Company Details Parry Catering Equipment has a large product range for the professional kitchen with quality machines suitable for all sizes of premises from the smallest snack bar to the largest canteen. Parry also manufacture countertop and freestanding units

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Parry Parts
Thermocouple 600mm - Parry AGFP-LPG Fryer
Foot Parry PFG600 Griddle
Terminal Block - Parry Deep Fat Fryer
Thermocouple - Front Parry 7013 6 Burner
SUPERSEDED Parry 7013 Oven Thermocouple
Door Seal - Parry fridge RCF3
SUPERSEDED Safety Thermostat - Parry AS2000 Double Fryer
SUPERSEDED Water Pump - Parry PIM20 PIM25 PIM29 PIM43
Safety Thermostat / Cut out Parry AS3111 AS9178
Parry 1/2"" Fryer Oil Drain Tap
Control Thermostat - Parry Fryer PDPF9
Philips ES 15wt 300c 240v Oven Lamp
Parry 250SE PVC Hopper Guard
Control Thermostat - Parry AS9177 AS3106 AS9178
SUPERSEDED Working Thermostat - Parry AS2000 NPDF3 Fryer
Thermostat - Parry AS1863 HOT18P HOT15 HPC
Door Switch - Parry THL650TN fridge
Parry 7013 Oven Range Thermostat NG & LPG
SUPERSEDED Thermocouples - Back Parry 7013 6 Burner
Grill Thermocouple - Parry
Safety Micro-Switch - Parry XP52-Z11 Fryer
U Shaped Handle - Parry 300SL Slicer
Water Boiler Pilot Assembly 3 Way
Piezo Unit A - Parry NG 7013 Oven
PCB Controller - Parry AWB3 Water Boiler
Parry PIM34 Ice Machine Timer
Fan Motor - Parry Ice Maker PIM29
SV0100 Char Grill Lava Rock Grate
Mains Lead Coiled Moulded Plug - Parry
Simmerstat Knob - Parry 1928 dry bain marie
Knob - Parry AS1863 Hot Cupboard
SUPERSEDED Rear Knob Hob - Parry 7013 Cooker
SUPERSEDED Front Knob Hob - Parry 7013 Oven Range
Internal Hose Assy. - Parry Boiler AWB3
Door Handle - Parry 9214 1888 1894 Plate Warmer
Gas Tap Assembly - Parry 7073 7072 7090 Grill
Gas Tap Kit - Parry 7013 P6BO P6DUCK ULTIMA
Fryer Basket 300mm x 225mm x 115mm - Parry PDF3 Fryer
2.5kwt Element - Parry 1872 Salamander Grill
Heat Element / Pad - Parry Bain Marie CBM2
Element - Griddle 3 Kwt Parry 1854
3 Kwt Element - Parry Griddle AS1923
Element - Parry PSF/3 Fryer (3Kwt)
Oven Electrode - Parry 7013 Oven
3kwt Element - Parry AS2000/01 AS2001 Fryer
Parry Hot Cupboard - Heating Element - CCSU2
Door Catch Stud Male - Parry Oven 7013
Parry AWB3 Water boiler Element
Simmerstat c/w knob - Parry CWB6 Tea Urn
Thermostat Phail Clip - Parry AS2001 Fryer
Fryer Basket 225mm x 210mm x 115mm - Parry
Basket - Parry PSF3 PDPF6 Fryer
Fryer Basket 300mm x 225mm - Parry A9106
Spark Generator - Parry PGF800 Griddle
Spark Generator - Parry Griddle PGF800
Feet & Bolts - Parry Griddle PGF800 VCR6
Gas pipe - Parry PGF 800
Bottom element - Parry PPGL Panini grill
Connector Box - Parry PPGS Panini Grill
Glass Door - Parry AS3000 CPC Pie Warmer
Parry Pie CPC Cabinet Element Cover
70Wt Water Pump - Parry PIM68 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Neon Switch - Parry Bain Marie 188DG
Detergent Pump - Parry PDW-50D dishwasher
SUPERSEDED Thermostat - Parry PDP F6 Fryer
Lower Element - Parry - PCGT/3
