Company Details For 20 years Polar have been exclusive holders of the refrigeration contract for the public sector. Polar also supply to the NHS and Armed Forces as well as some of the largest hotel and catering groups in the UK, making them the most popular choice for caterers and chefs for their refrigeration equipment.

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Polar Parts
PZD250P001 Controller - Polar BC350 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Polar Fridge Seal - SNACK 400S TN
PCB - Polar CB922 ice machine
SUPERSEDED Ice level sensor - Polar T317
Circuit fan - Polar DN494 Fridge
NTC Probe pack of 2 - Polar G378 G597 CD084 Chiller
Control - Polar T316 Hall Control
Polar ZB50 Water Solenoid Valve
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Polar Snack 400S TN Fridge
Control PCB - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Controller REK-3 - Polar Fridge
Water Solenoid Inlet Valve - Polar SV135 T316 Ice Machine
PCB - Polar T318 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Ice Level Sensor - Polar T318 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Rubber Door Gasket - Polar GN600BT G592 G593
SUPERSEDED Water Temp. Sensor - Polar Ice Maker T317
Condensor Filter - Polar GN3100TN G597
SUPERSEDED Evporator Fan Motor Polar G594 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Seal 400x510 - Polar G603 G607 G622 G6
Evaporator Probe - Polar CB922
Ice Maker -Polar Counter Top Ice Maker
Paddle Motor - Polar T318 Ice Machine
Bottom Right Hinge Plate - Polar Fridge G598
Power Door Upper Spring Hinge - Polar G598 G594 U632 GJ447 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Polar Fridge CD080,
Fan Motor - Polar G619 G211 SC-70
Water Level Sensor - Polar T318 T316 T317 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Digital Controller - REK31 (ED) - Polar PS300
Drainage Connector Screw - Polar G620 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Digital thermostat - Polar G593 Freezer
Digital Temperature Controller - Polar CB929 CB930B
SUPERSEDED Overload Pump - Polar T316 T315 G620 ZB10 Ice
Overload/Water Pump - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Door easel - Polar CMV135
Complete door - Polar CMV135A Ice machine
Polar CC601B Fridge Door handle
Lock and Key - Polar CB931B Cooler
Braked Castor - Polar Fridge GN4100TN
Compressor - Polar CC601-B Chiller
Evaporator - Polar G598 G596 G597 GN4100TN GN3100TN Fridge
Condensor - Polar G598 G379 G599 G600 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Water Temp Probe - Polar Ice machine ZB20
RH Guide - Polar SNACK400S Fridge
LH Guide - Polar SNACK400S Fridge
Shelf - Polar SNACK400S Fridge
Retainer Clip - Polar SC70 Fridge
Main Control PCB - Premium/Polar Ice Machine
Main Control PCB - Premium/Polar Ice Machine
Turning Motor - Polar T316 Ice Machine
PTC Sensor Polar PS300 400STN FRIDGE
Water Pump - Polar CB922 CB920 Ice Machine
Evaporator Probe & Ice Level Sensor - Polar T316 ZB20 AICM20
Door Seal - Polar GN600TN Fridge/Freezer
Bottom Hinge Polar G594 Fridge
Lower Hinge Axis - Polar G594 U637 PS900 GJ447 Fridge
Shelf - Polar G605 G597 G604 Prep Fridge
