hinges) - Oscartielle - Display - ARGUS G.IL35
Front Curved Glass Oscartielle Banco Sweet
Clip - Oscartielle Banco Genius G1 Chiller
Bulk head - Oscartielle Banco Mira L100
Defrost Evaporator Tray - Oscartielle Banco
Metal Vapouriser Tray - Oscarteille Banco
PVC tray - Oscartielle Banco.Mari MP
Defrost Element - Oscartielle Bancarella
Drip Tray Heater - Oscartielle Banco Argus XPGIL20P
SS Tray Vapouriser Heater Element Oscatielle Banco
Condensate Tray Heating Element - Oscartielle
Evaporator Coil - Oscartielle BANCO MIRRA 135 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Oscartielle Banco Mira135 Display Chiller
Evaporator Oscartielle Elios Ventil GIL260
Evaporator Coil - Oscartielle IF0990613
Evaporator Coil - Oscartielle Bano Mira
Honeycombe Air Filter - Oscartielle Banco
Drain hose - Oscartielle Banco Mira L100
Universal Drier- (Suitable for) Oscartielle Mirra L135
Ticket Strip - Oscartielle - Fridge - BANGO ARGUS L200
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Fan Motor - Oscartielle HP150MPGIL260
Evaporator Fan Blade- Oscartielle HP150MPGIL260
Evaporator Fan Blade - Oscartielle Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Oscartielle Bano Mira
Top Light Cover Panel - Oscartielle Banco
Front Sneeze Screen - Oscartielle Banco Mira
Front glass - Oscartielle 552025
L/H Glass end panel - Oscartielle - Fridge
Side Glass Panel - Oscartielle Banco Argus MPGIL100 Fridge
Night Blind Oscartielle Banco Argus XPGIL135
PCB Board - Oscartielle BancoArgusXPGIL100
SUPERSEDED Control Board - Oscartielle BANCO SMART L135 Fridge
Complete PCB - Oscartielle Banco Argus MIRA H150XPGIL135
Nut - Oscartielle Banco Mira L100
Return Air Probe - Oscartielle BANCO DIONE XPGIL260
Green Probe 6m - Oscartielle
Black Probe 6m - Oscartielle
Shelf - Oscartielle - Fridge - BANGO ARGUS L200
Shelf - Oscartielle Banco Mira 2000 Fridge
Shelf Runner - Oscartielle Banco Mira 2000
Weir strip/Sneeze screen glass - Oscartielle
Thermostat Oscartielle BancoEliosVentilGIL200