Safety Thermostat - Parry PCGL PPGT Panini Grill
Front/Back Burner Control Knob - Parry P680 P6DUCK U680 P4BO P6BO
Door Seal - Parry RCF3 RCF4 Fridge
Washer Set (one per probe) - Parry AWB3 AWB6
PCB (Spade Terminals/Silver Fascia) - Parry AWB3 Water Boiler
Door Seal 710x1490mm - Parry THL1410TN Fridge
Parry Hotcupboard PHC4 Digital Display
Door Seal (1500 x 640) - Parry SSDF Fridge
Blade Removal Tool - Parry 300SL Slicer
Element Parry Hotcupboard AS1888, 9214,
Clear Plastic Hand Guard - Parry 300SL Slicer
Element - Parry 4001 4000 Pie Warmer
Control Thermostat - Parry AS3014 PG6 Griddle
Parry 250SE Blade Safety Removal Tool
R/H Bottom Door Catch - Parry 7013 Oven
Parry 7013 Oven R/H Bottom Door Hinge
Evaporator Coil - Parry SDFF/1 Fridge
Thermostat - Parry PPGL001058 VCR6 Griddle
Knob Sticker - Parry PGF800 Griddle
Dry Heating Element 600w - Parry 1910 Hot
3Kwt Heating Element - Parry PDG6 PG3 PG7
Control thermostat - Parry 9184 9185 PPS PPD
Parry Oven 9213 Heating Element 2500w
3kwt Heating Element - Parry HOT18P Hot Cupboard
3kwt Heating Element - Parry PG4 Griddle
Lower Element 1150w - Parry PPGS Panini Grill
Heating Element 3.3kwt 230v - Parry TEC6
Parry Thermocouple GAZ 220MM
Thermocouple Electrode Assembly Bains Maries
Thermocouple (Front) for Ultima 6 Burner
Front Thermocouple for Ultima 6 Burner Range
320mm Front Thermocouple - Parry Oven
Parry Rear Thermocouple for Ultima 6 Burner
On / Off Red Switch - Parry 9213
1480mm Thermocouple - Parry 7013 Oven Range
Thermocouple 900mm Parry AGFP-LPG Fryer
Compressor - Parry CPU1200 CPU1500 CPU1800
High Limit / Safety Thermostat for Fryer 7000
Control thermostat - Parry AS9213 Oven
Timer - Parry 4002 Fryer
15 Minute Timer & Knob - Parry 1806 Grill
Rear Thermocouple 600mm - Parry P6BG Oven
Thermocouple 450mm - Parry 7072 7073 Salamander Grill
Parry Microswitch for Fryer Model 860
Control thermostat - Parry KHFM KHFM1 KHFM2
Phial Clip - Parry TMST55135 Fryer
Parry 6 Heat Switch for Ultima Hob Unit
SUPERSEDED Defrost Timer 12 Minute - Parry PIM43 Ice
Control Knob - Parry BMF 1/1 Bain Marie
2.5kwt Burner - Parry PGF300 PGF800 Griddle
Cable Gland - Parry Fryer
Control Knob - Parry Fryer for Thermostat
Loop Wires - Parry Pizza/Sandwich Grill 1806
Control Knob - Parry Gas Fryer 70001
Heat Resistent Wiring Loom - Parry
19mm Gas Tap - Parry Griddle PGF300
Control Knob - Parry Griddle PGF800
Shelf 710mm x 280mm - Parry Pie Warmer
Complete PCB - Parry TEC10MD Steam oven
Complete lid c/w door seal - Parry 405CF
Door Seal - Parry TEC10MD Oven
Parry PIM130 Air Ice Machine Water Pump
Parry Basket for Gas Fryer
SUPERSEDED Evaporator with 5 Coils- Parry RCF2 Fridge
Water Curtain - 315mm - Ice Machine - PIM29
4.5kwt Wash Tank Element - Parry/Lasa PPT50
Flag - Parry PIM 29 Ice Machine
Flag Support Assembly - Parry PIM 29
Fixing Screw - Parry PIM 29 Ice Machine
Oven Thermostat Kit - Parry P6B0 P6B0P P6BG Oven
Sealant Tube - Parry AWB3
Lighter Parry PGF800 Griddle Bain Marie