Stop Screw - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Motor Connecting Axis - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Evaporator Supporter - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Motor Pin - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Ice fill sensor - Polar G620B Ice machine
Sliding Front Door - Polar CB913B
Door Gasket 1475mm x 693mm - Polar GN140TNV U632 GN140BTV
Butterfly Shape Washer - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Big Washer - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Evaporator Fixer - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Water Box - Polar T316 Ice Machine
M4Q045-CA01 Evaporator Fan Motor Polar G594 Fridge
Door Gasket 505mm x 410mm - Polar/Apollo Fridge
Front Panel - Polar PS900 Prep Counter
Rinsing Connector - Polar T316 Ice Machine
SUPERSEDED Timer (Motor Only) - Polar CM80AS Ice Machi
Right Glass Door Polar CD984 Fridge
Left Glass Door Polar CD984 Fridge
Door Seal - Polar CD984 Fridge
Drainage Connector Cover - Polar G620B Ice
RH Shelf Runner - Polar - Fridge - U632
LH Shelf Runner - Polar - Fridge - U632
Main Contol Board PCB - Polar T317 T318 Ice
Right Hand Door Polar CD616 Fridge
Shelf Support Set - Polar / Apollo G605 AR3DSP
SUPERSEDED Duct and Silicon Pipe Set Polar G620B Ice
Drainage Pipe - Polar G620B Ice Machine
Door Assembly Polar CB922 Ice Machine
Defrost Solenoid Valve Polar CB922 Ice
Bin Sensor (Infra Red) - Polar CB922 ASIM40 Ice Machine
Water Pan - Polar PS300 G605 G607 G622 G623
Condenser Fan - Polar PS300 CD085 CD615 CD984
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Polar G596 G597 G598 G599 G60
Shelf - Polar G592 AGNRU2 AGNRU1 Fridge
Shelf Runner - LH - Polar G592 G594 Fridge
Shelf Runner - RH - Polar G592 G594 Fridge
Switch - Polar G620 G620 Ice Machine
Defrost Element - Polar GN3100BT Freezer
Drain pipe nut - Polar Snack 400S-TN Fridge
Drain Pipe - Polar Snack 400S-TN Fridge
Drain pipe cover - Polar Snack 400S-TN Fridge
PCB - Polar CB509 Refrigerated Display
Front Panel - Polar - Fridge - G590
Green Power/On/Off Switch - Polar G599 CB931B G604 Freezer
Door Switch - Polar G591 SNACK400SBT U635 G590 Freezer
Door lock c/w 2 keys - Polar G593 G598 Fridge
Condenser Fan Motor - Polar G593 G591 Fridge/Freezer
L/H Shelf Runner - Polar G598 G605 G604 Fridge
R/H Shelf Runner - Polar G598 G605 G597 G604 Fridge
Light Switch - Polar CE205 CE206 CE207 CB929
Light Box Plastic - Polar CB925 Fridge
Light Cover - Polar CB925 Fridge
Evaporator Fan Motor - Polar G597 G621 G377 Fridge
SUNTRONIC Evaporator fan motor - Polar G597 Fridge
Top Hinge Axis - Polar G622 Fridge
Complete Up Hinge Assy - Polar G622 Fridge
Door Corner Bush - Polar G378 G598 CD084 Fridge
Door - Polar T316 T316-B Ice Machine
Thermostat/Controller - Polar CE211 CE210 CE212 Freezer
Positional Switch - Polar - Ice Machine T315
Lid Hinge - Polar CE211 CE212 Fridge
Door Seal / Gasket - Polar CD6 CD084 SNACK400STN CD615 AUR600 Fridge
Condensor Sensor - T317 Polar Ice Machine
Lock & Keys - Polar Fridge - CB930-B
Evaporator - Polar G379 Fridge
Compressor (R404A) - Polar U635 Fridge
Castor Set - Polar CC663 U635 Fridge
Complete digital control - Polar CC611 CC666 Fridge
LH Back Door Polar CB931B Fridge
Condensor - Polar GN70TNV Fridge
Door Handle - Polar - Fridge - CB925
Fan Motor - Polar CC611 Display Chiller
Control Board Box & Cover - Polar G620 T316
Switch Board - Polar G620 Ice Machine
PCB R134A- Polar G620 Ice Machine
Foot - Polar CD613 Freezer
Door Seal - Polar CD612 HR400 CD082 CD083 CD087 CD613 Fridge
Lock With 2 Keys - Polar CB931B CF759 Fridge
Digital Controller XR20CX - Polar G595 G591 G592 CD084 Freezer
Drawer Seal Polar SEC901-20 Freezer
R/H Shelf Runner - Polar G377 G378 Fridge
Shelf - Polar G377 G378 Fridge
L/H Shelf Runner - Polar G604 G377 Fridge
Water Box - Polar CC663 GN1200TN GN4100TN Fridge
Left Hand Door Polar G605 Fridge
Right Hand Door Polar G605 Fridge
Light box - Polar CD984 Fridge
Thermostat - Polar - Fridge - CC661
SUPERSEDED Circuit Board Polar G620B Ice Machine
Mixing Paddle - Polar - Juice Dispenser
Stainless Valve - Polar - Juice
Tank - Polar - Juice Dispenser - CF761
Mixing Paddle Rod - Polar - Juice Dispenser
Tank Gasket - Polar - Juice Dispenser - CF761
Tap Lever - Polar - Juice Dispenser - CF761
Shelf - Polar U633 Fridge
Evaporator Water Pan - Polar G597 G596 G599
Drainage pipe - Polar 26kg 50 kg Ice machine
Dixell Prime Digital Controller - Polar G596 U633 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Motor Polar T316 Ice Machine
Right Hand Complete Door Polar - GN3100TN
Up Hinge Right - Polar CD616 Fridge
Evaporator Plate - Polar - Fridge - CD614
Upper hinge - Polar CD085 Fridge
Control Panel - Polar CE210 Chest Freezer
Lower Hinge - Polar CD085 CD084 Fridge
Hinge- Polar Fridge Door Hinge L/H & R/H
Syncronus Tray Motor - Polar T315 Ice Machine
T-Type Blocker - Polar G620 Ice Machine
Hall Device Fixer - Polar - Ice Machine -
Door Seal - Polar CD160 CD080 AUCF140 Fridge
Motor - Polar CF761 CF760 CF761 Drinks Dispenser
Evaporator Polar HR600G, CD088 Fridge
Drain Pan - Polar GN600TNGV
Drain Pan Heater - Polar GN600TNGV
Lid Polar U606 Double Chilled Juice Dispenser
Power Switch Polar U606 Chilled Juice
Tap Gasket Polar U606 Polar Chilled Juice
Evaporator Coil - Polar U632 U633 Chiller
Tap Lever - Polar U606 Drink Dispenser
Evaporator - Polar CB930B Bottle cooler
Evaporator defrost heater - Polar GD873 GD874
Waste Pipe - Polar - Ice Machine - CB922
Compressor - Polar U633 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Shelf - Polar G596 Fridge (530mm x 325mm)
Evaporator Sensor - Polar CB920 CB922 CB923
Evaporator - Polar CD082 Fridge
Water Box - Polar Fridge
Condensor Polar U635 Fridge
Left Ice Full Sensor (Red) Polar T315 Ice
Evaporator Coil - Polar GN140BTV Freezer
Right Ice full Sensor (white) - Polar
Duct and Silicon Pipe Set - Polar - G620B
Discharge Pipe Polar U635 Fridge
Drainage Screw - Polar Ice Machine - G620
Filter Drier - Polar U635 Freezer
Compressor - Polar CD612 CD082 Fridge
Drip Tray - Polar G593 Freezer
SUPERSEDED Door Gasket - Polar GN2100TN G597 GN3100TN
Lower hinge axis jacket - Polar G594 Fridge
Water Fill Tube Polar T316 Ice Machine
Evaporator - Polar CD612 Fridge
On/Off Switch - Polar T316 Ice Machine
PCB Thermostat - Polar CD085 CD083 CD085 CD615 CD081
Digital Controller & Circuit Board - Polar CB509 Display Cabinet
740mm x 570mm Fridge Door Gasket - Polar
Thermostat - Polar G619 G211 Chilled Display
Fluorescent Tube - Polar CB930B CB931B CF759 Fridge
Lamp Housing Box w/ Lens - Polar U635 Freezer
Ice Chute - Polar CB920 Ice Machine
Probe For Controller Polar DN493 Fridge