7-Coil Evaporator - Parry RCF2 RCFF2 RCFF3
Lamp & Lamp Cover - Parry 4001 Pie Warmer
Element Insulation - Parry AS1923 Griddle
400mm x 300mm Element Parry AS1923 Griddle
Defrost Heater & Thermal Relay - Parry THL1410BT Freezer
Thermostat knob - Parry 3-9kw 3 phase Fryer
Parry 500 watt Double Jacket Heat lamp
Complete Tap - Parry GWB6 Water Boiler
"obsolete" Evaporator With 7 Coils Parry RCF3 Fridge
Parry AS9177 Complete Fryer Head
Parry Hot Cupboard Door Catch Pin
Evaporator Coil & Capillary Tube Parry
Evaporator Assy - Parry PIM20 Ice machine
Condenser Fan Motor - Parry RCF-3
3/4"" Drain Assembly - Parry - Single basket
Upper Heating Element - Parry PPGS PCGS PPGT
3/4" 90 Degree Copper Bend - Parry - Fryer
Door R/H hinged - Parry - Fridge - SSDF
Double Solenoid Valve Parry 6EMD Combi Oven
Gas Valve - Parry AGFP Fryer
Defrost Heater - Parry SDFF Fridge
Parry Twin Fryer - Fryer Head c/w controllers
Door Hinge - Parry RCF4
Parry Bain Marie - Element - 400W
Top Hinge - Parry DDF SDFF/1 SDF Fridge - OBSOLETE
Electronic Temperature Probe - Parry TEC10MD
Evaporator c/w lines - Parry RCF4 Fridge
Top Hinge - Parry Fridge
Door Seal Parry RCF3 Fridge
Electric mains cable - Parry PPGT Panini
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Parry THPS900 Pizza Fridge
Cable c/w cable fastener - Parry PPGT Panini
Shelf Runners (Pair) - Parry SDF Fridge
Cable Gland Parry 1888 Hot Cupboard
3kwt Element - Parry AWB3 Water Boiler
Heating Element - Parry HOT12P Hot Cupboard
Evaporator - Parry DDF Fridge
Evaporator - Parry DDFF Freezer
Controller Probe Parry GPU1500 Fridge
Spark electrode - Parry Oven 7013
Conversion kit from NG - LPG - Parry - Fryer
Water injector / nozzle - Parry TEC6MD Combi- Steamer
Controller Parry GPU1500 Fridge
Element - Parry RO-SWG Salamander Grill
Thermocouple Parry GGP6.8 Griddle
Fan Motor - Parry AS3219 Oven
Lamp shade & holder - Parry C4LU Table-top
Door Catch - Parry P6BO burner hob
Fan motor - Parry KHFM3 Hot Cupboard
Door Hinge - Parry RED RO-CO Oven
Oven Thermostat - Parry P6B0 Oven Range
Lock nut for drain pipe - Parry Fryer
Drain tube for drain pipe - Parry Fryer
Washer for drain pipe - Parry Fryer
Bowl Insert (Long) for drain pipe -Parry
Rinse Aid Pump Diaphragm - Parry PDW50D Dishwasher
Drain Pump Parry PDW50D Dishwasher
Wash Tank Element Parry PDW50D Dishwasher
Flat Front Glass Parry MSB18G Heated Display
Door Assembly - Parry Hot Cupboard 1500
SUPERSEDED Door Seal - Parry Single Door Fridge - SDF
Door Hinge (210mm) - Parry Oven - PEO/3
Door Hinge (170mm) - Parry Oven - PEO/3
Radial Fan Motor - Parry PEO/3 Oven
Gas Tap Assembly - Parry AGPC1 CD447 Pie Warmer
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat - Parry 1872 Grill
Door Lock & Keys - Parry THL1410BT Freezer
L/H Door - Parry - Fridge - RCF3
Tap Assembly - Parry - Water Boiler - AWB3
Oven Timer - Parry RO-CO Oven
LPG Gas Valve - Parry PO20 Potato Oven
Control Knob - Parry PO20 Potato Oven
Booster Pump Parry PDW-50D Glasswasher
Booster Pump Parry PDW-50D Glasswasher