Sensor - Polar DN493 Fridge
XB570L Dixell Digital Controller Polar DN493 Fridge
Seal - Polar - Fridge - CB927
Bottom Left Hinge - Polar G622 U637 PS900 Fridge
Door Bushing - Polar G622 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Upper LH Hinge Polar GN4100TN Fridge
Door Gasket - Polar GN1410TN
Bottom Hinge - Polar GN4100TN Chiller
Defrost Heating Element - Polar U633 Fridge
LH Door Polar G595 Freezer
Evaporator - Polar CD084
Left Hand Door - Polar G377 Under Counter
Replacement Door - Polar CB929 Drinks Chiller
Blue Water Supply Hose - Polar - Ice Machine
Shelf Bracket Set - Polar G594
Evaporator Polar CD610 Fridge
Flourescent Tube Polar C661 Fridge
Left Hand Complete Door - Polar GN3100TN
Drip Tray Polar PS200 Fridge
Condenser - Polar G594 CC663 CD616 G591 G593
Protector (for Element) - Polar U633 Freezer
Temperature Sensor - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Standard Castor - Polar G591 Freezer
Braked Castor - Polar G591 Freezer
Front Panel - Polar CD081 Freezer
Lid Hinge - Polar CE212 Chest Freezer
L/H Hinged Glass Door - Polar CB932 CB930B Fridge
R/H Hinged Glass Door - Polar CB932 CB930B Fridge
Evaporator - Polar CB931B Fridge
Shelf - Polar - Freezer - G622
Right Hand Runner - Polar - Freezer - G622
Left Hand Runner - Polar - Freezer - G622
Evaporator - Polar CD084 Fridge
Door Seal - Polar G602 Fridge
Digital Fridge Controller - Polar - CB925
Door Seal - Polar CB930-B Fridge
PCB Control Board - Polar T315 Ice Machine
Plastic Cap - Polar G604 Fridge
PCB/Thermostat & Ribbon Cable - Polar/Apollo CD084 AUR600 Fridge
Hall Device Supporter - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Evaporator - Polar - Fridge - CE217
Hinge - Polar - Fridge - G595
L/H Glass Panel - Polar - Chiller - CC611 CC666
Main PCB - Polar T316 AICM20 Ice Machine
PC Board - Polar CB922 Ice Machine
Evap Cover - Polar - Ice Machine - CMV135A
Right Hand Door Polar G597 Fridge
Compressor - Polar - Fridge - PS300
Fluorescent Lamp Holder - Polar - Fridge - CB930
Water Pipe - Polar U635 Chiller
Lamp Cover - Polar CC601 Chiller
Condensor Filter Screen - Polar G603 Chiller
Drawer Seal - Polar GD873 Fridge
Top Cover - Polar - Fridge - G605
Digital Display (controller) - Polar GL002 GL001 Fridge
Condensor Filter - Polar G593 Fridge
Door - Polar CD084 Fridge
Door Seal - Polar CC661 Under-Counter Display Fridge
Door Seal - Polar DN492 Blast Chiller
Door Gasket - Polar GL002 GL004 GL008 GL009 GL014
Door Gasket - Polar GL012
Evaporator - Polar CD082 Fridge
Door Seal - Polar 388mm x 598mm Fridge G596 G597 G598 G377
SUPERSEDED Evap. PTC Probe - Polar G377 Fridge
SUPERSEDED Water Level Sensor - Polar Ice Maker T317
Filter Dryer - Polar G596 Fridge
Lower Right Door Hinge - Polar - Fridge - GN4100TN
R/H Down Hinge - Polar U637 Fridge
Set of 2 Drawers - Polar - Fridge - U637
SUPERSEDED Compressor Polar G837 Bottle Cooler
Shelf - Polar CB929 CB930 CB931 CC601 CE205
L/H Door - Polar CF759 Bottle Cooler
Door Runers - Polar CF759 Bottle Cooler
Front Panel - Polar CD080 Fridge
Shelf - Polar CE206 Fridge
Fan Blade - Polar - CC611
Discharge Pipe - Polar DN494 Fridge
Left Hand Hinged Door with Hinges and Handle - Polar G598
Foot - Polar CB509 Fridge
Front Panel - Polar G597 Fridge
Display Sticker - Polar - CE218
PCB R600A- Polar G620 Ice Machine
Evap Sensor - Polar GD887 Ice Machine
Lower Door Hinge Right - Polar CD984 Display Fridge
Compressor - Polar/Apollo G594 CD085 Fridge
LED Transformer - Polar CD984 GH507 CD984-A
Lamp - Polar Fridge - U635
Control Board(R134A) - Polar T316
Shelf Clip - Polar CB929 CB930 CC601 CC605 CD089 CD984
Door Roller - Polar CB931-B Chiller
Light Switch - Polar GL002 Chiller
Complete Door w/ Handle - Polar - GN600BT
Main Control Board - Polar - Ice Machine - GD887
Thermostatic Controller - Polar CD081 (Alternate Style)
Door Gasket - Polar CD080 CD081 CD610 CD611
L/H Door c/w Gasket & Hinge - Polar GN2100TN Fridge
Evap Fan Motor - Polar DN492 Blast Chiller
Circular Fan Motor - Polar T316 T317 Ice Machine
LED Light Strip - Polar GF001 Bottle Cooler
Top/Bottom Hinge Axis - Polar CD610 Chiller
Door Handle Polar CB931B Fridge
Main Power Switch - Polar CE218 Wine Cooler
Compressor - Polar - CE218
RH Door With Moulded Handle Polar G597 Fridge
Circular Evaporator Fan Motor - Polar CD080 Chiller
Door c/w Seal - Polar GN1200TN Fridge
Insert Sensor - Polar - Fridge - DN492
Polar Shelf Support Set - Polar G590- Fridge
Capillary - Polar U635 Fridge
Ice Storage Basket - Polar T315 - Ice Machine
Water Box - Polar - G601 Fridge
Door Seal - Polar CE207 Fridge
Upper Vent Board Polar CE217 Wine Cooler
Ice Full Sensor - Polar - Ice Machine - CB922
Cover Hinge Axis - Polar G604 Fridge
Ice Level Sensor - Polar GD887 Ice Machine
Ice Level Clamp - Polar GD887 Ice Machine
Support VRX1200 - Polar PS200 GN1/4
Evaporator Fixer - Polar - Fridge - CD084
Condenser Fan Motor - Polar - G600
Chain Wheel - Polar CB931 CB601 CB605 CD089
SUPERSEDED Compressor - Polar CB930-32 CC601/605 CD084/088/614
Defrost Heating Element - Polar U634 Freezer
Contact Switch - Polar U635 Fridge
Alnico Magnet Cover - Polar - Ice Machine - T317
Alnico Magnet - Polar T317 Ice Machine
Water Inlet Hose - Polar GD887 Ice Machine
Filter - Polar G592 G590 G605 G607 G622 G623 U631 U632
Top Left Hinge - Polar G594 Chiller
Light Switch - Polar G619 G211 Cake Display
Upper Lid Hinge Cover - Polar CE210 Chest Freezer
Unbraked Castor - Polar Fridge GN4100TN
Door Seal - Polar Bottle Chiller - CE204
Condenser Filter - Polar G591 Fridge
Evaporator Fan Blade - Polar DP288
LED Light Strip - Polar Fridge - GL012
Complete Lamp inc. Cover & Base - Polar CB929-B CD086-8
50KTYZ 6wt Tray Motor - Polar T316 T316-B Ice Machine
PCB Digital Controller - Polar CD239 Fridge
PCB Assy - Polar CE322 Silent Hotel Room Fridge 30Ltr
Door Seal - Polar CE203 Wine Chiller
S/S Lid - Polar - CE211 Chest Freezer
Door Seal - Polar CE210 Chest Freezer
Junction Box - Polar - SNACK400SBT
Rear L/H Sliding Door - Polar CC605-B Fridge
Front Sliding Door - Polar CC605-B Fridge
Connecting Rod - Polar Ice Machine - T317
Door Gasket - Polar CB931B CC601B CC605B CD089 Fridge
Gasket - Polar CB925 Fridge
Water Container (Turning Motor) - Polar ZB25 ZB50 T317 T318
S/S Handle - Polar CE217 CE218 Fridge
Evaporator Water Pan w/ Element - Polar G599 G600 G601 DL917 DL916
Evaporator - Polar CD612 Fridge
Main Control Board - Polar - Ice Machine - GD888
Evaporator - Polar CD084 CD088 CD614
Drainage Connector Nut - Polar G620 T315 GL192 Ice Machine
Lid - Polar CE212
Lock & Key - Polar GD880 Fridge