Evaporator c/w capilary - Parry THP3100TN
Gas Burner Assy - Parry 7013 P6BO Oven
Control Valve Knob - Parry 7013 Oven
Suction Fan Blade - Parry PIM130
Air Fan Motor - Parry PIM130 Ice Machine
Propane Jet - Parry - Grill - 7072P
Burner - Parry - Grill - 7072P
Hinge Parry 4002 Pizza Oven
Shelf - Parry THL650BT Fridge
Stainless Steel Lid - Parry 4001 Pie Warmer
Element - Parry - Hot Cupboard - HOT15
Fan Motor Assembly - Parry - Oven - P9EO
Slice Protection - Parry Duegi 250 Slicer
Heating Element - Parry Red - RO-CO
Door Seal w/clips - Parry Red - RO-CO
SUPERSEDED Evaporator - Parry - Chiller - RCF2
Wiring Loom - Parry - Bain Marie - 1928
Control Knob - Parry - Bain Marie - 1928
1800wt Element - Parry - Oven - PEO3
Braked Castor - Parry - Hot Cupboard - MSB15G
Unbraked Castor - Parry - Hot Cupboard - MSB15G
Element - Parry - Bain Marie - MSB18G
Thermocouple - Parry GWB6P Water Boiler
Double Glazed 1500 Gold Trim Double Bend Front Glass - Parry -
Knob for the Thermostat - AS9175 - Parry - Fryer
Control Knob - Parry PB60 Oven
SUPERSEDED Inlet Solenoid Valve - Parry/Norpe PIM25 Ice Machine
Pair of Shelf Runners - Parry RCF3 Chiller
Obsolete"" Shelf C/W Runners - Parry RCF3 Chiller
L/H Door - Parry Hot Cupboard
Fan Motor *no blade* - Parry TEC10MD Oven
Fan Motor Assembly - Parry TEC10MD Oven
Red Neon Lamp - Parry 1887 Pie Warmer
Piezo Ignitor - Parry Griddle
SUPERSEDED Compressor Relay - Parry SDBCH Fridge
Nat Gas - LPG Conversion Kit - Parry PDGF Fryer
Door Parry CPC1 Pie Cabinet
Bush - Parry - Fridge - RCF3
Hinge - Parry RCF3 RCF4 Fridge
Shelf (650mm x 530mm) - Parry THL1410TN Chiller
2.5kwt Element (round) - Parry 9213
Terminal Block - Parry PDF9 Fryer
Working Thermostat - Parry AS3106
SUPERSEDED Knob Plastic - Parry Griddle PGF800
NG Burner Jet - Parry PGF600 Griddle
Insulation - Parry Griddle
St/St Bowl Drain Insert - Parry PDF6 Fryer
H T Leads - Parry 7013 6 Burner
Heating element 3kwt - Parry CWB2 CWB4 CWB6
Magnetic Door Catch Parry 1868 Hot Cupboard
*Obsolete* Door Catch Female - Parry Oven 7013
3KW Element - Parry AS3015 AS9127W Wet Bain marie
SUPERSEDED Element Parry Model PWB4
Element- 6kWt 25amp Parry 9177 9006 9106 Fryer
9 kwt Element - Parry Fryer
2kwt Element - Parry CGR Griddle
SUPERSEDED Element - Parry AS3014 Griddle
510mm Glass Element - Parry AS1929 CAS CAS2
700w Dry Element - Parry AS1887 Bain Marie
Safety Thermostat - Parry all 3kwt Fryers
Mains Lead - Parry MSB18G Heated Trolley
Top Rubber Gasket 1.49m - Parry
Door Handle - Parry 4002 Pizza Oven
Black Handle - Parry CPC Pie Warmer
SUPERSEDED Front & Rear Hob Control Knob - Parry 7013 Oven
Knob - Proline Fryer Parry
Knob - Parry 2001 CMF/2 1952 1952A CMFF2 1860
Green Neon - Parry AS3015 Griddle
Red Neon - Parry CPC Pie Warmer
Solenoid Inlet Valve - Parry PIM43
Parry Ice Machine PIM29 Timer Assembly
SUPERSEDED Evaporator Thermostat Parry PIM43 Ice Machi
SUPERSEDED Simmerstat - Parry CPC1 Pie Warmer
Door Gasket c/w Clips - Parry P6B07013U6B0 Oven
Knob For Thickness Adjuster - Parry 300 SL