LH Door - Polar GN1200TN Chiller
Compressor - Polar T316 T316-B Ice Machine
Water Pump - Polar CB923 Ice Machine
Centre Bridge with Heater - Polar GN140BT Fridge
Evaporator - Polar DN494 Fridge
Magnetic Valve - Polar - Ice Machine - GD887
Compressor - Polar CD080 Fridge
Pump - Polar GL193 Ice Machine
Lock & Keys - Polar CE217 Fridge
Lock & Keys - Polar GL001 Fridge
Compressor (R600a) - Polar - CD085
Top R/H Hinge - Polar GJ447 Fridge
Lower R/H Hinge - Polar GJ447 Fridge
Lower L/H Hinge - Polar GJ447 Fridge
Top Cover - Polar - Fridge - G605
Down Hinge Left - Polar G623 Fridge
Plug - Polar - Fridge - G622
Compressor - Polar Freezer - CD616
Bin Door - Polar T316C / Apollo AICM20 Ice Machine
Power Cord 2.8m - Polar
Door Seal - Polar - DP286
Controller - Polar - CD229
Ice Shovel (white flap)- Polar G620B- Ice Machine
Right Cover Hinge - Polar G605 Fridge
Evaporator- Polar GD883- Chiller
Evaporator Tray Heater - Polar - DN494
Water Pump - Polar GD887 Ice Machine
Embraco EMX80CLT Compressor- Polar G590-Fridge
Shelf & Label Support - Polar CD894
Door Seal - Polar - DM071
Evaporator Coil - Polar DN494 Blast Chiller
Door Seal - Polar - Fridge - DN494
Lid- Polar Salad/ Pizza Prep Refrigerated Counter Lid - Polar G605
Door Seal - Polar - Chest Freezer - CE212
Cover Hinge - Polar G605 Chiller
Strengthening Board- Polar G605 Chiller
Evaporator - Polar - Fridge - U634
Door Gasket - Polar CE217 - Fridge
Evaporator Tray - Polar - CD082
Handle - Polar - Fridge - CF759
Evaporator Water Pan - Polar - G377
Evaporator Fan Motor for G608 G609 G610
Drawer Guide (Right) - Polar GD873 GD874 U637
Drawer Guide (Left) - Polar GD873 GD874 U637
Topper Cover - Polar - Fridge - PS200GN1/4
Fan Guard - Polar G622
Lower Lid Hinge Cover - Polar CE210 Chest Freezer
Solenoid Valve - Polar
Indicator Panel - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Hall Device - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Motor Fixing Panel - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Door Hinge - Polar - DN493
Steel Ball - Polar CB507 Fridge
Door Pin - Polar CB507 Fridge
Bush - Polar CB507 Fridge
B2B - Plastic Hinge- Polar G620B- Ice Machine
Rubber Door Seal - Polar DN493
Ice Level Sensor - Polar GL193 Ice Machine
Door Gasket - Polar GL011 Fridge
Door Seal - Polar GL010 - Bottle Cooler
LED Lamp - Polar GH268 GH269 Display Chiller
Axial Fan - Polar Fridge
Door Seal - Polar CE322 Fridge
2 Meters Capillary- 1.15mm- Polar G597- Fridge
Nut - Polar G622 Fridge
Plug - Polar G622 Fridge
Right Sliding Door - Polar GL010 - Fridge
Left Sliding Door- Polar GL010 - Fridge
Compressor - Polar T316-C Ice Machine
Compressor - Polar CD230 Fridge
Door Spring - Polar - Fridge - CC605
Nylon Line Long - Polar - Fridge - CC605
Display Power Board - Polar CE218 - Wine Fridge
Display Power Board - Polar CE218 - Wine Fridge
Main Control Board - Polar GL192 Ice Machines
Ambient Temperature Sensor - Polar GL192 Ice Machines
Condenser - Polar GD882
Complete Door - Polar - CD615
Door Seal - Polar CE218 Wine Cooler
Front Panel - Polar CD082 CD083 Fridge
Evaporator Coil - Polar DN493
L/H Sliding Door - Polar - Fridge - GL013
R/H Sliding Door - Polar - Fridge - GL013
Middle Sliding Door - Polar - Fridge - GL013
Electrode - Buffalo CE371-P Oven - Special Order Item.