Burner Assembly (NG) - Parry P6BO
Door Seal - Parry TEC6MD Steamer
Evaporator Fan Motor - Parry THP2100TN Fridge
Hinge Pin - Parry - Fridge - RCF3
Pilot assembly 6S12 Parry Fryer
Piezo Ignitor - Parry GGP6.8 Griddle
Gas Valve Control Knob - Parry 7090 Grill
Inlet Hose c/w Solenoid - Parry AWB3 Water Boiler
Hinge Pin - Parry DDFF/1 Chiller
Bottom Hinge - Parry DDFF/1 Chiller
Evaporator - Parry - Fridge - THP3100BT
Timer c/w Dial & Knob - Parry AS1938 Toaster
Fan Motor - Parry YXD-1A-EN
4m Door Gasket - Parry Oven
Element - Parry QLD1 QLD2 QLD3 Servery
Fryer Head 9kw - Parry NPDPF9 Fryer
3.3kwt Circular Heating Element - Parry 6EMDMECC Oven
Oven Thermostat - Parry USHO Oven
LPG Pilot Injector - Parry 7000 7090 Fryer/Grill
Door Seal - Parry Pizza Counter - SC903P
Door Seal - Parry - Hot Cupboard - BT1
Sneeze Glass - Parry - Display - C3LU
Drain Valve c/w Blanking Plug 1/2"" - Parry AS311 Fryer
Brander Plate - Parry 1872 Salamander Grill
Nut - Parry Fryer
Hob Injector NG - Parry - Oven - P6B0
Electrode Lead - Parry - Oven - P6BOP
Grill Plate - Parry PGF800 Griddle
Lamp Holder - Parry KENTUCKY HOT GN3 Pie Warmer
NG-LPG conversion kit - Parry 7072 Salamander Grill
On/Off Switch - Parry KHFM Hot Food Cabinet
Element Insulation - Parry 3013
LH & RH Ladder Rack - Parry 6EMDMECCSUPER
5 Cam P25 Timer - Parry PDW-50D Dishwasher
PT 100 Probe - Parry - TEC6MD
Humidity Tube - Parry TEC6MD Oven
180deg Solenoid Valve - Parry 6EMD Steamer
Front Glass Single Glazed - Parry GEORGIA1000 Refrigerated Display
LPG Conversion Kit - Parry PGC6 Chargrill
ID961 Controller - Parry CPU2000 Chiller
Selector Switch - Parry - TEC6MD
400w 240v Dry Element - Parry CGBM4W
Gas Valve C/W Ignition Lead - Parry Salamander Grill
Control Knob- Parry AS3111 Fryer
Control Knob Parry GGP6.8 Griddle
Oven Door- Parry- PEO 1871- Electric Cooker
Fan complete with Heater - Parry - Hot Cupboard - BT1
Control Thermostat - Parry - Fryer - PDF9
Control Knob - Parry 7072 Salamander
Door Seal (Post Feb 2006) - Parry PEO/3 Oven
Wiring Loom - Parry PDF Fryer
Blade Cover - Parry - Slicer - 250SE
Door Handle x1 - Parry P6BO - Oven
Solenoid & Hose (Old Style) - Parry
LPG Conversion Kit - Parry PGC6
Handle - Parry Combi Oven
Water Level Sensor (Lower) - Parry
Upper Level Probe - Parry AWB3 Water Boiler
Tap Assembly (without handle) - Parry - Water Boiler - AWB3
Locking Nut - Parry PDF6 Fryer
10L Mixing Bowl - Parry Mixer
Hob Gas Valve- Parry T6BO- Oven
Heating Element - Hotplate Front - Parry P4H - Oven
LPG Jet 0.8 (for gas tap) - Parry PGF1200 Grill
Element - Parry - Pie Warmer - SPC/G
Green Power Switch - Parry RCF4 Fridge
Condenser Dust Filter - Parry RCF4 Fridge
Pot & Lid Set - Parry - Bain Marie - PWB4
Red Neon - Parry-CWB6 - Water Boiler
Green Indicator - Parry-CWB6 - Water Boiler
L/H Door - Parry - Hot Cupboard - 1887
R/H Door - Parry - Hot Cupboard - 1887
Condenser Dust Filter- Parry RCF2 - Chiller
Element - Parry - Oven - P9EO
U Shaped Handle - Parry - 500SL - Slicer