Generator Ignition - Buffalo CE371-P Oven
Micro Switch Spare - Polar
Micro Switch Board - Polar
Sensor - Polar - Fridge - CE218
Air Filer - Polar DL914 - Fridge
Condenser Filter - Polar - Fridge - U632
Left Hand Upper Door Hinge - Polar - GJ447 - Fridge
Bottom Shelf - Polar CD084 CD088 CD614 CD088
Shelf - Polar CD084 CD088 CD614 CD088
Water Box - Polar - Ice Machine - G620
Spray Connection Pipe - Polar Ice Machine
Nut - Polar Fridge
Controller - Polar GL013 Fridge
Compressor - Polar - Fridge - CE211-B
Right LED Lamp - Polar CW197 CW198 CD984 GH506 GH507
Left LED Lamp - Polar CW197 CW198 CD984 GH506 GH507
Filter Drier - Polar U635 Fridge
Evaporator Support - Polar - Fridge - CD615
Front Panel - Polar CD615 Fridge (R134a version)
Cover Hinge (RH & LH) - Polar - G622
Knob for Control Panel - Polar - DN495
Down Hinge Right - Polar G623 Fridge
Filter Drier - Polar - Fridge - CD080
Condenser Fan Motor - Polar - Fridge - CD080
Door With Handle - Polar G598 - Fridge
Upper Door Hinge Left - Polar CD984 Display Fridge
Upper Door Hinge Right - Polar CD984 Display Fridge
Lower Door Hinge Left - Polar CD984 Display Fridge
Evaporator - Polar - Fridge - GD882
Evaporator Sensor - Polar GL193 Fridge
Main PCB - Polar GL193 Ice Machine
Fan Motor & Blade - Polar - Fridge - CD230
Floor Protector Shelf - Polar AGNRU1 Fridge 630(L)x 530(W)
Ambient Temperature Sensor - Polar GL193 Ice Machine
Evaporator Fan Motor - Polar CB509
Evaporator - Polar - DN492
T Type Stemming, (Silicon Plug) Polar G620B Ice Machine
Door Hinge - Polar CM530 Chest Freezer
Door Gasket - Polar CM530 Chest Freezer
Evaporator Fan Motor - Polar GL003 Back Bar Cooler
Condenser Fan Motor - Polar GL003 Back Bar Cooler
Compressor - Polar - Fridge - G593
Light Fitting - PolarCB929B - Fridge
Door Seal- Polar G594-D2 - Fridge
Light Fitting - PolarCB929B - Fridge
Evaporator - Polar G598 GN4100TN Fridge
Dixell Digital Controller XR06CX - Polar - GH506 G599
Condensor - Polar CD615
Evaporator - Polar - GJ448
Evaporator - Polar - Fridge - DN494
Compressor- Polar Gl011 - Fridge
Evaporator Water Pan - Polar UB33 - Fridge
Control Box Assembly - Polar - GL192
Axix Cover - Polar T316 Ice Machine
Fan Motor - Polar - Fridge - CC611
Handle - Polar CM530 Chest Freezer
Front Panel Hinge - Polar G596
Door Gasket - Polar GD883
Door Seal - Polar CD084 - Fridge
Left Hand Sliding Door - Polar GL003- Fridge
Compressor - Polar CD239-02 Display Fridge
Shelf - Polar CB932B Fridge
Water Box - Polar G605 Fridge
Drainage Hose Tube- Polar GL19302- Ice Machine
Shone 20w - LED Power Supply - Polar GL002
Water Pump - Polar GL192 Ice Machine
Turning Motor Assembly - Polar - Ice Machine - GL192
Evaporator - Polar - Displat Fridge - CD239
Front Panel - Polar CD087 - Chiller
Led Lamp - Polar CB931B - Fridge
Compressor Electrics - Polar - Fridge
Floor Protector Shelf - Polar - Fridge - CD616
Door Seal - Polar CF750 Display Fridge
Shelf & Label Support - Polar - DM076
Circuit Fan - Polar G377 Fridge